No 345

The annual sculling match took place on Thursday, August 5th, 1846 from Vauxhall to Putney. The names of those who started were,

Smart. Q.S.
Steward. T.B
Armitstead. Q.S.
West T.B
Williams. Q.S
Rich. Q.S.
Arches at Vauxhall Bridge

They came in in the following order,
Rich. Q.S.
Steward. T.B
Armitstead. Q.S
Smart. Q.S
Williams. Q.S
West. T.B.

For further particulars see Water Ledger (This was omitted by my predecessor, but I insert it.)

D. Stewart. Prin. Opp.

No 344

I think it best to state here that seeing the low number of boys in the school a time ago & not anticipating the change of Master which has taken place, I have completed a copy of this Ledger (which was for that purpose begun by Joseph Preston our late Head TB) for my private possession so that if at any time damage or accident occur to this it can be replaced by application to me. The Cricket & Water Ledger I have not copied as they in most points agree with the QS. Ledgers.

No 341

The eight asked leave on the 29 of April (when there was an early play for the Westminster dinner) to go there accustomed row to Richmond but after some deliberation were refused as Mr Weare stated to the Head Master that it was only a leave of recent years although now the names would not allow as the time by which before the recent leave was given that Westminsters were enabled to go up the river

Charles F Luttrell West

No 340

An order was issued from Mr Liddell on the advice of Mr Weare (according to his own confession than TB one & all upper & under Elections also should always be on station

leave off was however given to the Head TB & Captain & Monitors. This gave great offence and altho the forms below Upper Shell were always obliged to go yet that the Upper Shell & 6th should be was an unheard of rule, the Upper elections too were highly indignant it is however much relaxed now & I hope will not hang heavily on the shoulder of those that come hereafter. As it were by mutual consent however the liberty-boy was not chaired on the Under Master’s steps & the way before his house passed in silence much to his disgust he gave next day leave off station to several seniors who have been confined to it & at the same time said he had intended to do so before last the occurrence of the yesterday.

CFL West

No 337

There was soon after the Xmas holidays a misunderstanding between the TBs & QSS. which nearly ended in serious consequences to one of the QS. a TB home boarder in the fifth having been sent for by a QS to come into the green of a Saturday morning refused & he alleged as excuse that the junior who was sent wanted to make him come on his (the junior’s) own authority. On the following Monday he was kept up School and licked & that severely by several of the seniors on his returning home to breakfast his mother contrary to the boys’ own wish started immediately and showed the affair up to Liddell. I was out on leave at the time ie. the Saturday it happened & did not hear any thing of it till the  licking was all over. I however gave out my intention of fighting the senior who had licked him in the Green & especially as he said he should if he pleased do the same again, the fight did not however take place as myself and Rich (the Captain) were sent for to Liddells & after a long discussion, in which both Mr Weare & Mr Liddell took my part saying he had no right to touch, or order in any way a TB, Mr Liddell said he should shew it up to the Dean, he did & the QS were all called before him & after a long address during which (as had also been for some days) an expectation was fully entertained by all that the QS was about to be expelled. He was not however but received a severe reprimand & told that the next time such a thing happened expulsion would follow as a matter of course. Mr Liddell then confirmed the rule that the TBB & QSS are different & independent bodies, Rich having given me his word on the part of the QSS that such a thing should not again occur, we went before Liddell & told him so before the Dean addressed them, & which has I am happy to say been strictly attended to since.

C F Luttrell West