No 550

A silver cup was presented to us this year by John Hawkeshaw Esq. C.E. to be rowed for annually by the Town Boys and Queen Scholars in eights, the names of the winning boat to be engraved on it every year. There are dates and spaces, up to the year 1974 from 1859 including 16 years. It is to be kept each year by the T.B. or Q.S. Head of Water according as the TB or Q.S. eight wins it and at the end of the 16years is to belong to the T.B’s or QS’s according as they won it the most times, if they have both won it 8 times a race is to be rowed the last year to decide who is to possess it (this is something sanctioned by the donor).

J. C. Hawkeshaw

Pr. Opp.

No 524

This year the Town Boys acquired the privilege of reading Epigrams with the Queen Scholars in Hall at the end of this half. As this is never till Tuesday night it will be of no use to T.B.s; The Q.Ss stay till Wednesday morning; but there will only be one or two T.Bs staying for the Tripletts who will make use of it.

A.F. Pope. Prin. Opp.

No 509

The following were the numbers of the school before Whitsuntide 1855:

Grants (R.J. Marshall) 37

Rigaud’s (R.B. James) 23

Scott’s (Lloyd) 7

& the rest homeboarders making in all 93 Town Boys.

The following were the numbers before Whitsuntide 1856.

Grants (Rev. J. Marshall’s) 36

Rigauds (Rev. B. James) 27

Scotts’ (F. Headlam Esq.) 7

& the rest homeboarders, making in all 86 T.B.s.

A.F. Pope

Pr. Opp.

No 465

It has been Liddell’s intention for some time to have a Public Library formed, like most of the other public Schools, and in consequence of his having a certain sum of money, about 50£, in hand, which he had saved from the yearly subscription of his own house, towards their house library, he very profoundly thought that he might with some of this begin to carry out his intentions. His plan at first was that all the other house libraries should be brought into one, but Marshall would not hear of his own being interfered with, so he was obliged to give up that idea. He told us the other morning that he should leave it in our hands as far as appointing a Committee goes, and a Chairman or President, but that there should always be the same number of Town boys & Queen Scholars as members of the committee. The Queen Scholars were to be chosen out of those in the Sixth, without any difference with regard to selection, and the Town boys out of those who happened to be in the Sixth form also. We accordingly set to work immediately and having chosen a Committee consisting of The Town boys in the Sixth, Lane, Gray, Southey, Skipworth, & Morton (B.B.), & 5 Q.S. Laurie, Wilson, Edwards, Wodehouse, Dickson. Of course the first next thing was the President selection of a President, concerning which there was considerable trouble, because the votes for Morton & Laurie were always equal, so at last the drew for it and Laurie won it; His secretary was also elected in the person of Gray, & the Librarian Dickson was unanimously chosen. We then had to make certain rules concerning fines for spoiling books + sundry other things which may be seen in the Leger kept by the Secretary. We also made out a list of books which were approved of by all Committee and showed it, with the rules, to Liddell, which with some alterations he gave his approbation to. Liddell got the books for us and they were placed in the Library but on account it being so near the end of the half there are to be none given out until we come from the holidays.

C.G. Lane Prin. Opp.