No. 174

The match this year between Grants & Rigauds was a very hollow affair & resulted in a victory for the former house by 13 goals to 0.

The football eleven has been very successful this year as yet, there have been 5 matches of which we have won 4 against the Gitanos (3 goals to none), against Stephensons 11 (2 goals to none), against the Wanderers (no goals to 2), against the Civil Service (4 goals to none), & against the Norwood Club (3 goals to none). The eleven now stands,


1. W.S. Rawson Q.S Cptn Back
  H.D.S Vidal Q.S Forward
  H.S. Jackson T.B Back
  H.A.C Rogers Q.S Forward
  J. Bruce T.B
  J. Harvey T.B
  R. H. Kelly Q.S
  E. H. Alington Q.S
  C. J. R. Le Mesurier Q.S
10. C. P. McKeand T.B Goals

The other vacancy is not yet filled.


No. 117

The Seniors raised an objection to the Under Remove Town boys being exempted from attending station; for as they said that many of them were minor candidates & would have as juniors in College to attend Station; this argument decided the Head Master in favour of the proposed & he gave out the following rules:-

Rules for Station.

  1. No Boys in the Remove have leave off station, as such: all names of absentees in Remove to be reported by Head Townboy or Monitors of Station to the Head Master.
  2. In Foot-ball Season, Station is in green for all the younger boys, whose names shall be placed upon a list by the House Masters. This ‘Lower Station’ shall be kept by the Head Boy of that List, who shall report all absentees to the Head Town Boy.

O. S. Macleay

Prin. Opp.

No. 105

The T. B. + Q. S. foot-ball match was played at Vincent Square on Mar. 11th resulting in the Q. S. getting three goals to our one.

T. B.

Curteis, H. (Captain)

Lee, G. H.

Vidal, W.

Stephenson, C.

Randall, W. S.

Pemberton, R. L.

Loch, J.

Short, M.

Rawson, W. S.

Busk, T.

Haden, H.


Q. S.

Randolph, E. S. L. (Captain)

Giles, E.

O’Brien, J. A.

Saunders, J. N.

Barronm H.

Haden, J. S.

Dasent, G. M.

Lefroy, W. C.

Gilbertson, D.

Cope, E.

Rawson, H. E.

Barron, Randolph, Saunders + Curteis got the goals.

No. 93

The T. B. + Q. S. football match was played this half in March /67. We played hard for nearly an hour + at last got 1 game. Which again showed the good of having backs for the QS. only had two + we had 4. We had by far the weaker eleven but it was the having backs that prevented us from being beaten. Just reform the finish D. Davus Q. S. picked a game having carried the ball 3 long paces. It was a very good game indeed + the T. Boys played extremely well together.

No. 92

After Xmas W. T. Dixon left. + S West took the Captainship of the football. Dixon played in the eleven. R. W. E Eastwich gave up his cup as he had smashed his collar-bone 3 times. F. Randolph succeeded him. At the end of last half we challenged Eton + they accepted to play the last day of the half, which they afterwards backed out of saying they could not get an eleven up. They played Civil Service the day before + got well thrashed. 3 games to 0 being the slate of the match when finished. We had played a draw with Civil Service, so it looked well for us + they thought so.

No. 90

The Foot-ball Eleven was made up soon after the Athletic Sports, being as follows.

T. Dixon. Capt. QS.

West. QS.

Bovill. QS.

A G. Lee TB.

du Pré. QS.

W. E Eastwich TB. H. Grant’s

E. Miller T. B.

H. Bickmore Q.S.

E. Lee T. B.

C. Smith T. B.

Curteis T.B.

We played Charterhouse who played very well. After playing for some time, during which we decidedly had the best of it, one of the Carthusians who was distinctly outsiding kicked a game, which they claimed + Dixon gave it then, as they persisted it was not outside. We tried very hard afterwards to get a goal or a game but did not succeed.