No. 231

The play was the Trinummus of Plautus. The assembly was as usual very choice. Sis. R. Phillimore. Hon G. Ward Hunt. Rev. H. L. Thompson.

Cowell as the Sycophanta & Brickdale as Stasimus were particularly good.

The Epilogue was one of the best that has been delivered at Westminster for many years.

The characters were. Stasimus Brickdale. Charmides. Ryde W.C. Sycophanta Cowell. Luxuria. E.H Allington. Inopia R.W. Mead. Megaronides McNamara. Callides Arnold (Capt. School). XX Webb. Philto Whitehead. Lesbonicas Hill. G.M.

No. 230

Rigaud’s and Home Boarders.

C.Fox, Rogers, Rodocanachi, Abernathy, Abernathy (II), Fox J, Horne, Gamble, Barber, Cuppage, Tayloe.

H.B. Rumball. T Secretan, C. Secretan, A.B. Cartwright, Ellis, Frere, Frere (II), Noyes, Borradaile, Leggatt, Hollis.

This match resulted in a victory for Rigaud’s by 3 goals to two. For Rigauds Fox, Rogers, Gamble were very conspicuous.

No. 229

The football season has been rather successful out of 6 matches 3 were won, 2 drawn & 1 lost.

F Noyes team won 4-2
The twenty two won 2-0
Civil Service lost 0-1
Harrow Chequers drawn 2-2
Crystal Palace won 3-1
Clapham Rovers drawn 2-2


The eleven is composed of P.G.L Webb, A.H. Alington, E. Waddington, F.D. Crowdy, C. Fox, F. Whitehead, W.C. Aston, H. Rumball, JH Williams.

No. 226

The town boys in Sixth are, Christmas 1874

M.M. Rodocanachi, prin. opp.

A.B. Cartwright

L.S. Bristowe

H.M.C. Macpherson

R.H.U. Ellis

A.L. Whitlock


Ireland Verse. No first prize.

2nd – E.V. Arnold


The Athletic Sports came off this year on the 14th and 15th.

The Committee were –

E.V. Arnold. M.M Rodocanachi. E. Waddington. E.H Alington. J.F. Reeks. [Either James Albert Reeks 1860-1944, or Charles Frederick Reeks 1857-1935]. A.B. Cartwright. J.A Batley.

The under 15 Cricket Race.

Secretan. Robinson. Fox.

One Mile.

M.M. Rodocanachi (T.B.), Bolton. 2. Macnamara 3. Holthouse 4. Ellis & Reeks.

Won very easily by about 80 yds.

Time 5.8 ½ secs. 2nd best time done at Vincent Square. Best 4.50 by R. Tomlinson.

Flat Race Under 15

Leggatt. Ritchie. Petrocochino. 12 ½ secs.

440 yds. 16.

Black 1. Fox 2. Macnamara, H. 62 secs.

100 under 16.

Frere. Barber. Gamble. 11 ¾

High Jump

Batley (TB) 4.6 1/2 . Hyde Clarke 2.

Hammer under 16

Barber. 87.8. Ashton. 80.8.

½ Mile with Hurdles

Alington. Rodocanachi. Waddington.

A very good race throughout.

Time 2 min 29 ½

Rodocanachi TB led until the 3 hurdle when Alington who is by far the best jumper caught him up.

440 15 Challenge Cup

This race was very well contested between the 2 & 3.

Petrocochino 1. J. Fox. 2. W. Cuppage.

Cuppage ran well for his size & had a close race for third place.

Old Westminster Race

Harrison. Boyd. Leggatt. All T.Bs.

The prizes were distributed by Mrs. Scott.

No. 225

At the beginning of my year of office a discussion arose as to who should keep the T.B. ledgers. The head town boy being a half boarder. Scott was appealed to decide that a half boarder could keep the ledger. The ledgers in consequence came into my possession (M.M. Rodocanachi)

The same discussion arose in 1863, vid §54 & was settled in the same way. Half-boarders have therefore quite as much right to keep the ledgers as Boarders. (M.M. Rodocanachi)

No. 222

T.B. & Queen Scholars Race

On Wednesday, August 1874

Rarely have the boats for this race appeared so evenly matched beforehand & rarely have they so fully justified expectation.

The crews were –

T.B. Q.S.
A. L. Kelly Crowdy
Fischer Brinton
Ellis Arnold
Macnamara Jones
Frere C Macnamara
Cartwright Williams
N – Batley Brickdale
Cox   Randolph Cox   G.M. Hill


The rowing was about 35 strokes a minute spurting up to 42-44.

The T.B.s were beaten by half a length after one of the hardest races on record.

M.M. Rodocanachi