No 179

Williamson having proposed as a subject for an English Prize poem a translation of the chorus in the Hecuba several fellows tried for it and the best exercise being declared by Williamson to be that shown up by a Townboy, it was of course expected that he would have the prize, but in the interval…

No 177

In consequence of the Scarlet Fever making its appearance in the school it was thought prudent to break up the school thereby adding a week to the Whitsuntide holydays. The seniors were obliged to stay for their Election. C. Bewicke Head Boarder

No 176

Ditch-leaping was this year, in order to lull the suspicions of the master, deferred to March 17th when this ancient custom was kept up by a large assemblage of fellows. In consequence of there being names at 11 o’clock (as usual on early plays) we were much hurried, and the KS fearful of being late…

No 174

In consequence of two old Westminsters, Anstice and Woolcombe , being in the first class at Oxford this year Williamson gave us an early play on Saturday Jan. 24th, as a compliment to them. Calverley Bewicke Head Boarder [Robert Richard Anstice 1813-1853 and Henry Woollcombe 1813-1885]