No 493

I asked Liddell to extend the privilege of going down without putting one’s name down on paper to the Head Town-Boy as well as the monitors, which request he very liberally complied with- J. Gray Pr Opp

No 492

Certain fellows having determined to cut Lloyd on “Chairing Day”, attempt it and with success, the consequence was that Liddell called the monitors and me into the library the following day and said that he would not enquire the names of the parties, though he thought it a most disgraceful thing, and had a great…

No 491

Leave out at four o’clock in the afternoon of Monday April 15th was given to the whole school, to see the Emperor and Empress of France pass from the Bricklayers Arms Station to the Paddington; they having come to England on that day. J. Gray. Pr. Opp

No 490

*Captain Jekyll of the Coldstreams gave a lecture in college Hall in aid of the Crimean Army Fund on the works before Sebastopol. 9£ was collected. J.Gray PROpps. *An Old Westminster {vide No 33 in Ledger 1820

No 486

Liddell has made a form between the Upper Shell and Sixth, called the Remove, which form now enjoys the same privileges in the shape of fagging as the Upper Shell (that was)- The Upper Shell now is precisely the same as the Under (That was) having no privileges of fagging- J Gray PrOpp

No 484

During the Water Season another attempt was made to get up the Old Westminster and Eton race, but on Freeman putting the question to Liddell, he said that it was to be put down in the respective Ledgers that he was never to be asked again. JohnGray Pr Opps Captain of the Eight