No. 256

The following Old Westminsters have obtained honours in Moderations-

W.S. Rawson – 1st class Mathematics

W. Brinton do. do. Classics

H.G. Bramwell do. do. do.

L.G. Dunlop  3rd class do.

H. Birkett do. do. do.


H.S. Rawson obtained a medal for the highest number of marks in an examination at Chatham, for which we had a half-holiday on Thursday 22nd.


L.S. Bristowe Prin Opp

No. 255

Mr Marshall is unfortunately going to leave this school, where he has been for nearly 30 years, having been nominated by the Chapter of Christ Church to the living of Pyrton.

A testimonial was presented to him in the library by the members of the Sixth & Shell, consisting of a silver vase, gilt & engraved, & supported on an ebony pedestal, with a plain inscription. He made an appropriate address, and evidently was much touched.

L.S. Bristowe Prin Opp

No. 254

The first Old Westminster was rowed on July 21st, the day of the Charter-House match. The crews were-

Old Westminster Westminster
Bow. A. J. Kelly (P.W) Bow. A.P. Hill
2.       R.J. Boyd 2. R.D. Brinton
3.       W.H.A. Cowell 3. F.D. Crowdy
4.       A.B. Cartwright 4. Q.H. Williams
5.       H.S. Otter 5. C.A. James
6.       R.W.F. Harrison 6. C.C. Mcnamara
7.       H.T.V. Dawson 7. S.C Frere
Ste. Q.C. Johnstone Ste J.A. Battey
Cox. Newmason (P.W) Cox P.Q.C. Randolph


The course was from Putney to Battersea, the School Eight won by about 4 lengths, although getting a bad start.

One Thursday July 12rd a number of boats, including the Eight, rowed up to Richmond, as last year.

No. 253


Westminster School vs Lords & Commons

This match was revived after being discontinued for three seasons –

Our opponents scored 152, & we 254, thus remaining victorious by 102 runs. Waddington made for us the large score of 118.


Westminster School v. I Zingari

This match had also been discontinued for three years –

I Zingari scored 107, & we 70

Their bowling was particularly good


Westminster School v. M.C.C. & Ground

This match remained unfinished because of the rain. The M.C.C. made 157 for 7 wickets, we did not go in at all.


Westminster School v. Charter House

This match remained drawn owing to the rain. The scores were


E.F. White b. Fox 0
L. Colebrook b. Fox 8
N.J. Aboly b. Hicks 0
H.L.N. Bishop b. Fox 4
H.G. Jeaffreson b. Fox 7
A. Wilson b. Fox 5
H.B. Dobbie, not out 17
E.F. Grouse, b. Fox 5
R.E. Hultan c. Rawson b. Horne 19
W.T. Hayten c. Fox b. Horne 0
Wides, 4; no balls, 1 5
  Total 75


C.F. Fox b. Jeaffreson 28
C.B. Ryde b. Jeaffreson 5
W.C. Aston b. Jeaffreson 0
E.H. Alington b. Dobbie 6
E. Waddington b. Jeaffreson 0
Q. H. Watson b. Dobbie 0
E.A. Horne b. Dobbie 1
G.A. Hicks b. Jeaffreson 4
A.N. Jackson, not out 0
C.S. Dawson, not out 0
Leg-bye 1  Wides 3 4
  Total 53