No. 230

Rigaud’s and Home Boarders.

C.Fox, Rogers, Rodocanachi, Abernathy, Abernathy (II), Fox J, Horne, Gamble, Barber, Cuppage, Tayloe.

H.B. Rumball. T Secretan, C. Secretan, A.B. Cartwright, Ellis, Frere, Frere (II), Noyes, Borradaile, Leggatt, Hollis.

This match resulted in a victory for Rigaud’s by 3 goals to two. For Rigauds Fox, Rogers, Gamble were very conspicuous.

No. 229

The football season has been rather successful out of 6 matches 3 were won, 2 drawn & 1 lost.

F Noyes team won 4-2
The twenty two won 2-0
Civil Service lost 0-1
Harrow Chequers drawn 2-2
Crystal Palace won 3-1
Clapham Rovers drawn 2-2


The eleven is composed of P.G.L Webb, A.H. Alington, E. Waddington, F.D. Crowdy, C. Fox, F. Whitehead, W.C. Aston, H. Rumball, JH Williams.

No. 204

Football. The XI now stand as follows: H.S. Otter. QS. (Capt). E.H Alington. Q.S. H.L Randall. Q.S. P.G.L Webb. Q.S. R.P. McKeand. T.B. E.H. Holthouse. QS. E. Waddington. Q.S. T. Crowdy. Q.S. C. Fox T.B. F. Whitehead. Q.S. N.C. Bailey T.B.

The following were the matches played:

WON School v. Civil Service   2 1
Won —- v. Alcock’s XI   2 1
Lost —- v. 1st Surrey Rifles   1 2
Won XI v. 22   2 0
Won School v. S. Norwood   2 0
Lost —- v. Wanderers   0 4
Won —- v. Civil Service   4 3
won —- v. Gitanos   2 4
8 matches   15 15


P.S. The TB.B &QSS match resulted in the latter, after a very hard fight, which was highly creditable to the TB.B, kicking 1 goal.

R.P. McKeand H.S. Otter
C. Fox E. H. Alington
N.C. Bailey H. L. Randall
H. Rumball P. G. L. Webb
F. Rawson EH. Holthouse
J. R. Reid E. Waddington
A. A. Jackson J. Whitehead
T. B. Jones W.C. Aston (goals)
H. Robinson W.H.A. Cowell
A. Dury J.H Williams (backs)
J. Abernethy C.S. Davson (backs)


There was also played “the IX v. next XV”. The XI won by 2 goals to 1.  For all details vide Football Ledger.

No. 196

Football – The XI stands as follows: H.S. Otter. QS. Capt. H.A.C Rogers QS. E.H Alington. Q.S. H.L Randall. Q.S. P.G.L Webb. Q.S. R.P. McKeand. T.B. E.H. Holthouse. QS. E. Waddington. Q.S. F.D. Crowdy. Q.S. C. Fox T.B. F. Whitehead. Q.S.

The following matches were played by the XI.

    for XI against XI
won…. XI v. 22 5 0
won…. School v. Stephensons’s team 2 1
won…. Gitanos 1 0
lost…. Wanderers 1 3
lost…. S.Norwood 0 1
won…. Harrow Chequers 5 1
won…. 1st Surrey Rifles 4 1
lost…. Old Westminsters 2 4
    20 11


i.e. of the 8 matches played, 5 were won & 3 lost, 20 goals kicked for us. & only 11 against us, which is very creditable to the school. – The 1st 7 also played the next 11. The 11 won having kicked 1 goal to none.

No. 174

The match this year between Grants & Rigauds was a very hollow affair & resulted in a victory for the former house by 13 goals to 0.

The football eleven has been very successful this year as yet, there have been 5 matches of which we have won 4 against the Gitanos (3 goals to none), against Stephensons 11 (2 goals to none), against the Wanderers (no goals to 2), against the Civil Service (4 goals to none), & against the Norwood Club (3 goals to none). The eleven now stands,


1. W.S. Rawson Q.S Cptn Back
  H.D.S Vidal Q.S Forward
  H.S. Jackson T.B Back
  H.A.C Rogers Q.S Forward
  J. Bruce T.B
  J. Harvey T.B
  R. H. Kelly Q.S
  E. H. Alington Q.S
  C. J. R. Le Mesurier Q.S
10. C. P. McKeand T.B Goals

The other vacancy is not yet filled.


No. 117

The Seniors raised an objection to the Under Remove Town boys being exempted from attending station; for as they said that many of them were minor candidates & would have as juniors in College to attend Station; this argument decided the Head Master in favour of the proposed & he gave out the following rules:-

Rules for Station.

  1. No Boys in the Remove have leave off station, as such: all names of absentees in Remove to be reported by Head Townboy or Monitors of Station to the Head Master.
  2. In Foot-ball Season, Station is in green for all the younger boys, whose names shall be placed upon a list by the House Masters. This ‘Lower Station’ shall be kept by the Head Boy of that List, who shall report all absentees to the Head Town Boy.

O. S. Macleay

Prin. Opp.