No. 370

The Charterhouse football match took place on Feb. 22, & resulted in a victory for Charterhouse by 4 goals to 2. Our goals were obtained by Benbow & Janson. The eleven were

Charterhouse. L.D. Jackson, L.M. Pickard, G.S. Guinness, E.G. Wilson, H.S. Holman, C.T. Clements, W.L. Vyvyan, E.L. James, H.C. Rutter, H.M. Hull and E.L. Gillett.

Westminster. W.A. Cuppage, H.C. Benbow, H.S. Westmorland, F.W. Janson, E.P. Guest, A. Boyd, E.U. Eddis, A.C. Whitehead, W. Ritchie, H.N. Robson, W.F.G. Sandwith.

No. 357

The Charterhouse Match

This annual match took place this year at Charterhouse on July 21st, and was a most miserable failure. We won the toss, & Hemsley unfortunately put them in, & they succeeded in making 330 before they were all out. We then went in, when the light has changed, and could only make 50, and in the second innings 25 for five wickets.

We were unquestionably the better Eleven, but Wilks, out best bowler, ‘seemed off the spot’; & everything against us. Had we gone in first, we should have very likely made the 330 & they the 50. For further details see the Cricket Ledger.

No. 338

The Charterhouse match took place at Vincent Square on Saturday Feb 16th, a very fine day, & resulted in a victory for Charterhouse by one goal to none.

For us Cuppage, Westmorland, Secretan, Hemsley, & Williams, & for Charterhouse Growse, Medlusk, & Prinsep played particularly well The teams were

Charterhouse – E.P. Growse (Capt.), E. Colvan & H.M. Hull (back), J. Prinsep & C. Stubbs (half back), W. Frith, W.E. Hansell, C. Keith Falconer, G. Medlicott, E. Wilson & W. Jenner (goal)

Westminster – T.F.F. Williams (Capt) (1/2 back), W.A. Cuppage, H.C. Benbow, A.M. Hemsley, H.P. Robinson, J. Abernethy, O. Bury, H.S. Westmorland, E.U. Eddis (1/2 back), C. Secretan (back), W. Sandwith (back) & W. Ritchie.

William G. Bell. Prin: Opp:

No. 316

Westminster v. Charterhouse

July 14th 1877

This match was played at Vincent Square this year on, as usual, a wretchedly wet day. The full scores are below. Gamble’s bowling was very effective against the Carthusians. Westminster won on the first innings by 20 runs.


E.S. Colebrooke b. Gamble 20
H. Somers-Cocks b. Gamble 12
L. Evan-Thomas ct. Owen. b. Gamble 0
O Evan-Thomas ct. Robinson. b Gamble 0
F.G. Colvin b. Wilkes 10
F.F. Growse b. Hemsley 4
F.M. Williams c. & b. Gamble 3
W.T.B. Hayter c. Benbow. b. Gamble 1
J.F.M. Prinsep c. Sandwith. b. Gamble 0
H.W. Devenish run out 10
H.M. Hill not out 2
Byes 2, wides 5 7


Bowling Analysis

Wilks 14 overs 2 mdns 30 runs 1 wkt 2 wides
Hemsley 9.2 “ 4 “ 12 “ 1 “ 1 “
Gamble 19 “ 8 “ 17 “ 7 “ 1 “
Owen 8 “ 6 “ 3 “ 0 “ 0 “



1st innings 2nd innings
H.P. Robinson, l.b.w. b. Growse 5 b. Growse 6
B.M. Rogers, b. Evan-Thomas 22 not out 20
W.F.G Sandwith, run out 1 9
A.M. Hemsley, b. Devenish 9 0
H. Abernethy, c. Growse. b. L Evan-Thomas 29 4
A.F. Gamble, c, Williams, b. Growse 5
H.C. Benbow, b. Evan-Thomas 0
C.V. Wilkes, c. Hull, b. Evan-Thomas 2
J. Abernethy, c. + b. Growse 0
T.F.F. Williams, not out 3
R.S. Owen, b. Evan-Thomas 4
Byes 3, l.b. 2, w 4 9 Byes 7, l.b. 2, w. 1 14
89   53

No. 300


The Charterhouse match was lost this year by 2 goals to 0. Our fellows were at rather a disadvantage owing their having to play with a much smaller ball than they are accustomed to, which puzzled our backs very much. The match was played at Charterhouse this year.

In the T.B.B. Q.S.S. we lost by 2 goals to nothing. This was not surprising as the Q.S.S. had nine “shirts”.

G.S. Maxwell Prin Opp

No. 275

The Charterhouse match took place on Feb. 19th. The match was this year, played in our ground. And after a hard fought battle we were successful by one goal to 0.

A.H. Giffe and A.A. Jackson officiated as umpires and K.V. Le Bas as referee.

The sides were:

Westminster                                                      Charterhouse

E.H. Alington (Capt)                                        E.M. Shot (Capt)

E.Waddington                                                   W.R. Page

F.D. Crowdy                                                       A.H. Ford

C.J. Fox                                                                 A.W.F. Wilson

W.C. Aston                                                         C.A. Reeve

Q.H Williams                                                       C.J. Cornish

A.F.M. Gamble                                                  R.S.S Baden-Powell

C.S. Dawson                                                       A.J. Wake

G.A. Hicks                                                            W.T Hayter

T.D. Jones                                                           C.D. Keightley

C.A. Jones                                                           E.F. Growse


Westminster V. Harrow Chequers

This match resulted in a draw. The ground was very hard and slippery, but the play was nevertheless very fast.

Past V. Present

No goals were scored on either side, the team of Old Westminsters was rather strong.

L.S. Bristowe Prin Op.

No. 187

On the 23rd of July we played Charterhouse at Vincent Square. They went in first & only obtained 60 runs, Rawson’s bowling proving very effective. We then “handled the willow” & scored 135, of which Alington Q.S obtained 43 in first rate style. Charterhouse in their second innings reached 58, so we won the match by an inning & 17 runs., which was very credible as we had only two of last year’s eleven, vis Rawson & Dury. “Some little dissatisfaction was quietly felt at the Carthusians” (Standard) at Rawson playing as he had left at Whitsuntide, but it is always a rule that seniors who have left at Whitsuntide play for us the next term.

H. J. Roberts. Prin Op.

No. 151

On Wednesday July 19th there was a whole holiday (with the exception of school fr. 8-9) for the ‘Busby dinner’ &c Charter House match, which was played at Lords & which resulted in an easy victory for the Westminsters. On the account of last years match the total absence of old Westminsters is mentioned but this year there were very many of them on the ground. Vidal scored 54 and his bowling was fortunately very good.

A.P. Hill

No. 137

The annual Charterhouse match came off this year at Lord’s on the 20th July: and, sad to say, with the same melancholy result as last year for after a gallant fight Westminster was defeated with several wickets to go down on the part of her adversary. It is to be hoped that a successful effort will be made to break off this match on the removal of Charterhouse to Godalming, for ample evidence of this dislike that is felt for it on all hands was given by the total absence of the Old Westminster element from the ground: and at any rate if it be necessary so to compromise our position by assenting to the contest, it should always have a favourable result for us.

Oswell Macleay

Prin. Opp.