No. 239

A new prayer Book has been presented to the School by C.F. Brickdale (Q.S). The illumination & lettering is very well done & reflects great credit on the artist (C.F. Brickdale). It has at the end places for the names of Westminster Q.S. monitors for a period lasting about 140 years. Examiners this year. Lee…

No. 238b

Charterhouse v. Westminster. This match was played on St. David’s day, & resulted in a victory for Charterhouse by 2 goals. Our team consisted of P.G.L. Webb (Capt.), E.H Alington, C. Fox (T.B), Gamble (T.B), Rawson (T.B), Williams, Waddington, Crowdy, Whitehead, Aston, C.S. Dawson. QSS v. TBB. We were beaten by two goals. M.M. Rodocanachi

No. 233

Subjects for Election are. Aschylus. Prometheus Vinctus Cicero Epistola Selectae. II. Thessalonians I. II. Golden Treasury Psalter Pearson’s English History V.VI. Books of Hidd. (Extras) XI. XII. Books of Virgil (Extras) Plato’s Phado Horace. Odes IV IV Homer (Viva voce) X Virgil (Viva voce)

No. 231

The play was the Trinummus of Plautus. The assembly was as usual very choice. Sis. R. Phillimore. Hon G. Ward Hunt. Rev. H. L. Thompson. Cowell as the Sycophanta & Brickdale as Stasimus were particularly good. The Epilogue was one of the best that has been delivered at Westminster for many years. The characters were.…