No. 157

The Athletics came off on Oct. 17th and 18th, the weather fortunately was fine & there were a good number of spectators – Vidal (R. S.) took the mile in 5. M. 14 S. being an improvement on last year by 6 secs; he also carried off most of the Challenge Cups. Mrs Scott gave away the prizes ‘up fields’ and Scott in his speech abused the governors to the great amusement of his audience.

A.P. Hill.

No. 156

Some confusion having been caused by Scott’s rules about the distribution of prizes at the Athletics; which rules were made last year, at the request of the Committee he altered them & made the following:-

No Boy to take more than two first prizes.

Any Boy losing a first prize under this rule to claim the second prize for such competition, provided that no Boy shall take more than three prizes in all.

If it should thus happen that a prize or prizes in any competition remain un assigned, such prizes shall not fall to the fourth or fifth boy in such competition, but shall be at the disposal of the Committee to award to such boys as in any of the various sports may have, in the opinion of the Committee, desired & failed to obtain a prize.

A.P. Hill.

No. 142

The Athletic Sports this year took place on Oct. 12 and 13. There were two Town Boys on the committee, O.S. Macleay (Grant’s) and W. L. Pemberton (Grant’s). The mile was won by Vidal (Q. S.) in 5.20. In the races open to all Birchett (Rigauds) was third for the mile, Noyes won the long jump (16.4), Leggatt *Grants) was third in 100 yds hurdles, Jackson (Rigauds) obtained first prize in throwing at the wicket & second in throwing the hammer, Hill (Grant’s) was second in half-mile hurdles, Leggatt (Grant’s) carried off second prize in the high jump & third in 100 yds flat race. Roche (home boarder) was second in the 440 yds. The Consolation Race was run in 37 secs. by Pemberton (Grants), Busk (Rigauds) being second and Roope (Grants) third – the prizes were given away in school room & some confusion arose with the rule, stated below, wh. was made by Scott in order that all the prizes might not be carried off by two or three good runners:

“No competitor to take for himself more than two first prizes in any year, or to take the prize in the same contest in successive years.’

This is not meant to interfere with his holding or having his name inscribed as the winner on a Challenge Cup or other Prize wh. does not become the property of the holder: but merely that, in such a case, the Prizes which are so appropriated shd. be given to those next in order in the result. This rule was issued in Oct. but was not entered by Macleay.

A. P. Hill

There are this half seven Town-Boys in the Sixth:

C.M. Lush (H. B.)

E. M. Mee (H. B. Rigaud’s)

W. L. Pemberton (H. B. Grant’s)

J. L. Andrews (Rigaud’s)

A. P. Hill (Grant’s)

J. M. Macpherson (H. B. Grant’s)

H. H. O’Farrell (H. B.)

All boys must now learn either drawing or singing and the first and second division in mathematics have to take up either Applied Mechanics or Astronomy.

A. P. Hill

No. 129

The Athletic Sports came off with great éclat on the 13th and 14th of October; the mile was won by Dyce in 5” 11” after a good race; he also won the ½ mile with hurdles: Stephenson & Barron also distinguished themselves among the QSS. And among the junior events Darley and Murphey TB’s carried off the prizes.

No. 100

The Athletic Sports were held on the 22nd + 23rd Oct. The weather was very fine, and there was a large attendance of spectators on both days.

Smith won the mile as he did the year before, but this year he ran it in 5’ 8”. E. Cope was 2nd, Eddis coming in third.

Smith also won all the challenge cups (open to all) except one, from which he was excluded + which was won by Bray.

Stephens won everything for the under 15.

The Consolation Race was won by J. Neill.

Mrs James gave away the prizes.

O. Macleay

Prin. Opp.

No. 89

The Athletic Sports took place on th October 1866. The mile was won by T. C. Smith T. B. Grant’s. 2. W. T. Dixon Q. S. 3. Penniger Q. S. in 5 mins. 18 secs. Smith ran very well indeed, coming in with a fine spurt.

There were two town Boys in the sixth this half.

E. Barnes. H Rigo’s

Beal. Rigo’s

No. 50

The athletic sports came off on Tuesday & Wednesday the 3rd and 4th of November and though the weather, on the 1st day was, as might have been expected so late in the year, very bad, yet it cleared up on Wednesday & we had a very good day. The mile, which was run on Tuesday, was won by Tomlinson T. B., Lane Q. S. second, & G Dowdeswell T. B. third.

The half mile with hurdles at the end was won by Lane Q. S. The 150 yds flat race by Giles Q. S. who also got the first prize for throwing the cricket ball: & the high jump by Sim Q. S. This last was very good (5 ft 1 ½ inches).

On Wednesday a police band was on the ground & a considerable number of spectators were present.

On my asking Marshall for the public football subscription he said that for the future he could never pay it without seeing the details of the accounts bill that he might know how the money was spent.

W Lefroy

Head Boarder


No 20

The Athletic Sports came off on Wednesday and Thursday the 22nd & 23rd October. The weather had been very strong for some days before, but luckily cleared up enough to let us have a good day’s fun. The running was much better than last year’s, the judging perhaps not quite so good. O’Brien Q.S. won the 3 best prizes.* (The mile, hurdle race, & a mile with hurdles.) Williams T.B. won throwing the cricket ball & hammer. Chepwel Q.S. won the high jump & jump with pole. Yates Q.S. long jump etc. etc. for further particulars inside “Athletic Sports Ledger.” (under the care of the secretary).

E.R. Dowdeswell

   Prin. Opp.

*Mrs Scott kindly presided at the presentation of prizes

H. Steward & E. O. Bernes Esqs. (Old West) officiated as starter and judge

No 18

At a meeting of the whole Upper School, it was determined that the “athletic sports” should come off this year, again, and the following were elected to act as the committee of management:

W. Phillimore (captain), E.R. Dowdeswell (Prin. Opp.), G.H. Pember Q.S, W.W.C. Lane Q.S, W. Hunt T.B, W.B. Besley Q.S., Q. O. Williams T.B.

The committee appointed, Phillimore Treasurer & President, & Lane secretary.

E.R. Dowdeswell

Prin. Opp.