No 469

On Wednesday the 14th December the Scarlet Fever broke out in Marshall’s Boarding House, whereupon Liddell after consulting with Dr. Fincham, broke up the School, and the fellows went home on the following day. At the same time a QS was attacked with the measles. J. Gray Prin. Opp.

No 467

Liddell’s second son died on Sunday the 4th of December, & consequently he was out of school for nearly a week. Mrs Liddell who happened to be at Brighton for her health came back to London directly. Roe and the other monitors went of Liddell’s House soon after and said that on account of his…

No 466

Some small Town Boys let off some fireworks in College St in the morning about a week ago, one of them named Harrington was accordingly laid hold of by a Policeman and taken to the Station House, when Marshall heard of it he went to get him out but his entreaties were of no use,…

No 465

It has been Liddell’s intention for some time to have a Public Library formed, like most of the other public Schools, and in consequence of his having a certain sum of money, about 50£, in hand, which he had saved from the yearly subscription of his own house, towards their house library, he very profoundly…

No 462

I omitted mentioning last half that Hose (the new Mathematical Master) had lately been ordained on the strength of having published a new and very complicated edition of Euclid. C.G. Lane Prin. Opp.