No. 456

The results of Election this year were to Oxford O. Scoones R.H. Williams F.T. Higgins to Cambridge H.W. Waterfield     Triplett G. Hewitt     Triplett To H.C. Pryce was awarded a Triplett gratuity of £50 to Oxford   G. Hewitt P.O.

No. 543

This has been one of the most disastrous football seasons Westminster has ever seen. Only 2 matches have been won both of them being against Old Westminsters. There is however good excuse for some of our defeats, i.e. during the whole of the Play term we were without the services of O. Scoones (capt.) &…

No. 542

The Library Society has met regularly every week this term- Committee           Rev. A. Sloman R.M. Belhune W.G. Hewitt Hon Sec Members            F.H. Williams H.V. Crouch F.H. Coller A.M.T. Jackson R.P.J. Canon R. Rogers W.S. Davis R. Beames R.M. De Carteret Mr. Dale Mr. Marklove Mr. Freeman The society this term have…

No. 541

The subjects for Election this term are – Homer Iliad Bks V. VI. Virgil Georgics – II. III. IV. Aeschylus Eumenides Livy book II Plato Gorgias Lucretius Bk I Bryce’s Holy Roman Empire Davison on Prophecy Gk Test Corinthians II G. Hewitt Prin. Opp.

No. 539

Elections of Minor Candidates to College- J.E. Phillimore                    E. Buchanan C.A.W. Shackleton           G.O. Roose H.B. Street                          B.M. Goldie B.P. Hurst

No. 538

The Phillimore Essay was won by C. Webb. Subject “the Comparative strength & weakness of Athens & Sparta” The Prize for Latin Prose was awarded to H.W. Waterfield Q.S. Accesserunt; O. Scoones, QS., W. G. Hewitt, & F. T. Higgins. No first prize was given for Greek Iambics, second fell to O. Scoones. The first…

No. 537

The Match for the house shield was played on Thursday, March 15 between Rigaud’s (who has before beaten Homeboarder’s) & Grant’s, resulting in an easy victory for the former by 2 goals to none.