No. 231

The play was the Trinummus of Plautus. The assembly was as usual very choice. Sis. R. Phillimore. Hon G. Ward Hunt. Rev. H. L. Thompson.

Cowell as the Sycophanta & Brickdale as Stasimus were particularly good.

The Epilogue was one of the best that has been delivered at Westminster for many years.

The characters were. Stasimus Brickdale. Charmides. Ryde W.C. Sycophanta Cowell. Luxuria. E.H Allington. Inopia R.W. Mead. Megaronides McNamara. Callides Arnold (Capt. School). XX Webb. Philto Whitehead. Lesbonicas Hill. G.M.

No. 230

Rigaud’s and Home Boarders.

C.Fox, Rogers, Rodocanachi, Abernathy, Abernathy (II), Fox J, Horne, Gamble, Barber, Cuppage, Tayloe.

H.B. Rumball. T Secretan, C. Secretan, A.B. Cartwright, Ellis, Frere, Frere (II), Noyes, Borradaile, Leggatt, Hollis.

This match resulted in a victory for Rigaud’s by 3 goals to two. For Rigauds Fox, Rogers, Gamble were very conspicuous.

No. 229

The football season has been rather successful out of 6 matches 3 were won, 2 drawn & 1 lost.

F Noyes team won 4-2
The twenty two won 2-0
Civil Service lost 0-1
Harrow Chequers drawn 2-2
Crystal Palace won 3-1
Clapham Rovers drawn 2-2


The eleven is composed of P.G.L Webb, A.H. Alington, E. Waddington, F.D. Crowdy, C. Fox, F. Whitehead, W.C. Aston, H. Rumball, JH Williams.