No. 67

The XI was made up as follows   H. Harrison, capt. C. Gibson, C. A. Sherring, R. R. Sandilands, P. C. Probyn, C. S. W. Narwell, A. M. Balfour, H. Bereus, A. H. Harrison, H. B. Tritton, H. B. Street.                                                                                                                   J. I. Stirling. Prin.Opp   

No. 38

The following were the T.B.B. in the Sixth Christmas Term 1885 C.H. Bompas Prin. Opp. Grants J. Stirling                              Rigauds R. Towars T.B. Mon.        Home boarders J. Salway T.B. Mon.          Grants C. Freeman                         Homeboarders C. Gibson                            Grant’s E. Jervis T.B. Mon             Rigauds C.N. Clarke                          Grants C.E. Last T.B. Mon.           Homeboarders C H.Bompas/ Prin.Opp

Volume 3, January 1885

Town Boys in the VI E.F. Allan (Monitor)         Rigauds A.I. Pryce                             Grants E.A. Webber                       Homeboarder C. Bompas                           Grants J.I. Stirling                            Rigauds J. Salwey                              Grants R. Towers                            Homeboarders

No. 588

Town Boys in VIth. Play term 1884. E.F. Allan (T.B. Monitor) C. Buttar (T.B. Monitor) J.I. Pryce (T.B. Monitor) J.I. Stirling (Rigaud’s) J. Salwey (Grant’s) Bompas (Grant’s) R.M. Towers (Home boarders) E.A. Webber (Ashburnham House) The Headmaster has weakly postponed the actual creation of T.B. monitors but as he has intimated his intention of “publishing…

No. 582

T.BB. in the VIth. Summer Term- A.M.T. Jackson (Grant’s) (Monitor) M.H.M.T. Pigott “ (Monitor) R.A. Ingram (Rigaud’s) (Monitor) C. Buttar (Ashburnham House) A.T. Pryce (Grant’s) J. Salwey (Grant’s) C. Bompas (Grant’s) E. Allan (Rigaud’s) Stirling (Rigaud’s) Towers (Home boarders) Webber (Ashburnham House)

No. 565

T.BB. in the Sixth – Upper Sixth                 A.M.T. Jackson (Grant’s) (Monitor)                 M.T. Pigott (Grant’s) (Monitor) Under Sixth                 R.A. Ingram (Rigaud’s) (Monitor)                 C. Buttar (Ashburnham)

No. 516

September 1882. List of Town Boys in the Sixth this term. W.G. Hewitt Head Town Boy       Rigaud’s F.T. Higgins                                     Rigaud’s G.E.M. Eden                                 …