No. 159

In consequence of some purling & greasing at School steps in coming down school, in which some small fellow got hurt, a rule has been made that the Sixth shall go down first after second & afterwards schools. How long this will remain in force is doubtful, a similar rule was made a term or two ago and soon came to neglect.

A P Hill

No. 157

The Athletics came off on Oct. 17th and 18th, the weather fortunately was fine & there were a good number of spectators – Vidal (R. S.) took the mile in 5. M. 14 S. being an improvement on last year by 6 secs; he also carried off most of the Challenge Cups. Mrs Scott gave away the prizes ‘up fields’ and Scott in his speech abused the governors to the great amusement of his audience.

A.P. Hill.

No. 156

Some confusion having been caused by Scott’s rules about the distribution of prizes at the Athletics; which rules were made last year, at the request of the Committee he altered them & made the following:-

No Boy to take more than two first prizes.

Any Boy losing a first prize under this rule to claim the second prize for such competition, provided that no Boy shall take more than three prizes in all.

If it should thus happen that a prize or prizes in any competition remain un assigned, such prizes shall not fall to the fourth or fifth boy in such competition, but shall be at the disposal of the Committee to award to such boys as in any of the various sports may have, in the opinion of the Committee, desired & failed to obtain a prize.

A.P. Hill.

No. 155

In consequence of a number of fellows in the Sixth and Remove having taken to wearing ‘cut-aways’ instead of the ‘tail-coat’, Lush and I asked Scott whether there was any rule about it; after a few days he told us that he had consulted the Masters & thought that as long as dark coats were worn, the wearing of ‘tails’ could not be enforced in the Sixth & Remove.

A.P. Hill.

No. 152

The T. B. and Q. S. match this year was decided by the first innings in favour of the Q. S. there was no time for the second inning to be finished as McKeand (C. P.) made 84 for the Town Boys or the result might have been different. Trollope (T. B.) got ‘the ball’, R. P. McKeand got the ‘T. B. Money’ and R. W. S. Vidal the Q. S. and the wickets.

A.P. Hill.