No. 180

H.H O’Farrell has gained an open scholarship at Pembroke Coll. Oxd. And also passed into the Indian Civil Service. H.D.S Pennington [probably H.F.D Pennington 1866-1870] passed into the Indian Civil also. AP. Hill

No. 178

The pancake was thrown this year according to custom. It cleared the lower bar and fell among the desks near Ingram’s form. There was a very good ‘greaze’ but as it was torn no one received the sovereign. A.P. Hill

No. 177

There are six T.B’s in the Sixth this term five of whom are ‘going up for Election’ – Hill A. P (Grants) Bramwell H (H.B) Phillimore G.G (Grants) Roberts H.J (Grants) Ogle J. (H.B) Dunlop. (H.B)   A.P. Hill (P.O)

No. 169

The T. B. & Q. S. boatrace was rowed this year, the TB’s won by 2 lengths. For particulars see the Water Ledger. H J Roberts For a long time we have been very anxious to have the rowing again established here and (though a great many objections were raised as to the distance we…

No. 166

E. Mee (T. B. Rigauds) got an open scholarship at Corpus Oxf; this is the first open scholarship that has been gained by the school for a very long time (if ever before). We had a holiday on the Sat. before Easter Passion week for this honour so that we were able to go the…