No. 339

The eleven this term is –

T.F.F. Williams (Capt; 1/2 back) (Q.S.), W Cuppage (QS), W.A., H.C. Benbow (QS), A.M. Hemsley (TB), H.P. Robinson (QS), J. Abernethy (TB), O. Bury (TB), H.S. Westmorland (TB), E.U. Eddis (QS)(half back), C. Secretan (TB), W.F.G Sandwith (QS)(backs), & W. Ritchie.

As Benbow has been unable to play, Ritchie was put into the XI which therefore now has 12 members.

No. 338

The Charterhouse match took place at Vincent Square on Saturday Feb 16th, a very fine day, & resulted in a victory for Charterhouse by one goal to none.

For us Cuppage, Westmorland, Secretan, Hemsley, & Williams, & for Charterhouse Growse, Medlusk, & Prinsep played particularly well The teams were

Charterhouse – E.P. Growse (Capt.), E. Colvan & H.M. Hull (back), J. Prinsep & C. Stubbs (half back), W. Frith, W.E. Hansell, C. Keith Falconer, G. Medlicott, E. Wilson & W. Jenner (goal)

Westminster – T.F.F. Williams (Capt) (1/2 back), W.A. Cuppage, H.C. Benbow, A.M. Hemsley, H.P. Robinson, J. Abernethy, O. Bury, H.S. Westmorland, E.U. Eddis (1/2 back), C. Secretan (back), W. Sandwith (back) & W. Ritchie.

William G. Bell. Prin: Opp:

No. 333


Sixth – v. School.

School won 4 – 1


Sat. Dec. 8. Westminster v. Olliffe’s XI.

Won 4 – 0

Only 5 pinks were playing in our XI, in consequence of the play


Oct. 7. Nine v. Fifteen

Nine – 1- 0


Oct. 24. Seven v. Eleven

Draw – 2 – 2



Town Boys won 1- 0

Nov. 15. Grant’s v. Under Elections

Grant’s – 2- 0

No. 332


Nov. 3. Westminster v. Old Harrovians.

Drawn. 2-3 (Cuppage 2).

Nov. 7. Westminster v. Herts Rangers.

Lost. 4-0.

Nov. 14. Westminster v. South Norwood.

Won. 2-1. (J. Abernethy & Cuppage).

Nov. 17. Westminster v. Clapham Rovers.

Lost. 4-0.

Nov. 21. Westminster v. Wanderers.

Lost. 1-0.

Nov. 24. Westminster v. A. N. Jackson’s XI.

Won. 3 (Cuppage 2 & Benbow) – 0.

Nov. 28. Westminster v. Civil Service.

Won. 2 (Cuppage) – 0.

Dec. 1. Westminster v. Old Wykehamists.

Won. 1 (Robinson) – 0.

No. 324


Oct. 24. Eleven v. Twenty Two

The Eleven won by two goals (Cuppage and Bury) to none.

Oct. 26. Westminster v. Upton Park

Drawn. None to none.

Nov. 3. Westminster v. Old Harrovian

Drawn. Two all (Cuppage).


The Eleven is now filled up –

H. Abernethy (Captain), W.A. Cuppage, R. Mead, H.C. Benbow, P.F.F. Williams, A.M. Hemsley, H.P. Robinson, O. Bury, H.S. Westmorland, J. Abernethy & E.U. Eddis.

Of these 5, A. Abernethy, Hemsley, Bury, Westmorland, & J. Abernethy, are town boys.


No. 300


The Charterhouse match was lost this year by 2 goals to 0. Our fellows were at rather a disadvantage owing their having to play with a much smaller ball than they are accustomed to, which puzzled our backs very much. The match was played at Charterhouse this year.

In the T.B.B. Q.S.S. we lost by 2 goals to nothing. This was not surprising as the Q.S.S. had nine “shirts”.

G.S. Maxwell Prin Opp

No. 286

Green seems to afford a constant source of occupation to Workmen without anything to do. In the Easter term it presented the appearance of a Barley field. This term at the beginning it appeared like a bad crop of grass, & now the grass has been destroyed & they have raked the surface afresh. Some of talk of turning it into a kitchen garden to provide the Canons with fresh vegetables was rife at the beginning of term, but at any rate there does not seen much likelihood of It being fit for football in the Winter.

No. 282

Westminster V. Royal Engineers

In this match, which was this year revived after the lapse of three years, the result was a draw. The playing was very good on each side.

Westminster V. Upton Park

This match rather unexpectedly for us, who had hoped to score an easy victory, resulted in a draw – both sides obtaining two goals each.

Westminster V. Gitanos

This match also in a draw.

Westminster V. Harrow Chequers

We won by one goal to none. This was the last foreign match of the season, which has been unusually successful for us.

L.S. Bristowe Prin Op

No. 277

Westminster V. South Norwood (return)

We won in this match by one goal to none. Our goal was kicked by Alington. And we should have gained a more signal victory had not our prudent adversaries played four backs.


Westminster V. Wanderers

We were successful in this match for the first time since 1823, by one goal to none. The game was very evenly contested throughout.