No 236

The Dean with unaccustomed generosity last year (1838) paved our racket court, which has since proved of the greatest advantage. F Byron Prin. Opp. *This ought to have been inserted some few pages back, but it is an oversight of no great consequence.

No 233

The Head of the KS. Water having challenged the Head of the TB water to produce a four (the said four not being in the 6th or upper Shell) to equal the under election four, the following were chosen and went on to practice – Town boys (Stroke) Beasley (Scott’s) Hughes (Grant’s) Thomas (Bentall’s) Burton…

No 232

Col. Lowther was kind enough to ask Williamson for leave up to Lord’s cricket ground to play a return match with Mary-le-bone which with his accustomed generosity he refused. F Byron Prin. Opp. Vide Cricket Ledger

No 231

On Thursday the 11th of July a match was played at the fields between eleven of the Mary-le-bone, and 11 Westminsters, the day was beautiful, and afforded much amusement to the spectators, and after much good play, the match concluded in favour of the Mary-le-bone, who won by 44 runs. Mary-le-bone 1st Innings 171 2nd…

No 230

A challenge from Eton was sent to the Heads of the Water which was at first accepted, and everything determined on, but it was afterwards refused on the plea that we could not form a boat in readiness for the time appointed the match was therefore broken off. F Byron H.B.

No 229

This year the King College eight elated with some petty victories over small and insignificant clubs sent us a challenge which was of course never given the least attention to, the heads of the water merely saying that, as they never rowed London clubs they could not break the rule to row King’s College Vide…

No 228

This year Ditch Leaping was held to the honour of all old established customs the first day the attendance in consequence of cold was very small, but the second day there was a good [number] F Byron Prin. Opp.

No 227

This year (1839) some alteration was made with regard to the course of teaching in school. Webber (the 4th Master) was appointed to half the under school; and the Upper Elections in College went with the Town Boys to Mathematics in School. Mr Preston having declared that the task of teaching both Upper and Under…