No 582

Last half year we had another of more tanning rows which do more to destroy the discipline of the school than anything else. It as usual began with Marshall’s absurd idea than the house and school finally can be ruled by kindness and brotherly love alone, without the use of corporal punishment. He attacked Dowdeswell & myself and demanded whether we had at any time tanned anyone. This was nothing against myself, but Dowdeswell was convicted of having tanned someone, and was shown up to Scott who stopped him; not however for tanning as an offence, but for breaking a rule of his against the remove using that power. Marshall not content, since he had found nothing against me, asked me like a pickpocket and said I “was ignorant of the broader principles of Christianity.” Scott said nothing against me however and the affair ended. I did not remain good friends with him* however, but he and S made it up in a way at the end of the halfyear. I commenced[?] the first head Townboy and head of this house, on Marshall’s leaving, & start tanning as a regular thing, always keeping in mind not to let it be a vehicle for bullying.


J. L. Swale

Prin. Opp.

No 579

This last half year we have decided on establishing here “Athletic Sports” so accordingly a committee was formed to take this into consideration consisting of Gumbleton (Capt), J. L. Swale (Prin. Opp.)(which members of the school (named Capt & Prin Opp) always to be considered members), A J. Mackey T.B, H.B Maurice Q.S, A.P. Dawson Q.S, W. Winter T.B, B.N. Thomas, T.B. Barker QS having rejected to this election on the ground of Forster T.B having canvassed for them. The 5 selected members conferred and after rather a stormy meeting, were electively a […] majority than before. Jealousy had no a doubt a part deal to do with Barker’s rejection, he thinking he ought to have been elected as Q.S. captain of the eleven.

J. L. Swale

Prin. Opp.

No 569

Oct 1860               Ordered

1 That the right of fagging belongs only to Senior Townboys and Third Elections in the Sixth Form and Remove

2 That Third Elections as such have no right or power whatsoever

3 That no boy shall be punished by any Third Election Townboy below the Sixth Form, nor struck with any racket or similar instrument

4 That no Townboy shall be punished by any Queen’s Scholar except the Captain and Monitors; nor ever without the full knowledgement of the Head Townboy

5 That Minor Candidates remain for all purposes of discipline, under the authority of the Head Townboy until their Elections

6 That no boy above the Upper Fourth shall be required to fag on the T[…]’s Courts

* Rule 6 is now upended by Scott, & making up extended to the Under Vth. The reasons for this change will be seen on referencing to article 38 in the new Ledger. March/83

Added by E. R. Dowdeswell

Prin. Opp.

Barker a third election in the Upper Shell and in the Eleventh having a spite against Lockwood an Under Fourth fellow in the Eleven called him to pick up hoping to find some excuse for tanning him which being bent on he of course easily found & being supported by several seniors & third elections he took him up school & formally tanned him without the knowledge of any Sixth T.B. which as soon as we found out we these Sixth T.Bs* went to Scott & complained of this extraordinary conduct of the Q.Ss. Scott took it very coolly & did not seem inclined to do anything, on which we went to Marshall who took it up very warmly so that Scott was obliged to listen to us and on enquiring he found that the Q.Ss had both prevaricated and misrepresented the facts of the case to him and that Barker was decidedly wrong & to prevent such an open infringement of the rights of T.Bs for the future he gave us the above rules.

*Forster, Swale & myself

October 1860

P. Southby

Prin. Opp.

No 567

When we came back this half we found that in consequence of the meeting of Old Ws the Boarding* Houses had been painted. The Library has been thoroughly done up the back cases etc. polished, the ceiling whitewashed & new floorcloth laid down. The racket-court has been plastered & the old W.C. by the schoolsteps has been removed and new ones made at the top of the steps. A skylight has been made in the passage opposite the Library door. In College the cubicles have bad red curtains put to them instead of doors & they have new bedsheets in the place of the old wooden ones. It is to be hoped that these improvements will increase the number of the school. I forgot to mention that there have been four new boxes set up in College.

*N.B. There are only two boarding houses now Marshall’s (Grants) and James (Rigauds). Scott’s at the entrance of Gt Deans Yard has been closed some time now.

P. Southby Prin. Opp.

No 559

At the beginning of this half (after hours) I received a note from Eton asking us to row them. Chapman and I went to Scott for permission and were refused on the grounds that Williamson and Liddell both has said that it disorganised the school. We waited some time and today (Fri 29th) Salwey and I went again and after arguing the matter for nearly an hour met most of his arguments and he is now considering the matter. There is every hope we shall get the race soon.

J. C. Hawkshaw

Prin. Opp.

No 557

We were surprised one night this half by being called in before Scott and Marshall and questioned as to the immorality of the school in general and College in particular. After leaving us Scott proceeded to Weare’s, having previously been to Rego’s, where he remained till 3 o’clock in morning investigating. All the Q.Ss were kept up in Upper and Under Election Rooms, Bowing and Joyce remaining with them to prevent communication. In the morning very few Q.Ss appeared in School and at 9, 17 Q.Ss went to College Hall to be reprimanded or have sentences passed by the Deans. Five seniors were sent away (Pratt, O’Brien, Stainhope, Henderson and Upperton). And 4 Q.Ss and one T.B rusticated till Lent Whitsmuntide (Mackey, Balfour, Walker, Maurice, and Parker TB). Eleven of 12 others were operated on in the library. We had hopes that this would not stop the play but they did not last long for Scott soon told us that there would be none. Not long after this news Scott informed us that in consequence of an anonymous letter which he had received stating that “some scholars were in the habit of frequenting the Westminster Tavern for the purpose of playing billiards”, that he did not intend to investigate further but for the future no one was to go out of Deans Yard except to Ginger’s, Sutcliff’s, […] after dinner.

J. C. Hawkshaw

Pr. Opp.

No 539

We had an early play on March 1st as usual – no leave out, though it fell on a Monday. Lord Lansdowne asked for one on the 17th. We also had leave out on Easter Monday, as an equivalent to Good Friday.

On the 27th of March the Eight had leave to see the Oxford & Cambridge race.

We had an early play which was asked for by Mr. Mowbray, an Old Westminster who had taken office under Lord Derby; April 10th.

This year the early play which we usually have the day after the last challenge, the Min. can. early play, unfortunately “coincided”, as Scott said, with one that he had promised us to honour Mr. Southey, who has obtained a first class at Oxford; we could not get both from Scott.

A.F. Pope, Prin. Opp.

No 536

Early in November this year a Sixth Town boy in Marshall’s house (Berners) had occasion to hide four fellows for making a row after being repeatedly told not to do so. One of them was seen leaving the room by Mrs Crowther- she shewed the matter up to Marshall. He asked me for a list of the fellows who had been hided before this half by us, and I gave it to him- there were eleven name; some had been hided by Berners some by Dowdeswell & some by me. Marshall shewed the whole affair up to Scott, and at the same time told us that he would have no one touched by any Sixth T.B. in his house, & that every one was to shew up to him if this rule was broken. Berners & I went to Scott & complained of this rule which would leave the house without any head at all. Scott gave us a fair hearing and told us after an hour’s conversation that he would make a new rule that no Sixth Town boy should use any stick or racket in hiding any boy; but he did not mind the use of a hairbrush of the hand. We thought that this was the last we were to hear of it; but next Tuesday evening (we went in to Scott on Friday) after third school Scott publicly put Berners Dowdeswell & myself down, depriving us of all authority in the house & in the school; making Shadwell Head T.B. & giving the management of the house to French & Hamersley the two next in order who are in the Remove. He gave as the reason for this that we had abused our authority.

*The Sixth did not consider that this entitled Shadwell to keep the T.B. ledger.

Next day we three went to Scott to ask for an explanation of this most violent measure; he could not mention any single case of hiding that we could not give a reason for- nor did he seem to have any strong personal feeling on the matter, but offered to reconsider it if we persuaded Marshall. Now this last was impossible, as he was exceedingly angry with Berners, who had been the worst in the row, & with me who had been in several rows of the sort previously. To Dowdeswell Marshall had nothing to say- he told him that if he had not insisted on being considered on the same footing as Berners he would not have been found fault with. We were put down before Dow. & I said that, so I cannot see how the two facts are reconcilable. We had a ballot in the house which was managed by French & Hamersley, to find out whether it was considered that we had been justly put down. Among twenty seven there was only one vote against us. All our endeavours however were of no use, and we were obliged to remain in our new position till the beginning of the next half (January 1858); when Scott privately told me to resume my place as Head Town boy, while Dowdeswell also resumed his. Berners had left.

We have not however considered ourselves responsible for order in the house, as we told Marshall on our honour that we would hide no one in his house except in case of personal impertinence, thereby resigning all responsibility.

No 502

Fri. April 4th.) Rev. T. W. Weare, the Under Master, who has since Liddell left Westminster, made it his business to interfere in every possible way with everybody else’s, chose to give in imposition to a Sixth T.B., Maples, a thing which no master can do up school or down, but the Headmaster. The imposition was given for a trifle, which has nothing to do with the case. Going down school, Mr Weare in his benevolence kindly told Maples that he would excuse the imposition. Maples, not being particularly affected by such magnanimity, made no reply; at which Weare got angry; Maples told him the imposition was given in the beginning for nothing (too truly), at which Weare doubled the former imposition. I went with him (M.) to Scott’s house (who had not been at prayers) & explained the matter; but Scott quietly listened to me & then refuted (!!) me by saying that there was no proof that such was the rule of the school, & when I referred to Mr Weare’s own mouth (See the bottom of the third Page no. 399) Scott said there was nothing to prove that Murray had not misunderstood Weare. Against such argument there is no use reasoning. Scott finished by saying that he should give me a written rule to put in the Ledger, to the effect that every master in the school has authority over everyone in whatever form, or house. In that case we should have six Masters, excluding French &c., allocating probably without knowing what the other were about. The way in which Weare is “loved and respected” (to use his term) is not at all different from before. The Q.S. fear him on account of their elections, & hate him. The following is the new rule

In absence of the Head Master no boy in the VIth form whether Q.S. or T.B. is entitled to claim any exemption from the authority of the other Masters of the school in respect of impositions &c.

(Signed by C.B. Scott)

It is not in our power to do anything against this rule; though it is against all precedent. But I hope that whoever is Head Town Boy when we next have a new Headmaster will represent the matter to him, in order that this rule may be annulled.

A.F. Pope

Pr. Opp.

No 499

On Tuesday Feb 5 (Shove Tuesday) while Berens, Tomyn, Hammil & FitzGerald T.Bs & Balfour & Harrington Q.Ss were quietly walking through Smith Square they were assaulted by a man leading a horse, who knocked Fitzgerald down & tried to do the same for Hammil, but was prevented by Berens who have him a licking. He showed up to Scott, who would not believe him, & then got a summons from Arnold the Westminster Magistrate. Scott took out a cross summons against him for knocking down FitzGerald, which he got with difficulty, as Arnold in these cases is generally prejudiced against Westminster. The case came on Wed. 20; when, the facts being brought out by the evidence clearly in favour of the Westminsters, Arnolds dismissed the man & praised the conduct of Berens & Hammil. The man had tried to identify the fellow but failed.

A.F. Pope. Pr. Opp.