No 499

On Tuesday Feb 5 (Shove Tuesday) while Berens, Tomyn, Hammil & FitzGerald T.Bs & Balfour & Harrington Q.Ss were quietly walking through Smith Square they were assaulted by a man leading a horse, who knocked Fitzgerald down & tried to do the same for Hammil, but was prevented by Berens who have him a licking. He showed up to Scott, who would not believe him, & then got a summons from Arnold the Westminster Magistrate. Scott took out a cross summons against him for knocking down FitzGerald, which he got with difficulty, as Arnold in these cases is generally prejudiced against Westminster. The case came on Wed. 20; when, the facts being brought out by the evidence clearly in favour of the Westminsters, Arnolds dismissed the man & praised the conduct of Berens & Hammil. The man had tried to identify the fellow but failed.

A.F. Pope. Pr. Opp.

No 494

A Cambridge man, C.B. Scott has been appointed Head Master in the room of Dr Liddell, who has been made Dean of Christ Church. Dr Liddell ended last half with a support in his house to which the whole school was invited.

A.F. Pope, Pr. Opp.

Thought to have inserted here the departure of Lloyd, who took the Fourth. His place has been supplied by Headlam Esq. This is generally regarded as a change for the better-

A.F. Pope, Pr. Opp.

+ PS Our old Doctor, Fincham, has retired. He changed his religion and turned Roman Catholic. Dr Liddell on going to Christchurch left Scott at liberty to reappoint Fincham or not. Scott did no do so but appointed Holt in his place.

A.F. Pope, Pr. Opp.

No 492

Certain fellows having determined to cut Lloyd on “Chairing Day”, attempt it and with success, the consequence was that Liddell called the monitors and me into the library the following day and said that he would not enquire the names of the parties, though he thought it a most disgraceful thing, and had a great mind to abolish “Chairing” altogether.

J. Gray. Pr. Opp.