No. 423

The Subjects for Election this year are:

Æschylus – “Sept contra Theb:”

Plato: “Rep” Bk i-ii

Tacitus: “Hist” Bk iv

Lucretius Bk v

Gk: Test: 1 Con: xiii & 2 Cor:

Davison on Prophecy ch v-end

Stubbs “Const: History” ch x-end

Extras    Homer “Il” Bks xix & xx

Virgil “Æn” Bks vii viii ix

No. 391

The annual election of Major candidates this year was

To Oxford: To Cambridge:
H.B. Cox, TB. E.P. Guest, QS.
T.B. Strong, TB. W.G. Bell, TB.
E.M. Eddis, QS. H. Marshall, QS.
G. Dale, QS.


The examiners were the Rev. H.L. Thompson, M.A., of Christ Church, Oxford, and J.M. Image, Esq., M.A., fellow of Trinity, Cambridge. The Mathematical Examiner was the Rev. J. Wolstenholme, M.A.

No. 378

There will be a great alteration in the examinations for admission into College this year.

The examination will not take place with the Exhibition examinations at Easter, & 3 candidates from without the school under 14 years of age will be allowed to enter without passing a year in the school, as has been the rule, as the first three of the Exhibitioners will have the option of going at once into College or of remaining T.B.B. as at present.

No. 210


The candidates were-


H.S. Otter            Capt.

W.A.L.P Evans

A.W. Williams Wynn

E.H. Holthouse


E.G.B Phillimore (Grant’s)

E.M. Rodocanachi (Rigaud’s)

F.L. Denman (Grant’s)


Also H. L. Roche QS

H.L. Randall QS

J.R. Reid               T.B.


There were elected to Oxford:

H.S. Otter

W.A.L.P. Evans

E.G.B. Phillimore


To Cambridge:

E.H. Holthouse

H.L. Randall


Triplett Exhibitions:

E.H. Holthouse

A.W.W. Wynn

Egerton G.B. Phillimore. P.O