No. 10

On Saturday May 17 a match was played with the Peripatetics which ended in Westminster winning in the first innings by 20 runs. Westminster commended a second innings getting 70 for 5 wickets, when time being called prevented it being finished. See Cricket Ledger. W. Winters Prin. Opp.

No 436

This day Au 5th was the annual Town Boy and Queen Scholar match which ended in favour of the latter by 17 runs. For further particulars see Cricket Ledger. The following are the names of the Players on the Town Boy side. B. Berens A. Salvin E. Fellows P. Skipworth S. Fellows Hon E. Bourke…

No 416

Several Cricket matches have been played at Fields during the last & present month (June & July /51) viz with Charter-House, Master’s Eleven, & Marylebone in the latter of wh we beat to everyone’s astonishment. Vid. Cricket Ledger J Murray Prin. Opp.

No 390

On Thursday Aug 8th a match came off at our ground between our eleven & the Charterhouse. The challenge was given on our part; but some of the eleven thought it too low on the ground of Charterhouse not being a publick school. Blagden (Captain) & Ingram (1st Mon.) refused to play; but afterwards agreed,…

No 386

On Thursday July 26th the Annual Grand Match between the T.B.B. and Q.S.S. took place in which the former were beaten in one innings & 82 runs to spare. It was badly managed & the dinner anything but satisfactory – see Cricket Ledger. W.C. Macready Prin. Opp.