No. 346

At a meeting of Monitors held this term the following rules were passed about the Elizabethan committee.

(1) The committee shall consist of six T.B.B. and six Q.S.S.; vis. The captain, & the three other monitors, one other senior, & the captain of the third elections, & the two head T.B.B. from each house.

(2) This committee shall meet at least once a month to consider the matter of the Elizabethan, etc.

(3) The captain shall be Editor & the Treasurer and Secretary chosen by vote of the committee.

(4) All matters in question shall be decided by vote of the Committee; no majority shall consist entirely of T.B.B. or Q.S.S.

William Bell

Prin: Opp:

No. 243

On the first day of this term, May 27th, two new Town Boy Monitors were made and one QS Monitor. The Town Boys were H.M.C. Macpherson and A.L. Whitlock, so that those for the ensuing year are –

L.S. Bristowe Prin.Op.

H.M.C. Macpherson

A.L. Whitlock


The new seniors are –

E.H Alington (Capt)

G.A. Bolton (Monitor)

R.D. Brinton (Monitor)

  1. Waddington (Monitor)

Q.H. Williams

  1. Crowdy

Q.H. Watson


No. 206

This half, there being for the last 4 weeks “new” as well as “old” Monitors in College, the former of course, as well as heads of houses, who are not monitors, have to sit in the “Monitors’ Councils”. Scott says that they have a right to sit, but not to vote in it, as of course, if they did so, the whole equilibrium, secured by the present arrangement, would be overturned.

E.G.B. Phillimore. P.O

No. 183

There are 6 TBs in the Sixth this term,

H.J. Roberts. (Grants)

E.G. Phillimore. (Grants)

M. Rodocanachi (H.B. Rigauds)

E. Rodocanachi (H.B. Rigauds)

H. M. C McPherson (Home Boarder)

L .S. Bristowe (“”)


Scott announced up school that he has determined to make three T.B monitors & nominated myself, Phillimore & E. Rodocanachi, of course we do not read prayers up school & the title of “monitor” seems to be rather an empty one, however the Q.S.S. were in a great state about it & not one joined in the clapping which ensued after Scott’s speech, this, to say the least of it, was very bad taste.

H.J Roberts.

No 457

Liddell called us into the Library the other morning before breakfast together with the Monitors to let us know the real statistics of an occurrence which had come to his ears through the medium of James. It appeared that some 4 or 5 small Town Boys in the Fourth had persuaded several of their companions to enter upon a speculation in which they told them they were sure to win money and also that they would not be true Westminsters if they did not gamble; a great deal more came out after a long series of cross examinations, they were all severely reprimanded by Liddell, the lesser ones for being such dupes, and the others were flogged.

 C.G. Lane

Prin. Opp.