No 110

A challenge was sent us this year by the Charter-House to a match at cricket; which was refused, both, because on a former occasion a rule had been made by the Westminsters not to play them again, as well as on account of the distinction between the two schools – J.T. Ludlow H.B.

No 109

A great number of fellows being out of school with the scarlet fever, and one of the name of Russell having died in consequence of it, it was thought prudent by Williamson, after a consultation with the medical attendants, to break up school for six weeks, and consequently a fortnight was taken off the Whitsuntide…

No 108

This year Williamson, in order to make a more equal distribution of the forms among the ushers, placed the lower division of the shell sole under the usher of the fifth form, appointing the other ushers to the remaining forms, and thus placing the fourth form below the bar. J.T. Ludlow H.B.

No 107

The following is a list of the Sixth at Christmas, 1829 – Frere  * Frere  * White  * Ludlow Coote  * Milman  * Blackall R. Colborne Clinton  * Harrison Osborn Gage Greensill  * Jones Renaud Capes Borradaile Wingfield Cornish Milman  * Templer Lascelles  * (22) J.T. Ludlow H.B. Those marked with an asterisk are Home…

No 106

There was a Sixth dinner this year, held at Gingers (late Needhams, Bridge St.) to which the Home-Boarders as usual were invited.  It was served up in excellent style, and the utmost conviviality prevailed.  J.T. Ludlow, President,  C. Frere Home Boarder, Vice President. J.T. Ludlow H.B.

No 105

This year Williamson instituted an examination on paper of both T.B. and K.S. to take place half yearly in the Museum, in the work done in the form the preceding half year; and according to the answers given, altering the respective places of each T.B. J.T. Ludlow H.B. Note. This Williamson has now increased, so…