No 515

Our mathematical master has retired. He has been appointed to be Warden of a new College in Australia in Sydney. On his departure we presented him with a piece of plate in token of our great esteem &c. &c. Independently of this, the fourth form gave him a testimonial of their affection, in the shape of a pencil case.

Headlam has left too. The Fourth has given him a testimonial too, a silver sabre. Instead of Hore we have Borney, a Cambridge man, as our mathematical master.

C.W. Wingfield has succeeded Headlam.

A.F. Pope. Prin. Oppi.

No 513

On Thurs. June 19th there was a meeting of Old Westminsters up school to consider the expediency of erecting a memorial in memory of the Old Westminsters who were killed during the late war. It was very well attended; several plans were proposed; one was to erect a marble monument in the Abbey, or else in the cloisters; another to put up a painted windows; & a third, to erect a scholarship in honour of the Old Westminsters. Each of these plans was separately discussed; & in the end it was determined to choose a select committee to receive the subscriptions & the wishes of the Old Westminsters, & to abide by the result of the votes.

No 511

On the occasion of the Illuminations & Fireworks in honour of the Peace (night of Thurs. May 29th) Scott very liberally gave leave out from Wednesday 12.30 till Friday morning at 10. Those who did not go out saw the Fireworks from the roof of the Abbey.

NB. We were the best off of the public schools on this occasion. Eton and Harrow were both obliged to be back as early as we were on Friday morning, & did not get away before Thursday morning.

No 509

The following were the numbers of the school before Whitsuntide 1855:

Grants (R.J. Marshall) 37

Rigaud’s (R.B. James) 23

Scott’s (Lloyd) 7

& the rest homeboarders making in all 93 Town Boys.

The following were the numbers before Whitsuntide 1856.

Grants (Rev. J. Marshall’s) 36

Rigauds (Rev. B. James) 27

Scotts’ (F. Headlam Esq.) 7

& the rest homeboarders, making in all 86 T.B.s.

A.F. Pope

Pr. Opp.