No. 53

Friday December 11th

On this day the Eton Eleven made its appearance and a remarkably strong eleven it was. The match soon became a very exciting one but the Etonians seemed to have a great advantage in running as there were very few of our men from whom they could not very soon get clear away. After about an hour’s hard play on both sides, during which time Eton got two games, the elevens dispersed. This was our only defeat this season.

W Lefroy

Head Boarder


No. 52

Tuesday the eighth of December was the day appointed for the Harrow match, but as Harrow had broken up they were unable to bring the whole of their own eleven and filled up with some old Harovians from Oxford and Cambridge, and it was said that an Etonian was present also. However that was the result was a very strong eleven which however only succeeded in making a drawn match of it each side getting one game.

No. 51

On Wednesday 2nd December the Charterhouse Eleven made their appearance Up Fields for the 1st time. It was a miserable day – pouring with rain and so windy that the ball was “out” every minute in spite however of these difficulties the match was a very spirited on. The result of about an hour’s play being that Westminster got two games and Charterhouse 0.


No. 36

The Town boy & Queen’s scholars football match was played on Tuesday the … of February. We unluckily had a very weak eleven & were beaten easily by 3 games to one. The elevens were as follows.





Dowdeswell ii

Dowdeswell iii




















They played for a couple of hours. The T. B. played very pluckily, & did all they could but the superior weight & play of Q. S. S. won the day. The following players were honourably mentioned.

No 33

On the following Friday the Eton eleven came down. They played hard for more than [an] hour without any success on either side, till a length just as they were going to finish, one of the Eton men (Lyttleton) was thrown heavily. He fell with his arm twisted under him and was helped up with a broken arm. A doctor was luckily on the ground, who bandaged it up temporarily then advised his immediate removal to the hospital. It seems, that the poor fellow has broken the small bone of the arm, which, though not as bad as the main one, is sufficient to keep his arm in a sling for some time to come. I can only add that the game was immediately stopped; that we (the Westminsters) were unutterably grieved at this accident, it is unnecessary to say. The pain must have been awful, but he bore it like a trump, and was not heard to utter a single complaint. I must not close this article without saying how pluckily and well our eleven played. There was not one under the mark. Everyone did his best, and I think the Etonians did the same. I don’t think an accident of the kind has ever occurred before at Westminster. At any rate not within the memory of any of the Old Westminsters who were looking on at the time. However it can’t be helped, accidents will happen, and I am sure that in this case, if it was nothing more than a pure accident, it was a bona fide ‘Spill’ shoulder to shoulder. No tripping up, or pushing. I hope Eton will come down next year. When we will show them again that we don’t mean them to consider themselves invincible. This match was a great improvement on last year’s, and those next year’s will improve on this, and that we shall lick Eton at football, and on the water.

E.R. Dowdeswell

Prin. Opp.

No 586

This term a new match at football was played for the first time, between Rigauds (Revd B. F. James) and Grant’s (Rev. Marshall).

This year the Rigaudites won, getting one game to none.

I hope this match will be kept up annually, as it stimulates the little fellows to play and thus prepares them for future matches. The following rules have been agreed to –

  1. That no fellow above Upper Shell or in the football Eleven be allowed to play on either side
  2. That it always be played “up fields” and after the Xmas vacation but previous to the T.B & Q.S football match

W. Winters Prin. Opp.

For list of Head Town Boys since 1815 see article 398.

No 562

At the beginning of this half we played the Town Boy & Q.S. match at football up fields. We began on the Wednesday and played a most determined game for two hours, without either side getting a game: though I think the T.Bs had the best of it. We went on with it on the next Tuesday which was a Sts Day and played for another two hours in which T.Bs decidedly got the best of it in getting one game obtained by myself. Though we were all rather done up it was agreed to go on with it the next day (Wednesday). But when the time came the Q.S. refused to play and as several T.Bs had already gone up to fields we were […] indignant and said if they did not play then we would not play again and so the match was never continued. There is very little doubt that the T.Bs would have licked and they fairly considered this match as theirs, it having been played for 4 hours, T.Bs 1 game Q.Ss 0.

J. C. Hawkshaw

Prin. Opp.

No 442

The annual match at football between the TBs and QS came off on Wednesday afternoon October 20th in which the QS were victorious, the game standing at the end TBs 4 and QS 6. The players on each side were:

P Shipworth
J Fellows
Hon E Bourke
G Onslow
A. Williams
L. A. Williams

O Salvin. Prin. Opp.