No. 68

The Athletics Sports came off on Thursday & Friday Oct 17 & 28. The weather was on the whole “propitious” but the “Ground” bad. The running excelled former years, as did also the jumping – in which Giles QS. cleared 5ft 6” & in the Pole jump Harrison QS. 8ft 8in, the “Long” Account will be found in the Q. S. Ledger.

J F Lucas          Prin. Opp.

No. 67

The TB. & QS. Cricket match was won by 18 runs by the QS. In the first innings the QS. got 127. Short scoring 44 & Bray 31 and the TB.s 76. through not having Edward who was once one of the best bats. The T.B. score was obtained by Hammans 24 not out & the QS – 1 – Taylor 14 out. Bray got the wickets and Short the ball.

G. Dowdeswell Chapman
Hammans Harrison
Edward Giles
Northcote Bray
Oliver Short
Wylde Vidal
F. Lucas C E Oldman
Hunt C Bickmore
Lee Taylor
Darley Circuitt
F Whitaker Darent

No. 66

The TB. And QS. Boat Race.

Came off on Saturday after 12. Directly after the start Fitzgerald TB. (cox) steered into QS. And we stopped for a fresh start. We got off very well and after a good race to the point, the Q. S. went ahead and won by four lengths.

1.       Fludyer 1.       Mure
2.       J Hunt 2. Bovill
3.       A C Dowdeswell 3. Griffith
4.       Whitaker 4. Harrison
5.       S F Lucas 5. Vidal
6.       J Lucas 6. Oldman
7.       F Harley 7. Williams
8.       F Pownall 8. Nichols
           Fitzgerald (cox)      Randolph (cox)


J F Lucas          Prin. Opp.

No. 61

“The Fours”

This race was rowed on Wednesday from Putney to Mortlake Hammersmith & terminated in favour of Oldman’s crew, who won by a length and a half. The respective crews were made up as follows:-

1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Griffith Bovill Walker Mure
Vidal Key Whitaker Hunt
Pownall F Lucas Dowdeswell J Lucas
Oldman (stroke) Williams Nichols Harley
Chapman (cox) Neill (cox) ( Myers (cox) G Dowdeswell (cox

J F Lucas          Prin. Opp.