No 409

Today (Ap. 30/51) our elevens played a match at Fields with an Old Westminster eleven in wh. we were victorious, the game being decided by the first Innings (v. Cricket Ledger). It may here be mentioned, that Liddell who it seems had led us to believe that we were to have an early play, sternly refused to grant it when the time came. He however at the petition of the Captain, with great liberality (?) granted us a late play.

J.M. Murray

Prin. Opp.

No 390

On Thursday Aug 8th a match came off at our ground between our eleven & the Charterhouse. The challenge was given on our part; but some of the eleven thought it too low on the ground of Charterhouse not being a publick school. Blagden (Captain) & Ingram (1st Mon.) refused to play; but afterwards agreed, as Liddell on hearing it refused to give the early play on the following Saturday if they persisted in not playing. Liddell, I suppose, took it personally being a Charterhouse fellow. The match was not terminated but we had much the best of it when the wickets were drawn, as may be seen in Cricket Ledger

No 383

On Thursday July the 18th the match between our eleven & the Mary-lebone Club took place, much to the credit of Westminster – we were prevented from having a second innings on account of the weather – so it was made a one innings match. The M.C.C. beat us only by twenty-six runs, which in comparison with last year was a great improvement. In my opinion, however, cricket will never be the standard game at Westminster, for the water is so much more alluring an exercise, as to take from the number of would-be cricketers.

W.C. Macready
Princeps Oppidanus

No 373

The cricket this year seems to be a sad falling off notwithstanding the immense sum laid out in improving, or rather attempting to improve the condition of Tothill Fields. A match was got up by young Buckland and some others, but is not of sufficient note to give at large. Cook Q.S. made a good score.

W.C. Macready
Prin. Opp.