No 586

This term a new match at football was played for the first time, between Rigauds (Revd B. F. James) and Grant’s (Rev. Marshall).

This year the Rigaudites won, getting one game to none.

I hope this match will be kept up annually, as it stimulates the little fellows to play and thus prepares them for future matches. The following rules have been agreed to –

  1. That no fellow above Upper Shell or in the football Eleven be allowed to play on either side
  2. That it always be played “up fields” and after the Xmas vacation but previous to the T.B & Q.S football match

W. Winters Prin. Opp.

For list of Head Town Boys since 1815 see article 398.

No 562

At the beginning of this half we played the Town Boy & Q.S. match at football up fields. We began on the Wednesday and played a most determined game for two hours, without either side getting a game: though I think the T.Bs had the best of it. We went on with it on the next Tuesday which was a Sts Day and played for another two hours in which T.Bs decidedly got the best of it in getting one game obtained by myself. Though we were all rather done up it was agreed to go on with it the next day (Wednesday). But when the time came the Q.S. refused to play and as several T.Bs had already gone up to fields we were […] indignant and said if they did not play then we would not play again and so the match was never continued. There is very little doubt that the T.Bs would have licked and they fairly considered this match as theirs, it having been played for 4 hours, T.Bs 1 game Q.Ss 0.

J. C. Hawkshaw

Prin. Opp.

No 442

The annual match at football between the TBs and QS came off on Wednesday afternoon October 20th in which the QS were victorious, the game standing at the end TBs 4 and QS 6. The players on each side were:

P Shipworth
J Fellows
Hon E Bourke
G Onslow
A. Williams
L. A. Williams

O Salvin. Prin. Opp.

No 419

A match at football was played this moth (Nov) between 15 of the sixth form & 21 of the rest of the school; These unusual numbers were arranged for the satisfaction of both sides. The following are the names

(Sixth) Armitstead (Capt) Edwards, W. Fellows, Gilbert, Lacy, Madan, Merton, Murray, Somerville, Twiss, Upperton, Vincent, Waterfield, Whitaker, E. Williams.

(School) Bourke, S. Fellows, Fendall, Forster, Francis, Freeman, Gregorie, Ld Grosvernor, Hamond, Henty, Kent, Lipscomb, Markham (sen), Onslow, Salvin, Skipworth, Slade (capt), Southey, A. Williams, L. Williams, Wright –

This was a very good match, & ultimately won by the sixth by one game.

J Murray
Prin. Opp.

No 418

I am glad to say that football has met with many supporters this half. A match was played between TBs & QSS wh terminated in favour of the latter by three games, rather contrary to expectations. The following were the sides –

T.B. Berens, S. Fellows, Francis, Hamond, Henty, Hunt, Morton, Murray (capt), Southey, Waterfield, Whitaker, Wright

QSS. Armitstead (capt) W. Fellows, Fendall, Gilbert, Lacy, Slade, Somerville, Twiss, Upperton, Vincent, E. Williams, A Williams.

JM Murray
Prin. Opp.

No 321

Some of the choristers who were in the school having been hit & kicked by some of the QS for not stopping the ball well in green and the organist J. Turle having shown up to Dr Williamson he expressed his wish to me that they should not be obliged to go into the green and the next day as Head-master said he thought it would be best for them not to go in at all.

C.F.L West

No 300

On Octr 31st 1844 during the time usually occupied in playing at Football the Ball having bounded repeatedly over the railings of the Green, was at last detained by the assembled ‘scis without; nor was until some sharp blows had been given & received that the Ball was again forcibly restored. After the game was finished a fight arose in Bowling Street between a Fourth Town Boy of the name of Green & a ‘Sci about his own size, a crowd soon collected near the spot, & there being but few Westminsters there, & but one Sixth Fellow (a Town Boy) it was deemed necessary to send off for a detachment of certain T.B.s and QSs assembled at Shottons who immediately were on the spot the dispute or rather fight ending in nothing at all, the disturbance temporarily died away and would have done so entirely had not a “surly quarrelsome Irish superintendant”* of Police collared a Town Boy (Andrewes) & proceeded to menace him with “divers thumps in sundry places”. This he at any rate did not prove his right to carry into execution, but during the time he was arguing with Andrewes, some Beer was obtained & drank by several of us. This he took hold of & in lieu of something better, informed Dr. Williamson of the fact. *Eight of us next day were called in & accused of disorderly conduct & language, by the Doctor, & acquitted with the exception of the one who had meddled with the Porter who got *100 lines. The Question being then put to Dr. Williamson, as to what was the proper manner of proceeding in such circumstances, the undermentioned answer was given. For in the present instance, if we did not act, we were liable to be insulted; & if we did resent injury, to be taken up “That if an aggression were made by a ‘sci upon a Westminster, & the matter terminated in fighting, in case it were brought before him, he should take no steps to punish. That in case he was violating the laws of the land, & breaking the peace; his authority would not be recognised as sufficient to protect him. That now Dean’s Yard, the cloisters & even the Abbey itself were put under the hands of the Police; if he himself were quieting a row, which was going on before his own doors, & the Police were to interfere, he could not prevent their taking up even a Q.S. – That if a ‘sci attacked a Westminster & a fight ensued, he could not expect other Westminsters to stand quietly by, & that if he (the ‘sci) got a licking, he richly deserved it; yet that as gentlemen the Westminster ought to withdraw from & avoid rather than excite & encourage such disturbances. That fighting amongst each other was not allowed by the rules of the School, although where it was not of serious character it was not interfered with, & that if the authorities complained to him he must stop it. At the same time that he professed his willingness to lay the case before, the Superintendants’ (Lowies) superiors if we thought we had been unfairly dealt with. That there always was some little difficulty attending these matters, but that we must accommodate ourselves to matters as far as we could. That if a Westminster of inferior size were defended by one of a superior size against one ‘sci or more, & that one or more of his opponents were threshed at the time or even one or two days afterwards, he thought the law could not take hold of it, but if after a greater interval of time he thought it could. That in the present case he would be content with receiving from each an assurance that he individually did not behave himself with impropriety, & would proceed to punish any one no further” Which assurance we each did give him. I felt satisfied that Dr Williamson had done us justice & to use his own expression had fairly and equitably considered and decided upon the case in point.

I have taken so much space up for this insertion knowing that such things as this frequently occur & I thought it might be useful to refer to hereafter.

*Alluding to the character he bore among the force, as another Policeman informed us.

*The names were
J. Preston T.B Sixth
G. Gillett T.B. Sixth H.B.
C.G. Andrewes T.B. Sixth
W. Green T.B. Upper Shell H.B.
F. Cooper Q.S. Senior
A. Merewether Q.S. Senior
C.R. Bedford Q.S. 3d Election
D. Markham Q.S. 3d Election

*of which 50 were let off

No 75

In consequence of a fellow of the name of H.H. Davis head boy of the T.B. but a Home-boarder, have mal-appropriated if not the whole, certainly a part of both the Cricket and Football Money, neglecting to pay both Bentley and Foote and this bringing obloquy on the TB, it was deemed expedient by the whole Sixth Form that in future no Home-boarder should be allowed to gather either the one of the other, or in fact any subscription whatever —-

G. Chetwynd
Head Boarder

No 42

In September 1821 a dispute arose between the T.B and K.S concerned by a right claimed by the K.S of playing in the cloisters at ¼ to one o’clock during the football season – The K.S appearing in the cloisters at the above mentioned time and the T.B unwilling to comply, an argument was entered into, which proved totally futile, the question was adjourned till the next day when it was agreed that the following letter should be sent to the K.S –

To the K.S

The T.B anxious to afford every accommodation in their power to the K.S are willing on that account to consider of the request of the K.S & to grant as a matter of mere favour, that which as a right they would not have yielded; in this if the K.S will receive it as a matter of accommodation granted by favour, they will allow the K.S to have possession of the Cloisters, at the time proposed; (viz ¼ to one o’clock during this whole season) without any interruption –

The following answer was immediately returned to the T.B

To the T.B

The K.S have no wish to maintain a dispute upon such a trifling subject, and feel obliged to the T.B for having put an end to a dispute, which would have been unpleasant to both parties; they hope however that the expression “during the whole season” infers no intention of leaving a bone for future generations to pick

And thus the dispute ended –

G.B Mansel. Princeps Oppindanus

No 19

The sum collected at the last Sixth Dinner being insufficient to defray all the expenses attaching to it, Charles Smith, generously contributed 12 £: which remained over from the Football Money of the preceding year, and consequently was his individual Perquisite.

Charles Floyer. Princeps Oppidanus