No 387

In consequence of the TB & QS boats being continually annoyed by scis throwing stones from the shore – a policeman was set to watch where upon some of the offenders were taken before the magistrates & punished. It is to be hoped that the boats for the future will be free from further annoyance…

No 386

On Thursday July 26th the Annual Grand Match between the T.B.B. and Q.S.S. took place in which the former were beaten in one innings & 82 runs to spare. It was badly managed & the dinner anything but satisfactory – see Cricket Ledger. W.C. Macready Prin. Opp.

No 385

There have been other junior races on the water this half year, such as between Bow & Stroke of the second eight, but the QSS not behaving in a gentlemanly manner these matches excited little interest. W.C. Macready Prin. Opp.

No 384

Some enterprising sculling matches (in f[??]ies) were set a foot by Steward an old Westminster who generously gave various prizes to the winners of the different heats. The prizes were cups with the winners name & Westminster arms engraved upon them. W.C. Macready Prin. Opp.

No 383

On Thursday July the 18th the match between our eleven & the Mary-lebone Club took place, much to the credit of Westminster – we were prevented from having a second innings on account of the weather – so it was made a one innings match. The M.C.C. beat us only by twenty-six runs, which in…

No 382

We had a good row on the 17th of July (the Thames Regatta) to Putney, (not having leave off names, & a hard tide against us all the way back) – we saw part of the match for the Coat & Badge. (Sculler’s match). but were not able to stay for the last heat for…

No 381

A handsome present was made by a sixth form boy, C. Browne, in the shape of a silver rudder  to be rowed for in pair oars, chosen only out of Town Boys, by lot. This was very handsome of Brown, & I am sure all Westminsters that patronise the noble exercise of rowing will feel…