No. 145

March 21st H: R: H: Princess Louise was married to the Marquis of Lorne: of course a holiday was expected, for it is not every day that a Princess is wedded, and still more rarely is royal blood united with a subject: however no holiday or part of a holiday was forthcoming though Eton celebrated their old schoolfellows marriage in their sensible manner, and people thought Scott, as being an old Etonian, would act in the same way. The matter however was compromised by an early play being given on Saturday April 1st, so that fellows could see the Oxford and Cambridge boatraces though the pretext for this early play was H: R: H: Princess Louise’s marriage it was undoubtedly given for the boat race, so we hope that next year another holiday may be obtained for the same event: and a holiday for the “boatrace” become a thoroughly recognised custom. JLW

No. 144

The “wooden” was won this year by H: S: Rawson (Q: S.) who beat Glibertson (Q. S.).

The games were

Rawson 11. 10. 11.

Gilbertson 8. 11. 9.

Both players were in excellent form and the contest was most exciting throughout – Rawson nearly succeeded in the same event last year – being defeated by a few points only –

The “Wire” was won by F. G. Randolph, who beat H: S: Rawson (winner of the “wooden”) the game stood

Randolph 13. 15. 15.

Rawson. 15. 11. 13

The last game was remarkable for the fine form shown by both players.

JL Will.

No. 143

Though it was greatly feared that the Pancake would be “improved” away by the governors, who by some means or other had substituted a female cook in College hall, the event duly came off on Shrove Tuesday: it was thrown by the cook’s son immediately after instead of before prayers, and very well thrown too, for it very nearly cleared the upper bar: R: W: S: Vidal (Q. S) caught it and immediately put it under his coat and commenced greasing away: no one thought he had it, but Stephenson was the suspected holder, accordingly everyone set upon him, and great was the surprise when Scott cried “Hold, Enough” to see Vidal produce the pancake, for which of course he obtained the Dean’s sovereign.

This year H. C. A. Conybeare, formerly a T.B. up Home Boarders, passed very creditably (17th) into the I.C.S.

J. L: Williams Andrews