No 52

The following in the list of the Sixth at Xmas Wood Philpott Wyld Auriol Maurice Courtenay Emmett Goring Amherst Ridley Ld Stormont Drummond Hamilton Thomas R Lane-Freer Waterfield Pack Fremantle Lydiard (19) J.R Wood Prin Opp

No 51

On the 20th October in this year (1822) Mr Bourne was appointed to the vacant situation of Usher which had not been filled up since the resignation of Mr Knox which took place at the preceding Xmas- J.R Wood Prin Opp

No 50

The annual match of Cricket between the Town Boys & King Scholars took place as usual, in which the former were beat by one innings and upward of 200 runs. This unequal termination of the game, however, must be attributed to the absence of their two principal players. The names of those who played are…

No 49

At the beginning of the Cricket season of this year (1822) a new Tent was purchased to defray the expense of which (£16,, 16..0) an adequate subscription was made through the Under as well as Upper School and also by the Kings Scholars – J.R. Wood Prin. Opp.

No 48

On the 15th of April 1822, in consequence of the resignation of Mr E Murray (who had held the situation of Usher of Westminster little more than two years) Mr W Harrison was appointed to the vacancy. J.R. Wood Prin. Opp.

No 47

On the 20th Feby 1822 some fellows in Grants having been caught stepping out during the time they had leave out of school Goodenough sent the following orders to the several boarding houses – In consequence of such irregularity having prevailed among boys who stay out in the boarding houses from school It is ordered –…