No. 507

The subjects for Election this year were

Virgil Ecl Geo I

Homer Il I III

Soph – Electra

Dem In Meidian

Juvenal Sat I III V VI VIII X

Tacitus Ann II

Maine Ancient Law

Wescott Introduction to Gospels

S. Luke

The Examiners are the same as last year. The Elections were as follows –

To Ch- Ch-

To Trinity

J.B. Hodge T.B W.C. Dale Q.S
F.W. Bain Q.S T. Morison T.B
W.L. Benbow T.B H.G. Gwinner T.B

Triplett Ex

W.C. Dale
T. Morison


H.G. Gwinner


It is a long time since T.BB have been so well up.

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