No. 166

E. Mee (T. B. Rigauds) got an open scholarship at Corpus Oxf; this is the first open scholarship that has been gained by the school for a very long time (if ever before).

We had a holiday on the Sat. before Easter Passion week for this honour so that we were able to go the Oxf. & Cam. Race; whereas before there were some doubts as to our having a holiday at all on this day as Monday was a Saint’s Day and Easter was so near.

AP. Hill.

No. 163

Feb. 27 (Tuesday) being the day of the Thanksgiving Service for the recovery of the Prince of Wales there was a whole holiday; so also was March 1. when Sir W. Wyne as usual came down. On the 7th of  March too there was a half holiday West having obtained a first in Classics at Oxford.

A. P. Hill.

No. 159

In consequence of some purling & greasing at School steps in coming down school, in which some small fellow got hurt, a rule has been made that the Sixth shall go down first after second & afterwards schools. How long this will remain in force is doubtful, a similar rule was made a term or two ago and soon came to neglect.

A P Hill