No. 151

On Wednesday July 19th there was a whole holiday (with the exception of school fr. 8-9) for the ‘Busby dinner’ &c Charter House match, which was played at Lords & which resulted in an easy victory for the Westminsters. On the account of last years match the total absence of old Westminsters is mentioned but this year there were very many of them on the ground. Vidal scored 54 and his bowling was fortunately very good.

A.P. Hill

No 5.

On Wednesday April 24 a cricket match was played between the present Westminsters and an Eleven of Old Westminsters, brought down by Hatching. The day was cloudy early but eventually turned out fine – the present Westminsters headed their opponents by 35 runs in their four innings and had taken 8 wickets for 24 runs when the stumps were drawn at a 30.

If there had been time to pitch the match the Present Westminsters would doubly have won in the innings. For further particularities see T.B cricket ledger.

W. Winters

Prin. Opp.

No 513

On Thurs. June 19th there was a meeting of Old Westminsters up school to consider the expediency of erecting a memorial in memory of the Old Westminsters who were killed during the late war. It was very well attended; several plans were proposed; one was to erect a marble monument in the Abbey, or else in the cloisters; another to put up a painted windows; & a third, to erect a scholarship in honour of the Old Westminsters. Each of these plans was separately discussed; & in the end it was determined to choose a select committee to receive the subscriptions & the wishes of the Old Westminsters, & to abide by the result of the votes.

No 478

A great many races have taken place this half, as well as cricket matches, Liddell very liberally giving “early Plays” when asked for among the Principal Races were between our Eight and the Leander, and also with the Old Westminsters. For further practicalities see Water Ledger & cricket etc.-



No 459

I received a challenge from Charterhouse the other day in which Parish, the Captain of the Charterhouse Eleven said that they were anxious to gain their lost laurels, which I answered to the following effect, that as the Old Westminsters were for the most part averse to the match it was not possible to continue it, by that means I don’t suppose the Captain of the Eleven will be troubled any more with a challenge.

C.G. Lane

Prin. Opp.

No 441

The fast-ball has been revived this half with great vigour, & a match has got up by J Steward & A Miliman which came off on Wednesday afternoon October 13th which terminated in favour of the Present Westminsters, the game standing when we left off Present Westminsters 9 & Old Westminsters 3, The players on each side were:

Old West.
C. Howard
A. Milman
J. Morrak
F. Green
F. Steward
F. Henty
W. A. Hunt
R. Freeman*
L. Williams*

Prst  Westrs
L. Twiss QS
F. Oliver QS
L. J. Gilbert QS
W. Madan QS
E. Vincent QS
C. Upperton QS
A. Williams QS
A. Slade QS
O. Salvin TB
J. Fellows TB
J. Allington TB

Those marked * are Present Westminsters who were put in to make up the number of the other side. As Green left soon after the game began Gilbert was handed over to their side.

O. Salvin Prin. Opp.

No 414

On Monday (July 8th/51) we had a race with an old Westminster crew, from Battersea bridge, to Putney. It was a splendid race our crew being beaten by half a boat’s length. We had originally arranged to row on the Thursday previous, but the old Westr crew not being able to get together on that day, we chose Friday. On asking Weare’s leave however, the objected to it on the score that Saturday was confirmation day, so in spite of the earnest wishes of both crews to row, we were compelled to defer it to some indefinite period. It came off however on Monday without the knowledge of the masters. For particulars vide Water Ledger.

J Murray
Prin. Opp.