No. 197

The Play went off very this year; since last year completely new Auditorium has been provided, & the stage has been renovated. All the T.B’s in the “God’s” may sit down, which is undeniably a great improvement. The part of Phormio was excellently acted by C. F. Brickdale; the acting of G. M. Hill & others was also praiseworthy. The Epilogue was very good & caused much amusement. There were happily, no T.B. & QS rows this time.

Egerton G B Phillimore. P.O.

No. 196

Football – The XI stands as follows: H.S. Otter. QS. Capt. H.A.C Rogers QS. E.H Alington. Q.S. H.L Randall. Q.S. P.G.L Webb. Q.S. R.P. McKeand. T.B. E.H. Holthouse. QS. E. Waddington. Q.S. F.D. Crowdy. Q.S. C. Fox T.B. F. Whitehead. Q.S.

The following matches were played by the XI.

    for XI against XI
won…. XI v. 22 5 0
won…. School v. Stephensons’s team 2 1
won…. Gitanos 1 0
lost…. Wanderers 1 3
lost…. S.Norwood 0 1
won…. Harrow Chequers 5 1
won…. 1st Surrey Rifles 4 1
lost…. Old Westminsters 2 4
    20 11


i.e. of the 8 matches played, 5 were won & 3 lost, 20 goals kicked for us. & only 11 against us, which is very creditable to the school. – The 1st 7 also played the next 11. The 11 won having kicked 1 goal to none.

No. 194

Scott the other day spoke to the monitors. It was resolved that any fellow in the cricket or foot ball elevens or in the rowing eight, provided he were over 16, could not be tanned; nor could any fellow in the Shell – these rules tho’ not (I think) written down before as such, have however been generally considered so for some time.

                                Egerton G B Phillimore. Prin. Opp.

Oct. 1873

No. 192

The Athletics took place on Oct 15 & 16. The weather was altogether very good, though there was a little rain on the first day.

The Mile was won by Otter in 5.24 2/5 secs. He also won the Challenge Hammer with a throw of 75 yds. Reid (T.B) won the 2nd prize (74 feet), as well as the 1st for throwing the cricket ball, (81 yds), & the 3rd for the ½ mile & Hurdles. The latter race was won by Alington (2.37). Harrison being a good 2nd & also winning the 1/4 under 16.

H. A. Rogers was 3rd in throwing the cricket ball, 1st in Long Jump (15.1) 2nd in High Jump, 1st in open 100 & Pole Jump.

In throwing the cricket ball under 15, C. Fox , Secretan C., Gamble won: all T.B.’s.

The Long Jump under 15 and 300 under 14 & 150 under 13 were won by Leggatt, in the former by a clear lead of 20 yds. He was also 2nd in 100 under 15.

M.M. Rodocanachi was 2nd , F.L Denman 4th in the Mile (T.B.’s) Holthouse (Q.S.) was 3rd

McKeand (T.B was 2nd in throwing cricketball, 3rd in 100 under 16,

The open Quarter was won by Harrison, Randall, J. Fraser,

The Consolation was won by Wynn (Q.S.)

The committee consisted of:

H. S. Otter Q.S.

EGB Phillimore. T.B.

JR Reid. T.B.

R. Giles. Q.S.

EH Holthouse Q.S.

PGL Webb Q.S

D. Arbuthnott. T.B.


E.G. B. Phillimore. Prin. Opp.

No. 191

There are at present (Christmas half) 6 Town Boys in the VIth.

E. G. B Phillimore (Grant’s) T.B. Monitors.
E. M. Rodocanachi (H.B. Rigaud’s) T.B. Monitors.
F. L. Denman (H.B. Rigaud’s) T.B. Monitors.
M. M. Rodocanachi (H.B. Rigaud’s)  
L. S. Bristowe (H.B)  
H. M. C. McPherson (H.B)  


The Ireland was got by P. G. L. Webb (Q.S), 2nd Prize, E. V. Arnold (Q.S).

The Dean’s Greek Test was won by E. V. Arnold (Q.S.).

Egerton G B Phillimore. Prin. Opp.

No. 189

The T.B & Q.S cricket match was played up fields on Monday, August 4th & to the surprise of all ended in a victory for the Q.S by 5 wickets, the TBs had seven fellows in the first eleven. The following were the elevens


  T.Bs   Q.Ss
In the 1st eleven J. B Dury (Capt.)   H. S. Otter (Capt)
In the 1st eleven R. P. McKeand 1st 11 E. H. Alington
In the 1st eleven N. C. Bailey 1st 11 E. Waddington
In the 1st eleven E. Roller 1st 11 K. B. Otter
In the 1st eleven H. J. Roberts 1st 11 W. C. Ryde
In the 1st eleven P. Tatham   F. Whitehead
In the 1st eleven R. J. Boyd   W. C. Aston
  A. A. Jackson   J. H. Watson
  A. H. Lefroy   R. W. Mead
  D. Arbuthnott   C. Dawson
  E. A. Horne   W. A. L. P. Evans


Roller got the T.B. money for a score of 25 runs & H. Otter the Q.S. money with 40 runs (two chances). K. Otter got the wickets, & Dury the ball.

H. J. Roberts Prin. Op.