No. 450

The Townboys in the sixth this term are.

  1. W.L. Benbow. prin.opp. – Grant’s
  2. H.N. Robson. Rigaud’s. T.B. Monitor
  3. E. Poland. Grant’s. T.B. Monitor
  4. J.B. Hodge. Grant’s
  5. H.G. Gwinner. H.B.
  6. H. Munro. Rigaud’s
  7. J. Morrison. Grant’s
  8. E. Hawkins H.B.
  9. H.K. Bruce H.B.
  10. F.F. James Rigaud’s
  11. M. Petrocochino Rigaud’s

There are eleven Town Boys in the sixth this term, and nine Queen’s Scholars,

W.L. Benbow

No. 435

The following are the T.B.B. monitors for the Midsummer Term:

H.C. Benbow prin: opp: …… Grant’s

W.L. Benbow ……………… Grant’s

H.N. Robson ………………. Rigaud’s


The following T.B.B. are also in the Sixth:

H. Gwinner Homeboarder
H. Munro Rigaud’s
T.B. Hodge |

| Grant’s


E. Poland
T. Morison

No. 417

The T.B.B in the Sixth this term are:

C. Ogle (Rigaud’s)

W.L. Benbow (Grant’s)

E. Soames (Grant’s)

H. Munro (Rigaud’s)

H.C. Gwinner (Home Boarder)

J.B. Hodge (Grant’s)


P.S. It wd be a good thing if the date were written at the commencement of each term on the blank leaf opposite, as it wd be useful in matters of reference.

C. Ogle Prin: Opp: