No. 100

The Athletic Sports were held on the 22nd + 23rd Oct. The weather was very fine, and there was a large attendance of spectators on both days.

Smith won the mile as he did the year before, but this year he ran it in 5’ 8”. E. Cope was 2nd, Eddis coming in third.

Smith also won all the challenge cups (open to all) except one, from which he was excluded + which was won by Bray.

Stephens won everything for the under 15.

The Consolation Race was won by J. Neill.

Mrs James gave away the prizes.

O. Macleay

Prin. Opp.

No. 99

The Rudder was won by:

Smith, J. C.                          1.


Busk (cox)


The other boats were . . .

Randall, W. S.                   2.


Haggard (cox)


Macleay, S.                         3.

Bovill, H.

Hudson, J. (cox).


The “Fours” and “Sculls” were not rowed this year, as there were so few on the water.

O. M. Leay

Prin. Opp.

No. 98

The T.B. + Q.S. cricket match was this year won by the Q. S. who had much the best eleven, though the Town Boys, especially Lee played very well.

Q. S.

Bray (captain)

Northcote, E.








Randolphe, E.



T. B.

Curteis (captain)


Curteis, R.


Neill, J.



Randolphe, F.

Northcote, A.


Pemberton, R.


Bray scored 89 for the Q. S.

Lee – 70 –  – T.B

M. Leay

Prin. Opp.

No. 95

The subjects for the examination of the sixth at Whitsuntide were as follows.

Homer. Iliad. iv. v. vi.

Virgil. Aeneid. vi. v. vi.

Juvenal. Sat. i. iii. v. vii.

Thucyd. vi. 1-92.

Butler’s Analogy. Part I.

Livy. iv.

Sophocles. Trachiniae

Greek Test. Epist. Hebrews.


E. Barnes got Dean Thomas’ Exhibition.

No. 93

The T. B. + Q. S. football match was played this half in March /67. We played hard for nearly an hour + at last got 1 game. Which again showed the good of having backs for the QS. only had two + we had 4. We had by far the weaker eleven but it was the having backs that prevented us from being beaten. Just reform the finish D. Davus Q. S. picked a game having carried the ball 3 long paces. It was a very good game indeed + the T. Boys played extremely well together.