No. 278

The pancake was thrown as usual on Shrove Tuesday, although there had been some fear lest it might have to be omitted owing to the illness of Lady Augusta Stanley. It was thrown at 10 o’clock, as it happened that St. David’s day fell on the very same day. The Pan-cake was landed in Mr Gibson’s form, which was at length smashed in the struggle. The pancake as usual came to grief and no-body gained the sovereign.

L.S. Bristowe Prin Op

No. 143

Though it was greatly feared that the Pancake would be “improved” away by the governors, who by some means or other had substituted a female cook in College hall, the event duly came off on Shrove Tuesday: it was thrown by the cook’s son immediately after instead of before prayers, and very well thrown too, for it very nearly cleared the upper bar: R: W: S: Vidal (Q. S) caught it and immediately put it under his coat and commenced greasing away: no one thought he had it, but Stephenson was the suspected holder, accordingly everyone set upon him, and great was the surprise when Scott cried “Hold, Enough” to see Vidal produce the pancake, for which of course he obtained the Dean’s sovereign.

This year H. C. A. Conybeare, formerly a T.B. up Home Boarders, passed very creditably (17th) into the I.C.S.

J. L: Williams Andrews

No. 132

The cook again failed to throw the pancake over the bar this year, but he was only hissed and not booked as on a former occasion. Shrove Tuesday fell on the first of March this year so that Sir Watkin Wynn came down upon the same day, and the pancake was thrown at 10, instead of 11 o’clock as usual.

Oswell Macleay

Prin. Opp.

No. 121

On February 9th Shrove Tuesday the annual tossing for the pancake took place in the school room at 12 oclock. The present college cook, more expert than his brother the late cook, made a splendid throw the pancake falling well over the bar. F. N. Saunders Q. S. succeeded in keeping it through a rather long struggle, and of course got the £1.

W. S. Randall

Prin. Opp.