No. 197

The Play went off very this year; since last year completely new Auditorium has been provided, & the stage has been renovated. All the T.B’s in the “God’s” may sit down, which is undeniably a great improvement. The part of Phormio was excellently acted by C. F. Brickdale; the acting of G. M. Hill & others was also praiseworthy. The Epilogue was very good & caused much amusement. There were happily, no T.B. & QS rows this time.

Egerton G B Phillimore. P.O.

No. 119

The Q. S.s performed the play of Phormio this Christmas: the chief characters were played by Haden who represented Demipho, O’Brien to whom the part of Geta was entrusted, Northcote being Phormio. It passed off very successfully; the acting of Northcote in particular being of the most admirable description. There was a very large attendance on all three night, and the cap was better than average.

No. 34

The play this year was ‘Andria’. The acting was pronounced to be first-rate by all the Old Westminster enties. The characters were as follows:

Simo = N. Bosanquet

Sosia = A. Downie

Davus = G. T. O’Brien

Mysis = J. M. Yates

Pamphilus = W. Phillimore

Charinus = A. Stewart

Byrrhia = N. Egerton

Lesbia = A. Winter

Chremes = J. Chepmell

Crito = G. Bonney

Dromeo = G. Pember


Servi Semonis = A. Mure, C. Biscoe

Bosanquet, O’Brien, Stewart were especially to be praised. The cap was very ball.

E. R. Dowdeswell

Prin. Opp.