No. 359

T.B.B. & Q.S.S. boat race

This race was returned this year, & resulted in the victory of the Town Boys by 10 lengths. It was rowed on Wednesday July 31st, which fortunately was a beautiful day, & a large number of fellows went up by train & boat, etc., to see the race, as well as several masters. The eights went up to Coates’ wharf, Battersea, in the launch, with Mr Bovill, Mr Gibson, Rev. W.B. Gray, & Rev. W. Failes, and one or two of the senior non-rowing fellows. They got into the boats there, and paddled up to the starting place at Putney Bridge. The start was just on the turn of the tide, if anything on the first of the ebb. The boats went off very well together at the start, which was given by Mr Gray & kept fairly level for the first 200 yards or so.

The Q.S.S. has the better station for turning the Point at the Palace, but the T.B.B. began to draw away here, & gradually increased this lead.

At the Crab-tree we were leading by a good length, & the distance between us gradually increased, till we rowed under Hammersmith Bridge, winning easily by 10 yards lengths.

The crews were-


Surrey station Middlesex station
T.B.B. Q.S.S.
1.       H.S. Westmorland 1. W. Bury
1.       F. Learmouth 2. A. A. Sikes
2.       J.C. Frere 3. J. Langheike G. Godfrey
3.       J.M. Stuart Edwards 4. F.E. Cobby
4.       W.G. Bell 5. H. Lowry
5.       A.M. Hemsley 6. F.R. Clarke
6.       W.H. Ritchie 7. H.W. de Sausmarez
Str. C. Campbell Str. W.A. Cuppage
Cox. W.H. Burridge Cox. S. Bere


The Town Boys were greatly elated at this result, as it is the first victory for four years; & the crews were thought rather equal.

After the race, the crews rowed back to Coates’s, & adjourned for a “liquer” to the Swan, Battersea. An arrangement had been made for having a dinner for the crews, but it came to Scott’s ears, and the old blackguard would not allow it!

Water has got on very well this year, as well indeed as any one could expect, after the interval of two years. The steam launch had been a great convenience. Only the Scratch Fours & the Under Elections gigs have been rowed of the usual races, as it was thought better this year to practise, without many races, as a great many of the fellows were quite new to rowing.

No. 358

T.B.B. and Q.S.S. cricket match

This was played in Monday, Aug 5th and resulted in a draw. The score was


R.S. Owen b. Wilks 1 Run out 3
G.H. Reece c. Fulcher, b. Westmorland 41 c. Janson b. Hemsley 0
G. Dale b. Wilks 4 b. Hemsley 9
H.C. Benbow Run out 25 c. Janson, b. Hemsley 5
W.F. Sandwith b. Hemsley 0 c. Wilks 0
E.M. Eddis b. Hemsley 4 b. Wilks 0
E.P. Guest b. Wilks 25 b. Janson 23
C. Sandwith b. Janson 5 Not out 8
W. Sercombe c. Fulcher, b. Wilks 17 c. Mirchouse, b. Janson 9
T.D. Rumball Not out 3 b. Janson 11
F.R. Clarke b. Wilks 0 b. Janson 0
  Extras 3   7
    120   80




J. Abernethy b. Owen 32 b. Sandwith 3
H.S. Westmorland c. Owen, b. Eddis 0 st. Benbow, b. Dale 2
A.B.P. Boyd c & b Eddis 3 Run out 21
A.M. Hemsley c. Dale, b. Eddis 6 Run out 31
C.V. Wilks b. Owen 18 Not out 3
F.W. Janson c. Benbow, b. Owen 0 Bowled Sandwith 1
H.N. Robson b. Sandwith 4    
P. Fulcher Run out 11 Not out 1
H. Wetton b. Owen 0    
T. Searmonth c & b Sandwith 3    
G. Mirchouse Not out 3    
  Extras 14 Extras 8
    94   70


If there had been more time, in all probability we should have won, as Boyd and Hemsley were well set, and would not have been run out, had they not been pressed for runs. These two, & Abernethy & Wilks played well for us, Reece, though very small, played a very plucky innings for the Q.S.S.

William Bell

Prin: Opp:

No. 357

The Charterhouse Match

This annual match took place this year at Charterhouse on July 21st, and was a most miserable failure. We won the toss, & Hemsley unfortunately put them in, & they succeeded in making 330 before they were all out. We then went in, when the light has changed, and could only make 50, and in the second innings 25 for five wickets.

We were unquestionably the better Eleven, but Wilks, out best bowler, ‘seemed off the spot’; & everything against us. Had we gone in first, we should have very likely made the 330 & they the 50. For further details see the Cricket Ledger.

No. 366


Nine v Fifteen

Nine 1 goal – (Cuppage)

XV 1 – (Langhorne)


XI 5 goals to none, kicked by Cuppage (2), Bury (2), & Benbow

Westminster v. Gitanos

Oct. 19 Westminster 3 – Benbow (2) & Cuppage

Gitanos – 2

Westminster v. Household Brigade

Oct. 23. Westminster 6. Cuppage (2), Benbow (2), Guest & Stephenson

Household Brigade 0

Westminster v. Hertford Rangers

Oct. 26.  Westminster 3 – Cuppage (2) & Guest

Hertford Rangers 3

Oct 30. Westminster v. South Norwood

Westminster 1 (Guest)

S. Norwood 0

Nov. 9 Westminster v. Old Harrovians

Westminster 1

Old Harrovians 1

William Bell

Prin: opp:



Nov. 7. Lamprobatics

Town Boys – 4

Q.S.S. – 0

Nov. 14. Grant’s v. Under Elections

Grant’s – 8

Under Elections – 2


Westminster v. Upton Park

Nov 6th

Westminster 2. Cuppage & —.

Upton Park 2.

Westminster v. Old Harrovians

Nov. 9. Westminster 1. Cuppage.

Old Harrovians 1

Westminster v. Clapham Rovers

Nov. 16. Clapham Rovers 3

Westminster 0

Westminster v. Wanderers

Nov. 20. Westminster 1. Stephenson.

Wanderers 1

No. 355


July 6

Westminster School v. Old Westminsters

Westminster School 176. C.V. Wilks 25, W. Sandwith 21

Old Westminsters, 102 and 60. W.H.C 38 + 13. R.W. Eastwick 30.


Westminster v. M.C.C. and Ground

July 10

M.C.C. 140 – H. Ross 62. G.G. Hearne 21.

Westminster 55 and 71. In 2nd run. Hemsley 37 not out. Janson 23.


Westminster v. Grosvenor Road Club.

July 13.

Westminster 338. Wilks 82, Hemsley 53, Janson 34, Sandwith 29, Owen 24.

G.R.C. did not go in.


Westminster v. Lords and Commons

July 24.

Westminster 165 for nine wickets. Hemsley 59, Janson 27.

Lords & Commons 115. McCanlis (professional) 24.

No. 354

The voting for the athletic Committee took place in the upper Fifth Room on July 23. The result was as follows –

H. Lowry. Q.S. (Ex officio)

W.G. Bell T.B. (Ex officio)

W.A. Cuppage. Q.S. – 56 votes

A.M. Hemsley. T.B. 50 “ .

C.V. Wilks. T.B. 44 “ .

F.R. Clarke. Q.S. 37 “ .

O. Bury. T.B. 30 “ .

H.S. Westmorland. T.B. 29

R.S. Owen. Q.S. 25.

William Bell

Prin: Opp: