No 536

Early in November this year a Sixth Town boy in Marshall’s house (Berners) had occasion to hide four fellows for making a row after being repeatedly told not to do so. One of them was seen leaving the room by Mrs Crowther- she shewed the matter up to Marshall. He asked me for a list…

No 531

The Rod Room has been thrown open to the school again. A door has been thrown open in the semi-circle where the shell used to be, & the remove sit now. The door used formerly, before the alteration of the forms to be in the wall on the right of that. A.F. Pope Pr. Opp.

No 529

This year we had an early play on the Queen’s Accession, Sat. June 20th. It is not I believe a regular thing; it was not asked for, but Scott volunteered it thinking it a matter of course. A.F. Pope Pr. Opp.

No 527

The Number of the school at Whitsuntide 1857 was 128. Grants (Rev. J. Marshall) 37. Rigaud’s (Rev. B. Jones) 23. Scotts (C. W. Wingfield Esq.) 5. Home Boarders 23. In all 88 Town boys A.F. Pope Pr. Opp.