No. 120

During the Christmas half, a very interesting series of lectures had been delivered upon “air” by Doctor Noad. They had been very numerously attended by both the T. B.’s & Q. S.’s, and at the end of the course an examination took place for such as chose to enter for it; W. S. Randall T. B. & W. Ellis Q. S. received prizes for their proficiency in the subject.

Oswell Macleay

Prin: Opp:

No. 119

The Q. S.s performed the play of Phormio this Christmas: the chief characters were played by Haden who represented Demipho, O’Brien to whom the part of Geta was entrusted, Northcote being Phormio. It passed off very successfully; the acting of Northcote in particular being of the most admirable description. There was a very large attendance on all three night, and the cap was better than average.

No. 118

There had been for some time a discussion, concerning fagging, tanning and other matters connected with the discipline of the Seniors. The result of this discussion was that the following new rules were drawn up:-

Rules for Discipline.

  1. Authority to be committed to Seniors in College VIth Form Town boys, & Head-boy of Boarding Houses on the nomination of the House Master; but no boys under the age of 16 yrs. or below the VIth Form, to hold authority except for some special reason.
  2. Each Boy before he is invested with authority, shall sign a promise in a book kept by the Head Master, as follows: “I promise to observe the rules of the School, as recognised by the Masters to the best of my ability: and to do all in my power to secure their observance by others.”
  3. No authority can be delegated to any boy not invested with it by the Head Master; but as heretofore, in the absence of any regular authority the Head boy present is responsible and bound to keep order, and report offences to Head Boy of the House or the Head Town Boy.
  4. No severe punishment shall be used except for grave moral offences, such as falsehood, dishonesty, impurity, profanity, bullying, resorting to public houses or other improper places, drinking or smoking, contumacious defiance of authority, or breach of rules after warning given.
  5. Before any such punishment is inflicted, the case shall be brought before the whole body of those entrusted with authority (in College or) in the boarding houses & decided on by a majority of those present: who shall also be bound to see that no undue severity is used.
  6. No instrument of corporal punishment shall be used, other than a cane or a light stick.
  7. In any such case, if the offender demand it, he is to be allowed the option of having that whole matter reported by the Captain or Head Town Boy to the Head Master.


It is to be hoped that in the consequence of the promulgation of these rules, there will be no more disputes between master & heads of houses, about tanning &c, which have been so numerous in past times.

Oswell Macleay

Prin. Opp.

No. 117

The Seniors raised an objection to the Under Remove Town boys being exempted from attending station; for as they said that many of them were minor candidates & would have as juniors in College to attend Station; this argument decided the Head Master in favour of the proposed & he gave out the following rules:-

Rules for Station.

  1. No Boys in the Remove have leave off station, as such: all names of absentees in Remove to be reported by Head Townboy or Monitors of Station to the Head Master.
  2. In Foot-ball Season, Station is in green for all the younger boys, whose names shall be placed upon a list by the House Masters. This ‘Lower Station’ shall be kept by the Head Boy of that List, who shall report all absentees to the Head Town Boy.

O. S. Macleay

Prin. Opp.

No. 116

Oct. 14th &15th the Athletics Sports took place at Vincent Square. The days were favourable for the success &c, & there was a large assemblage of spectators. Eddis Q. S. won the mile & with Northcote was the chief representative of the Queen Scholars; the competitions under 15, were very well contested, Rawson’s throw – 70 ½ yds – with the cricket ball being especially good. Mrs Scott gave away the prizes.

O. Macleay Prin. Opp.

No. 114

From Whitsuntide until August, the school underwent considerable alterations. The old Shell was pulled down, & the French Room was thrown into the Large School-room, thereby making a magnificent room, although it is doubtful if it is not too dearly obtained by the loss of the old Shell. The alterations were carried on under the superintendence of Mr Gilbert Scott, the celebrated architect. Dr Scott’s chair was removed to the top of the school, & James took his (Scott’s) former place, at the side of school. Behind Scott’s chair a reredos is to be erected, but of what shape is not yet decided.

No. 113

Aug. 3rd the T. B. & Q.S. cricket match was played resulting in favour of the Q. S. though the T. B. eleven played very pluckily.

Q. S. T. B.
Northcote, E. A.                    (captains) Cuteis, H.
Saunders, F. N. Lee, G. H.
O’Brien, F. A. Curteis, R. N.
Eddis, B. U. Basham
Barron, H. Rawson, W. S.
Haden, F. B. Randolph, F. G.
Wakley, J. Saunders, A.
Rawson, H. G. Clinton, H. F.
Rawson, H. E. Lush, S. D.
Vidal, R. W. S. Worsley, A. E.
Wace, H. Short, M.

No. 111

The Cricket Eleven this summer was composed as follows:-

Northcote, E. A. (captain). Q.S.

Bray, E.      Q. S.

Curteis, H.           T. B.

Saunders, F. N.                  Q. S.

O’Brien, F. A.                      Q. S.

Eddis, B. U.                         Q. S.

Barron, H.                            Q. S.

Curteis, R. M.                     T. B.

Haden, F. S.                        Q. S.

Basham,                               T. B.

Wakley, T.                           Q. S. (supernumerary)

Lee, J. H.                              T. B.


N.B. This was a remarkably successful Eleven.