No. 253


Westminster School vs Lords & Commons

This match was revived after being discontinued for three seasons –

Our opponents scored 152, & we 254, thus remaining victorious by 102 runs. Waddington made for us the large score of 118.


Westminster School v. I Zingari

This match had also been discontinued for three years –

I Zingari scored 107, & we 70

Their bowling was particularly good


Westminster School v. M.C.C. & Ground

This match remained unfinished because of the rain. The M.C.C. made 157 for 7 wickets, we did not go in at all.


Westminster School v. Charter House

This match remained drawn owing to the rain. The scores were


E.F. White b. Fox 0
L. Colebrook b. Fox 8
N.J. Aboly b. Hicks 0
H.L.N. Bishop b. Fox 4
H.G. Jeaffreson b. Fox 7
A. Wilson b. Fox 5
H.B. Dobbie, not out 17
E.F. Grouse, b. Fox 5
R.E. Hultan c. Rawson b. Horne 19
W.T. Hayten c. Fox b. Horne 0
Wides, 4; no balls, 1 5
  Total 75


C.F. Fox b. Jeaffreson 28
C.B. Ryde b. Jeaffreson 5
W.C. Aston b. Jeaffreson 0
E.H. Alington b. Dobbie 6
E. Waddington b. Jeaffreson 0
Q. H. Watson b. Dobbie 0
E.A. Horne b. Dobbie 1
G.A. Hicks b. Jeaffreson 4
A.N. Jackson, not out 0
C.S. Dawson, not out 0
Leg-bye 1  Wides 3 4
  Total 53

No. 221

Eleven. V. Twenty Two

This match, the first of the season was commenced before Whitsuntide and not ended till the following half. It ended in a victory for the Eleven by ten wickets.

Eleven. V. next nine with Mantle and Holmes

This resulted in a second victory for the Eleven by one innings and 15 runs to spare. For the Eleven McKeand, RP, Alington, EH, and Rawson, F. played well the former making 103 runs not out and the other two 31 and 15 respectively. For the Nine in the 1st innings Mantle made 42 not out CS Dawson 15 and W Tayloe 14 and in the 2nd innings Holmes 26 and Denman FL. 14 not out. The scores were for the Eleven 169 for the Nine 1st innings 82. 2nd innings 72.

Marlborough Nomads. V. School

In this our first foreign match this season we were beaten by 41 runs. The Nomads went in first and made 141 runs to which H Dermon contributed 29, WH Milton 26, SB. Booth 25 and H,E,B Harrison and W Howard 22 each. We then took the wickets Fox making 35 Waddington 26 and F Rawson 12, Our Captain McKeand was absent from illness or we should I think have made a better score than our eventual one namely 100. The Nomads went in again and made 179 for 7 wickets which was their score when the stumps were drawn.

School. V. Curteis’ Eleven

This match again resulted disastrously for us we making 62 while our opponents made 162.

Westminster. V. Charterhouse

This annual match came off on July 11TH at Godalming where they have recently removed to. The play was good on both sides but the match finally ended in a draw. Westminster went in first and made 200 runs, of which Fox made 87, N C Bailey 26 and F Rawson 25. While for their side EH Parry made 28, N Abdy 44, and A W Carrie 20. Which helped to bring up the score to 121 for 3 wickets.

School. V. Incogniti

In this match we were I am sorry to say sadly beaten we making 121 while the Incogniti made 254. For us McKeand made 39 whilst their chief scores were 86 by Audry, 78 by Parkin and 23 by Hill.

M.C.C. V. The School

Our annual match against the MCC and Ground took place on July 22nd and resulted in favour of the strangers by 212 runs on the first innings though perhaps we might have beaten them had time permitted us. For the M.C.C first innings 154 runs were made whilst our score stood at 112. For the Club Booth made 28 and 16, 2nd innings Ruxton 27, Capt Young 24 and 17, 2nd innings and Price 23 while for us N. Bailey made 27, McKeand 23 not out and Mead and Ryde 13 and 12 respectively, In the 2nd innings the score for the MCC was 74 for 6 wickets.

School. V. Old Westminsters

This match was not finished on account of the large number of runs made on both sides their scores standing at 272 ours at 164 for 7 wickets. The best scores on our opponent’s side were 64 by Noyes, C. 44 by Rawson W.S. 40 by Jackson HS and 24 by F Noyes. On our side McKeand and Fox each made 46 the former not being out and Waddington 19


This match was played on the 9TH of July and ended in a victory for the town boys by one innings and 11 runs. The full score on both sides is appended.

Town Boys

CJ Fox c and b Aston 41
O Borradaile c Aston b Parker 4
A Jackson c Olliffe b Parker 13
W. Titcomb, retired ill 19
E. Horne c Aston b Parker 7
F Rawson lbw b Parker 0
W.N. Tayloe not out 41
A F Gamble c and b Aston 11
R Hyde Clarke b Parker 0
A Dury run out 10
Byes 10 Wides 6 16
Total 171


Under Election

1st Innings 2nd Innings
HP Robinson b Fox 0 Rut out 10
CB Ryde b Fox 1 b Jackson 5
E Parker b Horne 13 c Tayloe b Foc 7
W Aston b Fox 8 c and b Jackson 15
H Olliffe c Gamble b Jackson 21 b Fox 6
HR Rogers b Fox 8 b Jackson 3
AE Black et Rawson b Fox 0 lbw b Fox 0
CB Vyvyan  b Fox 0 not out 3
WE Parker not out 21 c and b Fox 3
TFF Williams c Gamble b Fox 4 b Fox 8
RH Godfrey b Jackson 17 c Jackson and b Fox 1
Byes 13 13 Byes 1 1
Total 98 Total 62


In the second innings Haines played for Black and Courtenay for Godfrey.


First eleven of Westminster School v. next fifteen with T.H. Mantle

This match was played on Friday July 25 & concluded in favour of the Eleven by six wickets for whom Fox played well for fifty-four, being ably assisted by Horner Waddington & McKeand.

Aston did good service for the fifteen, with two contributions of sixty four & twenty twp. Tayloe, Mantle & Borradaile being next-highest-scorers.


1st inn 2 inn
Borradaile b Titcomb 0 c Rawson c Fox 19
Tayloe b Fox 33 c Alington b Horne 1
Rumball run out 0 b Mead 9
Davson c Titcomb b Horne 8 b Mead 2
Mantle c Alington b Fox 14 c Tayloe b Titcomb 20
Hemsley b Titcomb 1 b Fox 9
Aston b Mead 64 run out 22
Dury b Titcomb 0 b Titcomb 0
Ryde b Fox 0 b Fox 2
Black b Titcomb 2 c Davson b Titcomb 1
Clarke b Titcomb 2 c McKeand b Titcomb 6
Robinson b Jackson 4 c Alington b Titcomb 4
Gamble c Waddington b Mead 2 not out 2
Muir b Mead 1 c Ryde b Titcomb 6
Abernethy b Mead 1 b Fox 1
Leggatt not out 5 lbw b Mead 2
Byes 3 l-b4 w11 18 Byes 5 lb 3 w6 nb1 15
Total 155 Total 121


First Eleven

Fox c Taylor b Rumball 54 b Mantle 17
Ryde b Rumball 8 b Mantle 19
Alington c Rumball b Mantle 7 b Mantle 18
McKeand c & b Mantle 25 not out 0
Rawson b Mantle 16 0
Waddington b Mantle 28
Titcomb c & b Mantle 11
Horne b Rumball 27
Jackson not out 14
Mead c Muir b Mantle 0
Bailey b Rumball 0 not out 15
Byes 9 w 5 14 Byes 11
Total 204 80

Umpires H. Holmes, B, Willis

Seven v Eleven

C. Fox b Rumball 15
Ryde b Mead 13
Alington c Rumball b Horne 12
Waddington c Watson b Mead 34
McKeand not out 20
Bailey b Rumball 6
Titcomb thrown out by Rawson 14
Wides 2 Byes 16 leg bye 1 19


The Eleven

Mead b Titcomb 2 b Fox 11
Horne b Titcomb 1 b Titcomb 8
Rawson c sub b Fox 22 c Waddington b Fox 2
Borradaile l.b.w b Titcomb 0 b Titcomb 15
Rumball run out 1 c & b Fox 4
Aston c Ryde b Fox 0 b Titcomb 11
Watson b Titcomb 0 b Titcomb 3
Davson not out 0 c Titcomb b Fox 4
Tayloe c sub b Titcomb 2 b Fox 3
Black run out 1 lbw b Fox 8
Dury b Titcomb 0 not out 1
Byes 9 Bye 1 leg Byes 2 3
38 73


The season was as usual round up with the Annual match between T.Bs & QSS. The match resulted in a draw time being over before match was finished.

Queens Scholars

Davson c Titcomb b Fox 12
Aston c Bailey b Fox 12
Ryde b Fox 3
Watson b Horne 0
Alington b Titcomb 19
Mead b Horne 13
Waddington b Fox 21
Whitehead b Fox 0
Ryde b Titcomb 4
Black not out 10
Robinson b Fox 3
Byes 4 lb 9 w 3 nb 1 17



Borradaile b Mead 0 thr. out by Mead 13
Fox b Mead 3 c Robinson b Mead 26
Titcomb b Mead 0 c Whitehead “ 11
Horne b Whitehead 4 run out 8
Bailey “ 11 c Black b Whitehead 2
McKeand b Mead 2 c Alington b Mead 60
Rawson “ 0 not out 33
Jackson b Whitehead 8 c Aston b Whitehead 2
Tayloe b Mead 7 b Waddington 0
Dury c Whitehead b Mead 3 not out 2
Hemsley not out 0 b whitehead 6
Byes 1 lb 2 w 2 nb 1 7 Byes 6 lb2 w13 nb4 25
Total 45 188


Batting Averages

Ins No of runs Average
McKeand 7 329 47
Bailey 10 113 11-3
Waddington 10 152 15-2
Alington 11 128 11-7
Ryde 11 90 8-2
Fox 10 277 27-7
Titcomb 5 58 11-3
Horne 5 53 10-3
Rawson 6 75 12-3
Jackson 3 30 10
Mead 5 53 10-3


M.M. Rodocanachi H.TB

[The first half of this entry is in different handwriting, but is unsigned]

No. 189

The T.B & Q.S cricket match was played up fields on Monday, August 4th & to the surprise of all ended in a victory for the Q.S by 5 wickets, the TBs had seven fellows in the first eleven. The following were the elevens


  T.Bs   Q.Ss
In the 1st eleven J. B Dury (Capt.)   H. S. Otter (Capt)
In the 1st eleven R. P. McKeand 1st 11 E. H. Alington
In the 1st eleven N. C. Bailey 1st 11 E. Waddington
In the 1st eleven E. Roller 1st 11 K. B. Otter
In the 1st eleven H. J. Roberts 1st 11 W. C. Ryde
In the 1st eleven P. Tatham   F. Whitehead
In the 1st eleven R. J. Boyd   W. C. Aston
  A. A. Jackson   J. H. Watson
  A. H. Lefroy   R. W. Mead
  D. Arbuthnott   C. Dawson
  E. A. Horne   W. A. L. P. Evans


Roller got the T.B. money for a score of 25 runs & H. Otter the Q.S. money with 40 runs (two chances). K. Otter got the wickets, & Dury the ball.

H. J. Roberts Prin. Op.


No. 187

On the 23rd of July we played Charterhouse at Vincent Square. They went in first & only obtained 60 runs, Rawson’s bowling proving very effective. We then “handled the willow” & scored 135, of which Alington Q.S obtained 43 in first rate style. Charterhouse in their second innings reached 58, so we won the match by an inning & 17 runs., which was very credible as we had only two of last year’s eleven, vis Rawson & Dury. “Some little dissatisfaction was quietly felt at the Carthusians” (Standard) at Rawson playing as he had left at Whitsuntide, but it is always a rule that seniors who have left at Whitsuntide play for us the next term.

H. J. Roberts. Prin Op.

No. 172

There was no Charterhouse match this year on account of that school being moved to Godalming, so instead we played the M.C.C at Lords & were beaten in the first innings by over 200 runs. The disgraceful conduct of some of the younger townboys present at this match must not be passed over without mention. Some of these specimens of Westminster took it into their heads that they could not leave the Pavilion without leaving their traces behind them, so they proceeded to break some of the chairs placed on the roof & also some of the slates on the top, they then amused themselves by throwing the pieces of slates about & succeeded in breaking one or two windows, & finally one of them turned on a watertap; this was not discovered till next day when an indignant letter was received by the Captain from the M.C.C, stating that 50£ damage had been done & mentioning that this was the first time a Public School has so disgraced itself. Of course great indignation was felt about it amongst the fellows in the VIth & Remove, & a large number of fellows would have been tanned but the matter got to Scott’s ears & he contented himself with handing the two principal culprits; if the matter had become have been public it would, without doubt, have done Westminster an immense amount of harm. I am happy to add that no Grantites were concerned in the row.


No. 171

The T.B & Q.S cricket match took place last half at Vincent Square, when the former won by 9 wickets. Dury got the townboy score with 45 runs. Rawson got the Q.S score with runs. The following is a list of the elevens.

T.B.                                                                                            Q.S.

H. S. Jackson W. S. Rawson
C. P. McKeand F. G. Randolph
J. Harvey H. D. S Vidal
J. B. Dury E. Waddington
J. Bruce E. H. Alington
E. A. Crowdy W. C. Ryde
R. P. McKeand J. H. Watson
N. C. Bailey F. Whitehead
W. B. Webb W. Brinton
A. H. Lefroy H. A. C. Rogers
H. J. Roberts C. J. R. Le Mesurier


Rawson also obtained the wickets & the ball. The dinner was supplied by Mantle up fields, the scorers, as usual, were present.

H.J. Roberts

No. 152

The T. B. and Q. S. match this year was decided by the first innings in favour of the Q. S. there was no time for the second inning to be finished as McKeand (C. P.) made 84 for the Town Boys or the result might have been different. Trollope (T. B.) got ‘the ball’, R. P. McKeand got the ‘T. B. Money’ and R. W. S. Vidal the Q. S. and the wickets.

A.P. Hill.