No. 416

The play this year was the “Trinummus” of Plautus; the nights of representation being the 11th, 16th & 18th of December:- and went off very well, being well attended: amongst other distinguished guests Sit Robert Phillimore, the Earl of Devon, Lord Justice Baggallay etc.


Luxuria – R.H. Coke

Inopia – F.E. Lewis

Megaronides – E.C. Bedford

Callicles – W.F.G. Sandwith

Lysiteles – C.W.R. Tepper

Philto – H.R. James

Lesbonicus – H.C. Benbow

Stasimus – H.W. de Sausmarez

Charmides – W.A. Peck

Sycophanta – F.W. Bain


The Sycophanta (“homo fungino genere”) elicited much applause. The Epilogue turned on Dr Schlieman’s [Schliemann] excavations at Troy, and may, on the whole, be considered a success.

No. 368

In consequence of the death of Princess Alice, the second & third performances of the play, this year the “Phormio” were stopped. This was a great pity as the acting this year was all round exceptionally good. Cuppage as Geta was capital, & Cobby was a very good Phormio. Lowry, Eddis and James, as Demipho, Chremes and Sophrona were very much praised.

No. 334

The play was acted this year on Dec, 18, 18 [sic, 19?], 20, with great success.

On the second night Lord Devon, Sir Robert Phillimore, Canon Farrar, Lords Justices Hannen, Denman, Thesiger, Sir Robert Baggallay, the Master of the Rolls, etc., were among the audience. On the third night the Dean, Canon Duckwood, etc., & Sir Robert Phillimore again, were present.

The Prologue and Epilogue were well received – The former treated of the doings of the School, & the illustrious Westminsters who have died, in the last two years, & upon the subject of the removal of the School. The Epilogue dealt in an amusing manner with the question, mooted some time since, of a Professorship of Research. The acting was very fair all round, through there was none particularly excellent. Robinson, as Syrus, was perhaps the best, & the characters of Demes (T.F.F. Williams) & Sostrata ( C.W. Tepper) were well sustained. The comedy of Colby as Sannio was amusing & much appreciated.

No. 294

During last holidays we were all startled by the news that the captain H. K. Rogers has committed suicide, No reason for his doing so seems to be forthcoming and I think that we are fully justified in believing that it was the result of an accident. Scott and Ingram seized upon it as an excuse for putting off the play for this year though the real reason of their doing so was that, not knowing of any good actors amongst the present upper election, they funked the trouble of coaching them. However we might very well here quote the proverb “Procrastinations in the thief of time” as next year their trouble will be doubled both Seniors and Third Elections being new to it. J.A. Turner takes Rogers’ place as captain.

No. 270

The Play acted this year was the Andria. The nights were Wednesday, Monday and Wednesday instead of Thursdays, Tuesday and Thursday.

The acting was fair, though perhaps not quite up to the average.

The characters were –

Simo –  J.A. Turner

Sosia – H.R.K. Rogers

Davus – E.W. Courtenay

Mysis – G.A. Bolton

Pamphilus – E.H. Alington

Charinus – R.D. Brinton

Byrrhia – F.D. Crowdy

Lesbia – C.B. Vyvyan

Chremes – C.A. Jones

Crito – R.F. Macmillan

Drimo – R.H. Godfrey


Personae Mutae

Servi Simonis ___ E.A Bulkley

C.B. Collyns


Among the spectators on the second night were Sir Robert Phillimore, the Lord Chief Justice, the Home Secretary, Lord Grosnevor.

Among the spectators on the third night were the Bishops of London & Exeter, Lord Devon, Baron Cleasby, Dr Currey.

The Epilogue represented a Cabinet Council and the ministers sitting round a table with a green cloth.


Dramatis Personae

P (Prime Minister) – E.H. Alington

A – G.A. Bolton

B – J.A. Turner

C – C.B. Vyvyan

D – R.F. McMillan

E – F.W. Courtnay

L.S. Bristowe P.O

No. 231

The play was the Trinummus of Plautus. The assembly was as usual very choice. Sis. R. Phillimore. Hon G. Ward Hunt. Rev. H. L. Thompson.

Cowell as the Sycophanta & Brickdale as Stasimus were particularly good.

The Epilogue was one of the best that has been delivered at Westminster for many years.

The characters were. Stasimus Brickdale. Charmides. Ryde W.C. Sycophanta Cowell. Luxuria. E.H Allington. Inopia R.W. Mead. Megaronides McNamara. Callides Arnold (Capt. School). XX Webb. Philto Whitehead. Lesbonicas Hill. G.M.

No. 197

The Play went off very this year; since last year completely new Auditorium has been provided, & the stage has been renovated. All the T.B’s in the “God’s” may sit down, which is undeniably a great improvement. The part of Phormio was excellently acted by C. F. Brickdale; the acting of G. M. Hill & others was also praiseworthy. The Epilogue was very good & caused much amusement. There were happily, no T.B. & QS rows this time.

Egerton G B Phillimore. P.O.