No. 130

In consequence of some occurrences in College the following rule was added to those in art. 118.

“No corporal punishment shall be used upon suspicion only: i. e. without clear proof of the guilt of the individual punished. If there be evidence that an offence has been committed by one of a certain number, and the offender be not detected, any general punishment used shall not be corporal punishment.

Oswell Macleay

Prin. Opp.

No. 129

The Athletic Sports came off with great éclat on the 13th and 14th of October; the mile was won by Dyce in 5” 11” after a good race; he also won the ½ mile with hurdles: Stephenson & Barron also distinguished themselves among the QSS. And among the junior events Darley and Murphey TB’s carried off the prizes.

No. 128

The Town boy and Queen Scholar match this year resulted in a victory for the QSS.

The Elevens were

Q. S. T. B.
Barron                                          (captains) Curteis
Wakley Pemberton
Wace Shackle
Dixon Saunders
Vidal Noyes
Northcote Bedford
Rawson, H. G. Bailey
Rawson, H. E. Jackson
Rawson, W. S. Gadsden
Saunders Worsley
Randolph Noyes

No. 127

Some complaint having been made by the Masters at the Boarding Houses of the T. B.’s having to wear their hats on the way to and from fields, the following rule was promulgated by the Head Master:-

“That all Town Boys in any Eleven or Twenty-two at Cricket shall be allowed to wear their proper caps on the was to & from fields; but that no caps shall be worn in Dean’s Yard except on special grounds of health.”

Oswell Macleay. Prin Opp.

No. 125

The subjects for the Whitsuntide exam. This year were:-

Homer, Iliad. X,XI,XII

Virgil, Æneid. X,XI,XII.

Platonis, Phœdo.

Æschylus, Chœphoræ

Horace. Odes I. II.

Livy. V.

Greek Testament

Westcolt’s “Introductionto the Study of the Bible.”

Sewell & Yonge’s “Historical Selections.”

No. 122

On Thursday the 18th Miss Burdett Coutts presented a bust of her father Sir Francis Burdett to the School. All the Masters + boys who could attend assembled in the College Hall where Mr Farrar acting for Miss Coutts addressed a few words to the fellows, and after that asked Scott for a late play which we had willingly. The bust is the work of Mr Adams of Sloane Hurt, and is beautifully executed. It is to stand in school library.

W. S. Randall

Prin. Opp.