No. 172

There was no Charterhouse match this year on account of that school being moved to Godalming, so instead we played the M.C.C at Lords & were beaten in the first innings by over 200 runs. The disgraceful conduct of some of the younger townboys present at this match must not be passed over without mention. Some of these specimens of Westminster took it into their heads that they could not leave the Pavilion without leaving their traces behind them, so they proceeded to break some of the chairs placed on the roof & also some of the slates on the top, they then amused themselves by throwing the pieces of slates about & succeeded in breaking one or two windows, & finally one of them turned on a watertap; this was not discovered till next day when an indignant letter was received by the Captain from the M.C.C, stating that 50£ damage had been done & mentioning that this was the first time a Public School has so disgraced itself. Of course great indignation was felt about it amongst the fellows in the VIth & Remove, & a large number of fellows would have been tanned but the matter got to Scott’s ears & he contented himself with handing the two principal culprits; if the matter had become have been public it would, without doubt, have done Westminster an immense amount of harm. I am happy to add that no Grantites were concerned in the row.


No. 171

The T.B & Q.S cricket match took place last half at Vincent Square, when the former won by 9 wickets. Dury got the townboy score with 45 runs. Rawson got the Q.S score with runs. The following is a list of the elevens.

T.B.                                                                                            Q.S.

H. S. Jackson W. S. Rawson
C. P. McKeand F. G. Randolph
J. Harvey H. D. S Vidal
J. B. Dury E. Waddington
J. Bruce E. H. Alington
E. A. Crowdy W. C. Ryde
R. P. McKeand J. H. Watson
N. C. Bailey F. Whitehead
W. B. Webb W. Brinton
A. H. Lefroy H. A. C. Rogers
H. J. Roberts C. J. R. Le Mesurier


Rawson also obtained the wickets & the ball. The dinner was supplied by Mantle up fields, the scorers, as usual, were present.

H.J. Roberts

No. 152

The T. B. and Q. S. match this year was decided by the first innings in favour of the Q. S. there was no time for the second inning to be finished as McKeand (C. P.) made 84 for the Town Boys or the result might have been different. Trollope (T. B.) got ‘the ball’, R. P. McKeand got the ‘T. B. Money’ and R. W. S. Vidal the Q. S. and the wickets.

A.P. Hill.

No. 151

On Wednesday July 19th there was a whole holiday (with the exception of school fr. 8-9) for the ‘Busby dinner’ &c Charter House match, which was played at Lords & which resulted in an easy victory for the Westminsters. On the account of last years match the total absence of old Westminsters is mentioned but this year there were very many of them on the ground. Vidal scored 54 and his bowling was fortunately very good.

A.P. Hill

No. 139

The T.B. and QS match resulted again this year in a victory for the QS in the first innings.

Q. S. T. B.
1.       H. E. Rawson 1. R. M. Curteis. capt
2.       Dyce 2. Jackson
3.       Gilbertson 3. Saunders
4.       W. S. Rawson 4. Trollope
5.       Northcote 5. Pemberton
6.       Stephenson 6. Noyes, C.
7.       Randolph 7. Noyes, F.
8.       Vidal 8. Bailey
9.       Webb 9. Carter
10. 10. Mackeand Q. P.
11. 11.


Oswell Macleay

Prin. Opp.

No. 128

The Town boy and Queen Scholar match this year resulted in a victory for the QSS.

The Elevens were

Q. S. T. B.
Barron                                          (captains) Curteis
Wakley Pemberton
Wace Shackle
Dixon Saunders
Vidal Noyes
Northcote Bedford
Rawson, H. G. Bailey
Rawson, H. E. Jackson
Rawson, W. S. Gadsden
Saunders Worsley
Randolph Noyes

No. 127

Some complaint having been made by the Masters at the Boarding Houses of the T. B.’s having to wear their hats on the way to and from fields, the following rule was promulgated by the Head Master:-

“That all Town Boys in any Eleven or Twenty-two at Cricket shall be allowed to wear their proper caps on the was to & from fields; but that no caps shall be worn in Dean’s Yard except on special grounds of health.”

Oswell Macleay. Prin Opp.

No. 113

Aug. 3rd the T. B. & Q.S. cricket match was played resulting in favour of the Q. S. though the T. B. eleven played very pluckily.

Q. S. T. B.
Northcote, E. A.                    (captains) Cuteis, H.
Saunders, F. N. Lee, G. H.
O’Brien, F. A. Curteis, R. N.
Eddis, B. U. Basham
Barron, H. Rawson, W. S.
Haden, F. B. Randolph, F. G.
Wakley, J. Saunders, A.
Rawson, H. G. Clinton, H. F.
Rawson, H. E. Lush, S. D.
Vidal, R. W. S. Worsley, A. E.
Wace, H. Short, M.