An intention was expressed on the part of the T[own]B[oys] of going into mourning for Dr. Page, but Dr. Goodenough considered it would be better not to carry such an intention into effect, under all circumstances, viz the difficulty and inconvenience of every ones getting mourning but yet expressed himself pleased at the compliment paid to so worth a predecessor.

Added August 7th 1821 by G.B. Hansel Prin Opp.

No 23

On Monday September the 13th the Reverend Edmund Goodenough B.D. and student of Christ Church Oxford, was appointed to the Headmastership of Westminster School, vacant by the resignation of the Reverend Dr Page, who was compelled under the visitation of a severe illness to retire from the duties of that situation.

Charles Floyer. Princeps Oppidanus

No 22

On the 27th of July 1819, the annual Cricket Match between the Town Boys and the King Scholars was played in Tothill Fields, when the latter beat by three Runs. The admirable state of the Fields and the good play of each Party aided by a very favourable day, afforded a delightful sight to many Spectators. After the Match a Dinner was as usual held in the Fields to which the Scorers were invited. The names of the players are as follows.

Town Boys Heberden, Allfrey, Berens, Tyler, Williamson, Grant, Kaye, Thorpe, Talbot, Keppel, Rocke

King’s Scholars; Jeffreys, Thomas, Henderson, Hussey, Short, Leader, White, Legge Snr., Legge Jnr., Partington, Wakefield.

Charles Floyer. Princeps Oppidanus.

No 19

The sum collected at the last Sixth Dinner being insufficient to defray all the expenses attaching to it, Charles Smith, generously contributed 12 £: which remained over from the Football Money of the preceding year, and consequently was his individual Perquisite.

Charles Floyer. Princeps Oppidanus


In consequence of the resignation of the Revd. John Campbell at the Christmas Vacation 1818 a Cup was presented to him raised by the subscription of those Boys then boarding at Miss Bests (the house of which he had been the Usher) and those King Scholars then in College who when Town Boys boarded at that House.

George Bowen Prin. Oppidans

Added Feb 18th 1820 By RL Benton Prin. Oppidans

No 17

After a short and sudden illness on the 29th day of August 1818. The Revd J.W. Dodd departed this life in the 57th year of his age having been usher of the school 34 years.  To perpetuate whose memory the Boarders and Mrs Packharniss’ erected a monument in the east cloister of Westminster Abbey. The following are the names of the subscribers.


G. Bowen

C. Floyer

R. Berners

P.J. Ferrers

R.B. Berens

T.J. Wyld

T.H. Dyke

A.B. Lechmere

W.P. Knight

B.B. Williams

J.C. Grainger

T.J. Rocke

A.W. Gregory

C.J. Gooch

C. Markham

W.T. Wyld

R. Drummond


W. Dowdeswell

H. Arbuthnot

P.R. Hoare

C.B. Curties

N.M. Ellis

G.R. Paul

B. Tabbot

C.W. Tryon

E. Ombler

W.P. Amherst

F. Amherst

T. Tryon

S. Smith

G. Fludyer

William Money

T. L. Freer

B.C. Money


C.O.S. Morgan

G. Arbuthnot

M. Tierney

Viscount Stormont

G. Thomton

H. Brown

A. Corbet

W.N. Gresley

J. Tryon

W.L. Wall

E. D. O’Reily

G.J. Forester

J. Douglas

W. Douglas

F.G.M. Desanges


George Bowen, Head Boarder