No 263

March 1 – 1842

A quarrel between the TB & QSS which lasted some time began this day in consequence of Beasley a Bishops’ Boy in the Sixth having licked a Second Election.*

The facts are as follows –

The Captain* having head that this fellow in the 2d Election has been licked, sent to Beasley saying that he wished to speak to him. He went accordingly alone and unarmed, not the least suspecting what the QSS were about to do. When he arrived at College doors the Captain met him & hit him several times with a stick. Most of the QSS were there ready as they said afterwards to set on Beasley if the Captain had not been sufficient of himself with his stick to lick his unarmed enemy whose only offence was wearing a purple gown instead of a black one. But Beasley seeing about 30 to 1* thought it better to refer to Williamson at once & after a great deal of palaver & bother it ended in the Captain sending an apology to the Head of the T.B. Peace was now nominally restored, but the QSS refused to have Beasley in the boat which was to race with Eton which again occasioned a deal of quarrelling & letters were sent to Eton to say that the boat which was preparing to race them was not the Westminster proper boat unless Beasley rowed in it.
Several letters appeared in Bell’s Life upon the subject but as Beasley was taken ill about a week before the reach took place it at once put an end to any doubt concerning his rowing in the boat.

W.G. Andrewes Prin. Opp.

* W.K.R. Bedford, but who stepped in [&] impeded him whilst running after some other Boy.
G. Preston

It was not however Bedford’s fault at all that this disgraceful occurrence came to such a height, but of some other Under Election.

* He had offered to fight anyone of them on the spot, singly, but as in all probability they did consider themselves a match whilst alone, they preferred the unfair and disgraceful way related here.

No 256

This year Eton did not send us any challenge to row them. Probably they did not challenge us because there was a great deal of scarlet fever in the school, which must have greatly hindered their rowing. Roberts had just built us a beautiful new boat, suited to our strength. And people who had seen the Etonian crew, allowed that we should have had a very good chance with them.
The eight was then as follows:
Smith QS
Simpson QS
Randolph QS
Beasley TB
Goolden QS
Haggard QS
Deacon TB
Prout Stroke QS
Hallet steerer TB

N.G. Smart
Prin. Opp.

No 241

This year, (1840) The Etonians sent us a challenge to row them from Westminster to Putney. Although the crew was not so good as it was the last time we were prevented from rowing them, yet we wished for the race. Knowing however, by past experience, that it was useless to attempt the race without Williamson’s consent, Richards, our stroke, went off to obtain it. Being however refused, and two of the crew leaving unexpectedly, we were obliged to send an answer to Eton to say that several reasons (which were mentioned) prevented us from rowing them at the time they mentioned, but offering to do so in our holidays. This however, they declined, and the match was therefore broken off.

The eight was then as follows:

Glyn QS
Prout QS
Byron TB
Curteis TB
Hodgson TB
Beasley TB
Greenlaw QS
Richards QS stroke

Osborn TB Steerer

M.F. Osborn
Prin Opp

No 187*

June 1836

A race for a trifling sweepstake was got up among the T.B. it was run over Battersea fields the distance was about a mile with 7 leaps in it, the following fellows started


Astley won. Whittaker being second and Merewether third.

A race was also got up this month between the following boats two pair of sculls in each boat.

Howard Vialls
Somerton Vincent
Astley Tritton Junr
Merewether Forester

This race in consequence of a dispute did not come off.

Added by Somerton

No 158

On Thursday June 12th 1834 a match was sailed between 4 half deckers of Roberts’s manned by Town Boys, the boats were,

The Commodore, Milman and Lowther
The Admiral, Bewicke and Somerton
The Captain Hurst and Osborne
The Colonel Preston and Astley

The match was won by the Commodore, the Colonel and the Captain coming in second and third, the Admiral being forced to desist from the race in consequence of springing a leak.

R.P. Warren P.O.

No 130

On Tuesday evening, May 15: 1832, a rowing match took place between the four houses, Singleton’s having challenged all the others: the distance was from Battersea Bridge to Westminster, it was won after a closely contested race by Stelfox’s, their boat being about two boats’ lengths ahead of Singletons: Stikeman’s came in last.

The names of the rowers were as follows;


W. Barnett
E. Barnett






Preston *

*One of Stikeman’s fellows being out of school, Preston, who was at Hodgsons, was chosen in his place.

J.R. Cornish
Head Boarder