No. 341

We had a half holiday on Thursday March 14th for Heath having gained a Wrauglership (twenty third)

W.R. Beverly who won the mile the year before last, gained won the quarter mile strangers Race in the Brasenose Sports lately.

The new Irish Secretary of State, Mr. J. Lowther, is an old Westminster. We had a half holiday for this on April 4th.

No. 339

The eleven this term is –

T.F.F. Williams (Capt; 1/2 back) (Q.S.), W Cuppage (QS), W.A., H.C. Benbow (QS), A.M. Hemsley (TB), H.P. Robinson (QS), J. Abernethy (TB), O. Bury (TB), H.S. Westmorland (TB), E.U. Eddis (QS)(half back), C. Secretan (TB), W.F.G Sandwith (QS)(backs), & W. Ritchie.

As Benbow has been unable to play, Ritchie was put into the XI which therefore now has 12 members.

No. 338

The Charterhouse match took place at Vincent Square on Saturday Feb 16th, a very fine day, & resulted in a victory for Charterhouse by one goal to none.

For us Cuppage, Westmorland, Secretan, Hemsley, & Williams, & for Charterhouse Growse, Medlusk, & Prinsep played particularly well The teams were

Charterhouse – E.P. Growse (Capt.), E. Colvan & H.M. Hull (back), J. Prinsep & C. Stubbs (half back), W. Frith, W.E. Hansell, C. Keith Falconer, G. Medlicott, E. Wilson & W. Jenner (goal)

Westminster – T.F.F. Williams (Capt) (1/2 back), W.A. Cuppage, H.C. Benbow, A.M. Hemsley, H.P. Robinson, J. Abernethy, O. Bury, H.S. Westmorland, E.U. Eddis (1/2 back), C. Secretan (back), W. Sandwith (back) & W. Ritchie.

William G. Bell. Prin: Opp:

No. 334

The play was acted this year on Dec, 18, 18 [sic, 19?], 20, with great success.

On the second night Lord Devon, Sir Robert Phillimore, Canon Farrar, Lords Justices Hannen, Denman, Thesiger, Sir Robert Baggallay, the Master of the Rolls, etc., were among the audience. On the third night the Dean, Canon Duckwood, etc., & Sir Robert Phillimore again, were present.

The Prologue and Epilogue were well received – The former treated of the doings of the School, & the illustrious Westminsters who have died, in the last two years, & upon the subject of the removal of the School. The Epilogue dealt in an amusing manner with the question, mooted some time since, of a Professorship of Research. The acting was very fair all round, through there was none particularly excellent. Robinson, as Syrus, was perhaps the best, & the characters of Demes (T.F.F. Williams) & Sostrata ( C.W. Tepper) were well sustained. The comedy of Colby as Sannio was amusing & much appreciated.

No. 333


Sixth – v. School.

School won 4 – 1


Sat. Dec. 8. Westminster v. Olliffe’s XI.

Won 4 – 0

Only 5 pinks were playing in our XI, in consequence of the play


Oct. 7. Nine v. Fifteen

Nine – 1- 0


Oct. 24. Seven v. Eleven

Draw – 2 – 2



Town Boys won 1- 0

Nov. 15. Grant’s v. Under Elections

Grant’s – 2- 0

No. 332


Nov. 3. Westminster v. Old Harrovians.

Drawn. 2-3 (Cuppage 2).

Nov. 7. Westminster v. Herts Rangers.

Lost. 4-0.

Nov. 14. Westminster v. South Norwood.

Won. 2-1. (J. Abernethy & Cuppage).

Nov. 17. Westminster v. Clapham Rovers.

Lost. 4-0.

Nov. 21. Westminster v. Wanderers.

Lost. 1-0.

Nov. 24. Westminster v. A. N. Jackson’s XI.

Won. 3 (Cuppage 2 & Benbow) – 0.

Nov. 28. Westminster v. Civil Service.

Won. 2 (Cuppage) – 0.

Dec. 1. Westminster v. Old Wykehamists.

Won. 1 (Robinson) – 0.