No. 397

Charter House Match

This match was played this yr: at Vincent Square on Sat: July 26th – We won the toss, & went in first.


A.B.P. Boyd c. & b. Richards 0 c. Owen. b. Vincent 1
H.S. Westmorland b. Twist 1 c. Richards 4
G. Dale c. Sapte b. Twist 24 c. Sapte. b. Vincent 3
F.W. Janson c. Vincent. b. Richards 0 c. Dames. b. Vincent 0
H.C. Benbow c. Wright. b. Richards 4 c. & b. Vincent 15
W.F. Sandwith Run out 23 b. Vincent 28
C.V. Wilks b. Owen 3 c. Sapte. b. Vincent 0
G.H.W. Reece Not out 10 b. Vincent 9
R.S. Owen c. Walters. b. Twist 0 Not out 5
T.H. Titcomb b. Owen 13 Run out 2
P.H.C. Fulcher b. Owen 0 b. Richards 1
Extras 9
87 68



E.L. Dames l.b.w. b. Wilks 2 c. Sandwith. b. Wilks 3
W.E. Lewis b. Wilks 2 Not out 6
C.W. Wright b. Wilks 0 b. Westmorland 10
P.M. Walters b. Wilks 7 b. Wilks 16
E.O. Powell c. Benbow. b. Janson 41 b. Wilks 5
C. Twist b. Wilks 2 st. Benbow. b. Westmorland 1
H.G. Sapte b. Owen 3 Not out 0
L. Owen Not out 3 |


| Did not bat



W. Lea l.b.w. b. Janson 0
L.M. Richards b. Wilks 2
J. Vincent Not out 1
Extras 2
65 41



Grant’s v. Rigaud’s

Begun on Monday June 29th. Grant’s in first innings made 126 runs:- in second – 83. Rigaud’s in first = 124; in second = 61. Thus Grant’s beat by 24 runs.-

First Eleven v. Next Eleven with Mantle

The Eleven

1st Inn: – 103

2nd Inn: – 95



The Next Eleven etc.

1st Inn: – 59

2nd Inn: – 139


First Eleven v. Next Nine with

Mantle and Holmes

First Eleven

1st Inn: – 130

2nd Inn:



Next Nine etc.

1st Inn: – 41

2nd Inn: – 60



The two Elevens having been filled up stand as follows:

First Eleven

H.C. Benbow (capt.), C.V. Wilks, W.F.G. Sandwith, R.S. Owen, G. Dale, F.W. Janson, H.S. Westmorland, A.B.P. Boyd, G.H.W. Reece, J.H. Titcomb, F.C. Ryde.

Second Eleven

P.H.C. Fulcher (capt. & 11th man), H. Welton, H.N. Robson, W.C. Dale, G. Beaumont, C.L. Hill, F. Higgins, C.T. Mirehouse, F.W. Bain, F. Hoskins, W.A. Burridge.


No. 396


T.B.B and Q.S.S match, played on Aug: 4th: resulted in favour of T.B.B. by 67 runs.


A.B.P. Boyd c. Benbow. b. Owen 28 c. Langhorne. b. Dale 0
H.S. Westmorland b. Dale 0 c. Benbow. b. Owen 8
F.C. Ryde b. Owen 0 b. Benbow 3
F.W. Janson b. Owen 0 b. Benbow Owen 35
C.V. Wilks c. & b. Owen 6 c. Dale. b. Benbow. 29
T.H. Titcomb c. & b. Owen 10 c. Sandwith. b. Whitehead. 3
P.H.C. Fulcher b. Owen 0 c. Reece. b. Benbow. 0
H.N. Robson Run out 20 c. Benbow. b. Owen. 11
H. Wetton Run out 0 c. Bedford. b. Benbow. 3
F. Higgins Not out 3 Run out 21
W. Burridge b. Dale 0 Not out 4
  Extras 7 Extras 7
    71   126



G.H.W. Reece l.b.w. b. Wilks 0 c. & b. Westmorland 3
W.C. Dale c. Janson. b. Westmorland 6 b. Wilks 0
G. Dale c. Robson. b. Westmorland 7 b. Wilks 0
R.S. Owen b. Wilks 9 b. Wilks 9
H.C. Benbow b. Wilks 1 b. Wilks 23
W.F. Sandwith Not out 8 c. Higgins. b. Janson 35
Q.C. Whitehead c. Ryde. b. Westmorland 0 c. Ryde. b. Wilks 0
E.C. Bedford b. Wilks 0 b. Janson 0
F.W. Bain b. Westmorland 1 b. Wilks 3
M.R. Bethune b. Wilks 0 b. Wilks 3
J. Langhorne b. Wilks 0 Not out 0
  Extras 6 Extras 15
  Total = 38   92


No. 394


The T.B. and Q.S. race was rowed on July 31 & was won by the T.B.B. by two lengths. The latter lost some distance by fouling a sailing boat off the Point. The race was rowed from Hammersmith to Putney.

Q.S.S. T.B.B
Bow. A.A. Bury °Bow. R.C. Batley
2. °G. Stephenson °2. R.T. Squire
3. °E.T. Brandon *3. J.C. Frere
4. °J. Langhorne °4. J.M Stuart Edwards
5. °T.D. Rumball *5. W.G. Bell
6. *R.H. Coke *6. F.G. Clarke
7. *W. W. Bury *7. W.H. Ritchie
Str. *H.W. De Sausmarez *Str. C. Campbell
Cox. *H. Waterfield Cox. C. Crews


* pink    ° pink & white

No. 393


Nondescripts v. Westminster School

June 21

Nondescripts – 156 W.F. Thompson 50. H.M. Mills 33.

Westminster – 43


Lords & Commons v. Westminster School

June 24

  1. and C. 103. Hon S. Herbert 27. J. Round 26.

Westminster 77. Boyd 29. W. Sandwith 23.


Grey Friars v. Westminster School

Westminster – 73.  H.C. Benbow 23. Sanson 18.

2nd inn – 77


Grey Friars – 85.  G.Smythe 25. F. Dorking 23.

2nd inn – 16 for 1 wkt.


Westminster School v. I Zingari

July 9.

Westminster – 132. H.C. Benbow 27. C.V. Wilks 27. R.S.Owen 19.


I Zingari – 67. Hon. R. Lyttelton 19.

2nd inn – 81 for 8 wkts. R. Lyttleton 47.


Westminster School v. M.C.C. & Ground

July 16

M.C.C.   59

2nd inn. 168 for 6 wkts. A.C. Macpherson 42. H Ross 86. G. Law 20.


Westminster      63. Westmorland 20. H.C. Benbow 18.

No. 392

Water this year has taken a sudden start and we have rowed, and won, two “foreign” races. On July 16th we rowed a scratch eight, which was originally intended to be of Old Westminsters, but as only four O.W.s could be got together the other places were filled up as follows

Bow.      H. White

2. W.H.A. Cowell O.W.

3. J. Troutbeck O.W.

4. F.R. Clarke O.W.

5. C. Tracey O.W.

6. J.P. Stainton

7. W. Brinton O.W.

Str.         E.W. Hussey

Cox.       E.T. Brandon


This was a decidedly strong crew as all but Clarke, who was in our eight last year, were or are in their college boats. The course was from Putney to Wandsworth Bridge. We had a slight lead at starting & soon increased it, eventually winning by nearly 2 lengths.

On the following Wednesday we rowed the Ariadne R.C. from Hammersmith to Putney. On starting we had slightly the lead, but after a few strokes our stroke rowlock smashed and our opponents were good enough to row back & wait until it was repaired. On starting again in about an hour the Ariadne boat went rapidly ahead at first and was clear of us before we had rowed beyond the Soapworks, but we managed to get level with them again at the Crabtree. It was a splendid race from the Crabtree to the Point, neither boat being at any time more than a couple of yards in front of the other, but we sprinted as we came round and won by half a length. After the race we paddled back to Hammersmith & were entertained most hospitably by the Ariadne Club.

The crews were



Ariadne R.C.


Bow. F.W. Cann Bow. W.W. Bury
2. C. Freeman 2. R.H. Coke
3. A.F. Willoughby 3. J.C. Frere
4. G. Twynam 4. F.G. Clarke
5. G.M. Light 5. W.G. Bell
6. A.B. King 6. C. Campbell
7. C.F. Cameron 7. W.H. Ritchie
Str. C. Boyd Str. H.W. De Sausmarez
Cox. L.W. M’Leod Cox. H. Waterfield

No. 391

The annual election of Major candidates this year was

To Oxford: To Cambridge:
H.B. Cox, TB. E.P. Guest, QS.
T.B. Strong, TB. W.G. Bell, TB.
E.M. Eddis, QS. H. Marshall, QS.
G. Dale, QS.


The examiners were the Rev. H.L. Thompson, M.A., of Christ Church, Oxford, and J.M. Image, Esq., M.A., fellow of Trinity, Cambridge. The Mathematical Examiner was the Rev. J. Wolstenholme, M.A.