No 75

In consequence of a fellow of the name of H.H. Davis head boy of the T.B. but a Home-boarder, have mal-appropriated if not the whole, certainly a part of both the Cricket and Football Money, neglecting to pay both Bentley and Foote and this bringing obloquy on the TB, it was deemed expedient by the whole Sixth Form that in future no Home-boarder should be allowed to gather either the one of the other, or in fact any subscription whatever —-

G. Chetwynd
Head Boarder

No 42

In September 1821 a dispute arose between the T.B and K.S concerned by a right claimed by the K.S of playing in the cloisters at ¼ to one o’clock during the football season – The K.S appearing in the cloisters at the above mentioned time and the T.B unwilling to comply, an argument was entered into, which proved totally futile, the question was adjourned till the next day when it was agreed that the following letter should be sent to the K.S –

To the K.S

The T.B anxious to afford every accommodation in their power to the K.S are willing on that account to consider of the request of the K.S & to grant as a matter of mere favour, that which as a right they would not have yielded; in this if the K.S will receive it as a matter of accommodation granted by favour, they will allow the K.S to have possession of the Cloisters, at the time proposed; (viz ¼ to one o’clock during this whole season) without any interruption –

The following answer was immediately returned to the T.B

To the T.B

The K.S have no wish to maintain a dispute upon such a trifling subject, and feel obliged to the T.B for having put an end to a dispute, which would have been unpleasant to both parties; they hope however that the expression “during the whole season” infers no intention of leaving a bone for future generations to pick

And thus the dispute ended –

G.B Mansel. Princeps Oppindanus

No 19

The sum collected at the last Sixth Dinner being insufficient to defray all the expenses attaching to it, Charles Smith, generously contributed 12 £: which remained over from the Football Money of the preceding year, and consequently was his individual Perquisite.

Charles Floyer. Princeps Oppidanus