No 515

Our mathematical master has retired. He has been appointed to be Warden of a new College in Australia in Sydney. On his departure we presented him with a piece of plate in token of our great esteem &c. &c. Independently of this, the fourth form gave him a testimonial of their affection, in the shape of a pencil case.

Headlam has left too. The Fourth has given him a testimonial too, a silver sabre. Instead of Hore we have Borney, a Cambridge man, as our mathematical master.

C.W. Wingfield has succeeded Headlam.

A.F. Pope. Prin. Oppi.

No 475

The other morning Liddell called me up and said he was surprised to hear that Bishop’s Boys were not considered TBs, nor allowed to exercise authority over them (TBs) as Pr. Opp. when above any other TB in the Sixth, at the same time saying that when he made the BBs leave off their purple gowns, he then placed them on the same footing as TBs – I argued with him some time, and showed many instances where BBs , though above any TBs in the Sixth, yet, were not considered Pr. Opps. He summed up by saying that he should see Weare (the Under Master and an Old Westminster) about it. He has not spoken to me since counting it, and thus, I suppose, ends the matter; but I hope that all future Pr. Opp. Will not surrender up his or any other TB Ledger to any Bishops Boys.

J. Gray Pr. Opp.