No. 113

Aug. 3rd the T. B. & Q.S. cricket match was played resulting in favour of the Q. S. though the T. B. eleven played very pluckily.

Q. S. T. B.
Northcote, E. A.                    (captains) Cuteis, H.
Saunders, F. N. Lee, G. H.
O’Brien, F. A. Curteis, R. N.
Eddis, B. U. Basham
Barron, H. Rawson, W. S.
Haden, F. B. Randolph, F. G.
Wakley, J. Saunders, A.
Rawson, H. G. Clinton, H. F.
Rawson, H. E. Lush, S. D.
Vidal, R. W. S. Worsley, A. E.
Wace, H. Short, M.

No. 111

The Cricket Eleven this summer was composed as follows:-

Northcote, E. A. (captain). Q.S.

Bray, E.      Q. S.

Curteis, H.           T. B.

Saunders, F. N.                  Q. S.

O’Brien, F. A.                      Q. S.

Eddis, B. U.                         Q. S.

Barron, H.                            Q. S.

Curteis, R. M.                     T. B.

Haden, F. S.                        Q. S.

Basham,                               T. B.

Wakley, T.                           Q. S. (supernumerary)

Lee, J. H.                              T. B.


N.B. This was a remarkably successful Eleven.

No. 98

The T.B. + Q.S. cricket match was this year won by the Q. S. who had much the best eleven, though the Town Boys, especially Lee played very well.

Q. S.

Bray (captain)

Northcote, E.








Randolphe, E.



T. B.

Curteis (captain)


Curteis, R.


Neill, J.



Randolphe, F.

Northcote, A.


Pemberton, R.


Bray scored 89 for the Q. S.

Lee – 70 –  – T.B

M. Leay

Prin. Opp.

The T. B. + Q.S cricket match was played on the 6th of August as the first day was wet, + was won by the T. B. by 4 wickets.

Worthcote Q. S. won the wickets + Carters T. B. the ball. The Q. S. scored 125 + 91, + the T. B. 159 + 69; the principal Q. S. scorer was Bray who made 61 + 24; for the T. B. Lee who made 56, Oliver 32 not out + Williams who played capitally for 23; in the second innings of the TB Benton scored 13, H. Lee 12 + Oliver 21 not out.

E. Oliver

Prin. Opp.

No 17

The Townboy & Queen’s Scholars cricket march was played on Monday the 4th of August, which ended in favour of the Queen’s Scholars though our eleven played capitally. The T.B. went in first & made 60 runs to which total Hunt contributed 12 (the highest score). The Q.S. made 70 only, the highest score of the innings being 18 (Yates’). Dowdeswell T.B. for most catches (2). Chapman T.B. got the stumps for most wickets bowled (6). The elevens were as follows:

T.B. Q.S.
A.      Preston A.      White
J. Short J. Gates
W. Giles W.C. Lane
G. Dowdeswell E. Bird
G. Huwdenson W. Meyrick
J. Chapman G.T. O’Brien
W. Hunt J.C. Chefwell
H.N. Monk A.J. Mackey
B.N. Thomas A.      Downes
Q.O. Williams G. Pember
A.W. Hammon H. Walker

E.R. Dowdeswell Prin. Opp.

No. 10

On Saturday May 17 a match was played with the Peripatetics which ended in Westminster winning in the first innings by 20 runs. Westminster commended a second innings getting 70 for 5 wickets, when time being called prevented it being finished. See Cricket Ledger.

W. Winters

Prin. Opp.

No 5.

On Wednesday April 24 a cricket match was played between the present Westminsters and an Eleven of Old Westminsters, brought down by Hatching. The day was cloudy early but eventually turned out fine – the present Westminsters headed their opponents by 35 runs in their four innings and had taken 8 wickets for 24 runs when the stumps were drawn at a 30.

If there had been time to pitch the match the Present Westminsters would doubly have won in the innings. For further particularities see T.B cricket ledger.

W. Winters

Prin. Opp.