No. 68

The result of Election this year was as follows. Oxford G. G. Phillimore Q.S.   H. Withers Q.S.   R. M. Towers T.B.   Cambridge F. M. Yglesias Q.S.   C. A Sherring Q.S.   C. Bompas T.B. Triplett exhibitions R. H. Bellairs Q.S.  J. W. Aris Q.S Triplett Gratuities   J. Salway T.B.   C. L. Freeman T.B.                                                                                                           …

No. 25

The following is the result of the elections: To Christ Church H.P. Lowe Q.S. F.H. Coller Q.S. E.F. Allan T.B. To Trinity: J.S. Watt Q.S. A. S. Pryce T.B. & J.S. Watt Q.S. obtained Triplett Exhibitions. D.S. Long Q.S. received a Triplett Gratuity. J.C. Onions Esq examined for the Dean of Christ Church; C. Goodheart…

No. 576

The Elections to College in 1884 were as follows – J.B. Chapman F.W. Marshall J.H. Cumming E.L. Clapham A.J. Lee P.J. Preece F. Street H.J. Whittaker C.S.W. Barwell C.C. Sharpe W.S. Cox R.E. Olivier J.H. Clarke   Exhibitioners – W.A. Last P. Williamson G.H. Fry J. Liberty A.E. Balfour J.B. Farrar

No. 572

The subjects for Election were-                 Gk. Testament. St. Matthew’s Gospel                 Westcott Introd. To the study of the Gospel                 Homer Odyssey I-VI                 Aeschylus – Prometheus Vinctus                 Thueydides – Bk iii                 Plautus – Trinummus                 Virgil – Aeneid i-iii                 Tacitus – Hist. i                 Mommsen’s Hist. Rom – vol.ii The…

No. 456

The results of Election this year were to Oxford O. Scoones R.H. Williams F.T. Higgins to Cambridge H.W. Waterfield     Triplett G. Hewitt     Triplett To H.C. Pryce was awarded a Triplett gratuity of £50 to Oxford   G. Hewitt P.O.

No. 541

The subjects for Election this term are – Homer Iliad Bks V. VI. Virgil Georgics – II. III. IV. Aeschylus Eumenides Livy book II Plato Gorgias Lucretius Bk I Bryce’s Holy Roman Empire Davison on Prophecy Gk Test Corinthians II G. Hewitt Prin. Opp.

No. 539

Elections of Minor Candidates to College- J.E. Phillimore                    E. Buchanan C.A.W. Shackleton           G.O. Roose H.B. Street                          B.M. Goldie B.P. Hurst

No. 507

The subjects for Election this year were Virgil Ecl Geo I Homer Il I III Soph – Electra Dem In Meidian Juvenal Sat I III V VI VIII X Tacitus Ann II Maine Ancient Law Wescott Introduction to Gospels S. Luke The Examiners are the same as last year. The Elections were as follows –…

No. 476

The subjects for election this term were – Aeschylus Agamemnon Cicero’s Selected Letters (Watson) Pt II Catullus Selections (Simpson) Plato Republic III IV Gibbon’s Decline &c Vol I Butler’s Analogy Part II Epistle to the Romens Iliad XXII XXIII Aeneid X XI XII   The examiners were the Rev H.L. Thompson and W.D. Rawlins Esq.…

No. 434

The result of “Election” this year is as follows: W.A. Peck | |Oxford | C.W.R. Tepper R.S. Owen   A.A. Sikes | |Cambridge | H.C. Benbow H.W. de Sausmarez Triplett Exhibitions A.A. Sikes H.C. Benbow Triplett Gratuity C.Ogle   Cyril Ogle Prin: Opp: