No. 146

There are eight town boys in the Sixth this term (Whit-mid):

C. M. Lush (H. B. Grants)

E. M. Mee (H. B. Grants)

W. L. Pemberton (H. B. Grants)

A. P. Hill (Grants)

H. H. O’Farrell (H. B.)

H. F. G. Bramwell (H. B. Rigaud’s)

J. M. Macpherson (H. B. Grants)

L. B. Birkett (H. B. Rigaud’s)

A. P. H.

No. 142

The Athletic Sports this year took place on Oct. 12 and 13. There were two Town Boys on the committee, O.S. Macleay (Grant’s) and W. L. Pemberton (Grant’s). The mile was won by Vidal (Q. S.) in 5.20. In the races open to all Birchett (Rigauds) was third for the mile, Noyes won the long jump (16.4), Leggatt *Grants) was third in 100 yds hurdles, Jackson (Rigauds) obtained first prize in throwing at the wicket & second in throwing the hammer, Hill (Grant’s) was second in half-mile hurdles, Leggatt (Grant’s) carried off second prize in the high jump & third in 100 yds flat race. Roche (home boarder) was second in the 440 yds. The Consolation Race was run in 37 secs. by Pemberton (Grants), Busk (Rigauds) being second and Roope (Grants) third – the prizes were given away in school room & some confusion arose with the rule, stated below, wh. was made by Scott in order that all the prizes might not be carried off by two or three good runners:

“No competitor to take for himself more than two first prizes in any year, or to take the prize in the same contest in successive years.’

This is not meant to interfere with his holding or having his name inscribed as the winner on a Challenge Cup or other Prize wh. does not become the property of the holder: but merely that, in such a case, the Prizes which are so appropriated shd. be given to those next in order in the result. This rule was issued in Oct. but was not entered by Macleay.

A. P. Hill

There are this half seven Town-Boys in the Sixth:

C.M. Lush (H. B.)

E. M. Mee (H. B. Rigaud’s)

W. L. Pemberton (H. B. Grant’s)

J. L. Andrews (Rigaud’s)

A. P. Hill (Grant’s)

J. M. Macpherson (H. B. Grant’s)

H. H. O’Farrell (H. B.)

All boys must now learn either drawing or singing and the first and second division in mathematics have to take up either Applied Mechanics or Astronomy.

A. P. Hill

No. 141

On Saturday Dec. 17 there was a concert in College Hall. In consequence of the limited space there were only 150 tickets issued. It commenced at 7.30 and was finished a little before 10. P.M. A wedding march was played by the Rev R. F. Dale and W. A. Ellis in honour of Rev. E. Gilliat, who is to be married on Jan 5. A song was composed by Mr Gilliat & set to music by Mr Dale, a dialogue between a young and old Westminster; F. Rownall taking the part of the ‘old’ and G. A. Bolton of the young. Haden’s playing on the violin and Maitland’s on the piano were both exceedingly good. Amongst others, the ‘three Chafers’ sung by Pownall, Lucas, Bray and Chitty, was loudly applauded by the audience. There were suppers afterwards in the boarding houses & in College but no singing was allowed.

A. P. Hill.