No 557

We were surprised one night this half by being called in before Scott and Marshall and questioned as to the immorality of the school in general and College in particular. After leaving us Scott proceeded to Weare’s, having previously been to Rego’s, where he remained till 3 o’clock in morning investigating. All the Q.Ss were kept up in Upper and Under Election Rooms, Bowing and Joyce remaining with them to prevent communication. In the morning very few Q.Ss appeared in School and at 9, 17 Q.Ss went to College Hall to be reprimanded or have sentences passed by the Deans. Five seniors were sent away (Pratt, O’Brien, Stainhope, Henderson and Upperton). And 4 Q.Ss and one T.B rusticated till Lent Whitsmuntide (Mackey, Balfour, Walker, Maurice, and Parker TB). Eleven of 12 others were operated on in the library. We had hopes that this would not stop the play but they did not last long for Scott soon told us that there would be none. Not long after this news Scott informed us that in consequence of an anonymous letter which he had received stating that “some scholars were in the habit of frequenting the Westminster Tavern for the purpose of playing billiards”, that he did not intend to investigate further but for the future no one was to go out of Deans Yard except to Ginger’s, Sutcliff’s, […] after dinner.

J. C. Hawkshaw

Pr. Opp.

No 554

We rowed the Leander this year from Putney to Mortlake Ship Inn, and licked them by a quarter mile.

1st Eight

Row.      A. Tomlinson      T.B

2              A. W[XXX  XX]    T.B

3              A. Chapman       Q.S

4              B. Thomas           T.B

5              A.C. Onslow        Q.S

6              J.C. Hawkshaw  T.B

7              W.S. Whight       Q.S

Stroke    J. Foster               T.B

Cox        J. M. Yales           T.B

No 553

The race of the T.B. and Q.S. Cup was rowed on Friday 28th. We tossed for boats and they got the first 8, which of course was half the race it being new this year. Before starting we agreed to turn back and start again if a foul occurred. We had not gone far before a foul occurred and we turned back and started again. It was an oar and oar race to the Old Swan, when they went slightly ahead. We picked up and passed through Battersea Bridge, whether first of second I can hardly say. Both claimed the race and there being no umpire a violent dispute occurred. We offered to row them again but they refused and one of them, I am glad to say not on the Water, behaved in a most regretful manner to me, who being so unwarranted with the cup did all I could to prevent its being guarded for. But my efforts were of no avail for they obstinately refused to row again. I told them might choose their own umpires and they chose A. Tair Esq., the brother of Tair the Q.S., who was on the bridge at the time, and he gave the race in this favour. I shall say nothing more about the race though I heartily wish it had been better decided.

J.C. Hawkshaw

Pr. Opp.

No 552

This year owing to the abominable state of the river the Water was put a stop to down below Putney not even the eight being allowed to go on. We (the eight) however managed to get leave to go to Putney and Scott let us have school at ¼ to 3 and come out at ¼ to 5 in order to catch the train at 5 ¼ from Waterloo but as this did not stop at Putney we had to walk from Wandsworth so that in the end we got a great deal more walking than rowing. At last however we found a train which stopped at Putney and by this means we managed to get about an hours row. The only way to keep up the rowing at Westminster which the river continues in this state will be to begin early in the year before it has begun to swell. On Wednesdays and all other holy days I have got leave for as many fours as possible to go to Putney to try if possible to keep up the rowing among the small boys: there are an innumerable number of T.B’s on the Water this half.

J.C. Hawkshaw

Pr. Opp.

No 551

The Eleven has begun to improve this year and has at last won 2 matches. The first against the Guards and the 2nd against the I Zingari. The following was the Westminster Eleven –
 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx    1st                                      2nd
R.D. Balfour                  12                                       2
E.B. Henderson              7                                        2
H.E. Bull T.B.                19                                       6
T.D. O’Brien                  1                                         0
W.H. Oliver T.B.            10                                     14
C.W.S. Stanhope            2                                          0
J.F. Pratt                         2                                          0
A.H. Harrison                0                                          1
G. Upperton                   6                                         11
L.J. Swake                      1                                          3
C.M. Barker                   3                                          2
A. Walker O.W.              1                                          3
 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx    –                                           –
  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  77                                         68
The I Zingari got 140 within the two games.

J.C. Hawkeshaw

Pr. Opp.

No 550

A silver cup was presented to us this year by John Hawkeshaw Esq. C.E. to be rowed for annually by the Town Boys and Queen Scholars in eights, the names of the winning boat to be engraved on it every year. There are dates and spaces, up to the year 1974 from 1859 including 16 years. It is to be kept each year by the T.B. or Q.S. Head of Water according as the TB or Q.S. eight wins it and at the end of the 16years is to belong to the T.B’s or QS’s according as they won it the most times, if they have both won it 8 times a race is to be rowed the last year to decide who is to possess it (this is something sanctioned by the donor).

J. C. Hawkeshaw

Pr. Opp.