No. 231

The play was the Trinummus of Plautus. The assembly was as usual very choice. Sis. R. Phillimore. Hon G. Ward Hunt. Rev. H. L. Thompson.

Cowell as the Sycophanta & Brickdale as Stasimus were particularly good.

The Epilogue was one of the best that has been delivered at Westminster for many years.

The characters were. Stasimus Brickdale. Charmides. Ryde W.C. Sycophanta Cowell. Luxuria. E.H Allington. Inopia R.W. Mead. Megaronides McNamara. Callides Arnold (Capt. School). XX Webb. Philto Whitehead. Lesbonicas Hill. G.M.

No. 197

The Play went off very this year; since last year completely new Auditorium has been provided, & the stage has been renovated. All the T.B’s in the “God’s” may sit down, which is undeniably a great improvement. The part of Phormio was excellently acted by C. F. Brickdale; the acting of G. M. Hill & others was also praiseworthy. The Epilogue was very good & caused much amusement. There were happily, no T.B. & QS rows this time.

Egerton G B Phillimore. P.O.

No. 119

The Q. S.s performed the play of Phormio this Christmas: the chief characters were played by Haden who represented Demipho, O’Brien to whom the part of Geta was entrusted, Northcote being Phormio. It passed off very successfully; the acting of Northcote in particular being of the most admirable description. There was a very large attendance on all three night, and the cap was better than average.