No. 176

*This rule or at least a similar one had been made in 1862 (vide Entry No. 30) but it had been broken once or twice since.

H.J. Roberts

In consequence of a T.B having been tanned in College without the consent of the head T.B. Scott has given the following rule “That the Captain & Monitors have a general authority to deal with moral offences which may fall under their cognizance but that no T.B shall be sent for into College or be punished by a Q.S without the consent of the Head T.B or Head of the House. The following were the circumstances. On the night of the first Play, a 3rd election  Q.S named Randall observed one of the T.Bs who did not seem to be doing his share of clapping, & because he (Randall) had been tanned when a T.B for no clapping at the Play, he showed up the T.B (Barber H.B Rigauds) to the godkeepers after the Play was over, next day Stuart Q.S one of the godkeepers sent for Barber & tanned him in College without asking leave of either Bramwell or me. As soon as I heard of it I went to Bramwell & asked if he had given permission for the tanning to take place, he said that he had heard nothing about it till it was over, so I asked him to go to Scott & demand an apology from the Q.Ss but he said he would rather that I went; accordingly at 5 ½ on Friday I went to Scott’s & told him the whole matter saying that all the T.Bs were determined to have an apology & that if one was not given no T.B would clap on the second night; Scott agreed with me that an apology was due & said he would speak to Rawson (Captain) Q.S about it The next morning Rawson spoke to me about it & said he was quite ready to apologise & wished that the matter should not got to Scott, he also said that he had been opposed to the tanning himself but that all the other Seniors were for it, however I told him that as Scott already knew about we had better leave it in his (Scott’s) hands. Accordingly at 10 A.M Scott sent for Rawson & myself to his house where Rawson apologised in the name of the Q.Ss for having tanned barber without asking leave of the head T.B & I in the name of the T.Bs expressed myself satisfied; Scott then dismissed us after thanking us for having settled the matter amicably, for had it got into the papers in might have created a row like the “Winchester funding affair” which had just taken place.

H.J. Roberts.

No. 175

A sad calamity fell upon us yesterday (Wednesday 20th Nov 1872). J. Harvey a TB in the Upper Shell up Rigauds incautiously played in the football match v the Norwood club last Saturday, having at the time an absess on his right elbow, after the match he showed no sign of pain & attended Abbey both morning & afternoon the next day, but on Sunday night he seemed seedy & did not appear in school on Monday, & the poison, having spread through the whole system gave him such intense pain that in the evening he became unconscious & in spite of every effort got worse & worse & finally passed away on Wednesday afternoon without ever having recovered his senses. He was a universal favourite on account of his quiet demeanour, & his death has cast quite a gloom over the whole school. On Saturday we had a lecture from Canon Conway about the suddeness of poor Harvey’s death, & on Sunday afternoon Scott preached on the same subject; after service the “Dead March” was played. Harvey’s body was taken away on Sunday morning to Wales (where he lived), & on Tuesday it was buried; Scott read over the Burial Service up school after 8 o-clock prayers on Tuesday morning.


No. 174

The match this year between Grants & Rigauds was a very hollow affair & resulted in a victory for the former house by 13 goals to 0.

The football eleven has been very successful this year as yet, there have been 5 matches of which we have won 4 against the Gitanos (3 goals to none), against Stephensons 11 (2 goals to none), against the Wanderers (no goals to 2), against the Civil Service (4 goals to none), & against the Norwood Club (3 goals to none). The eleven now stands,


1. W.S. Rawson Q.S Cptn Back
  H.D.S Vidal Q.S Forward
  H.S. Jackson T.B Back
  H.A.C Rogers Q.S Forward
  J. Bruce T.B
  J. Harvey T.B
  R. H. Kelly Q.S
  E. H. Alington Q.S
  C. J. R. Le Mesurier Q.S
10. C. P. McKeand T.B Goals

The other vacancy is not yet filled.


No. 173

The Athletics came off on Thursday & Friday the 17th & 18th of October. In spite of the miserable weather they were carried on with great spirit, the first day was favourable till just the end when there was some rain, but the second day it rained almost incessantly. H. Vidal (Q.S) carried off the challenge cups for the “Mile” “100 yds” & “Half Mile Hurdles” he also won the “High Jump”. Boyd T.B won the “Open Quarter”, & Jackson T.B the “Throwing the Hammer”, these two were the only open events won by T.Bs. (W.B. Webb T.B won the “Throwing the Cricketball at the wickets Open to all”.) Mrs Scott gave away the prizes up school; Scott, as usual, made his speech & had a cut at the governors about the “Natural Science” now taught at Westminster.


No. 172

There was no Charterhouse match this year on account of that school being moved to Godalming, so instead we played the M.C.C at Lords & were beaten in the first innings by over 200 runs. The disgraceful conduct of some of the younger townboys present at this match must not be passed over without mention. Some of these specimens of Westminster took it into their heads that they could not leave the Pavilion without leaving their traces behind them, so they proceeded to break some of the chairs placed on the roof & also some of the slates on the top, they then amused themselves by throwing the pieces of slates about & succeeded in breaking one or two windows, & finally one of them turned on a watertap; this was not discovered till next day when an indignant letter was received by the Captain from the M.C.C, stating that 50£ damage had been done & mentioning that this was the first time a Public School has so disgraced itself. Of course great indignation was felt about it amongst the fellows in the VIth & Remove, & a large number of fellows would have been tanned but the matter got to Scott’s ears & he contented himself with handing the two principal culprits; if the matter had become have been public it would, without doubt, have done Westminster an immense amount of harm. I am happy to add that no Grantites were concerned in the row.


No. 171

The T.B & Q.S cricket match took place last half at Vincent Square, when the former won by 9 wickets. Dury got the townboy score with 45 runs. Rawson got the Q.S score with runs. The following is a list of the elevens.

T.B.                                                                                            Q.S.

H. S. Jackson W. S. Rawson
C. P. McKeand F. G. Randolph
J. Harvey H. D. S Vidal
J. B. Dury E. Waddington
J. Bruce E. H. Alington
E. A. Crowdy W. C. Ryde
R. P. McKeand J. H. Watson
N. C. Bailey F. Whitehead
W. B. Webb W. Brinton
A. H. Lefroy H. A. C. Rogers
H. J. Roberts C. J. R. Le Mesurier


Rawson also obtained the wickets & the ball. The dinner was supplied by Mantle up fields, the scorers, as usual, were present.

H.J. Roberts

No. 169

The T. B. & Q. S. boatrace was rowed this year, the TB’s won by 2 lengths. For particulars see the Water Ledger. H J Roberts

For a long time we have been very anxious to have the rowing again established here and (though a great many objections were raised as to the distance we should be obliged to go before getting to a part of the river safe enough for the outriggers etc. the means of getting there, the expense and other things of this kind) this terms arrangements were made with Salter at Wandsworth and with the S.W. Railway Company. Our boats are kept for us at Salter’s and a compartment (2nd cl.) is reserved for the fellows, who get off as soon as possible after prayers & go over Vauxhall Bridge to the station to meet the 5.25 down train & come back in the evening in time for 8 o’clock lockers.