No 373

The cricket this year seems to be a sad falling off notwithstanding the immense sum laid out in improving, or rather attempting to improve the condition of Tothill Fields. A match was got up by young Buckland and some others, but is not of sufficient note to give at large. Cook Q.S. made a good score.

W.C. Macready
Prin. Opp.

No 362

* The eleven elated with their success in the last cricket match accepted a challenge from the I Zingarees (and the school an early play for the match from Lord Paget) The I Zingarees beat us easily – for particulars see cricket ledger. The match took place on the fourth of July.

*After this match the eleven played the Marylebone Cricket Club. And were beaten in one innings by a large score – see Cricket Ledger

W.C. Macready
Prin. Opp.

No 351

On Thursday, August 3rd, the annual match between the T.Bs and Q.Ss in which the former were victorious by 41 runs. The elevens scores were as follows.

Town Boys

D. Stewart 6 – 1 = 7
J. Goodrick 5 -1 = 6
E. P. Repton 0 – 20 = 20
F. Hallett 2 – 0 = 2
C. W. Steward 7 – 7 = 14
R. Templer 49 – 8 = 57
W. Fellows 0 – 3 = 3
A. Jennings 0 – 1 = 1
E. J. Drake 22 – 2 = 24
G. Lacy 2 – 5 = 7
J. Wright 1 – 1 =2

Byes 17

No balls 6


The bowling & batting of R. Templer was excellent, as was also the batting and fielding of Repton & the bowling of Drake. Fellows made two splendid catches in the course of the match.

On the Q.S side, the bowling of Robertson, & the fielding of Barker were much admired.

H. V. Williams -8 – 4 = 12
H. R. Barker 16 – 12 = 28
J. Armitstead 3 – 2 = 5
N. Smart 1 – 2 = 3
P. M. Robertson 0 – 5 = 5
R. Burton 1 – 0 = 1
A. Marryat 4 – 7 = 11
J. Harrison 18 – 2 = 20
H. Blagden 4 – 0 = 4
C. Ingram 1 – 2 = 3
F. Stokes 10 – 3 = 13

Byes 11

N. balls 9


D. Stewart
Prin. Opp.

No 258

On Tuesday August 3rd the annual match between TBs and KSs was played in Vincent Square in which the TBs were defeated by 51 runs. Eight of the QS eleven however were in the eleven & therefore had much the advantage over us. Besides we were deprived of the services of Deacon one of our best men, who was unavoidably kept away by illness. The play however, on both sides was very good. The day was beautiful and the spectators numerous.
The following were the players:

Town Boys
Smart Senr
Marshall Senr
Marshall Junr
J Preston Senr
R. Preston Junr
Colquhoun Senr

Queen Scholars
Cooper Senr
Smart Junr
Cooper Junr

For particulars vide Cricket Ledger

This year a very good thing was done in cutting down the match dinner from 1/5s to 12s -, & though I like a good dinner as much has any one, yet I think it perfect nonsense to have champagne &c at a cricket dinner. For no one can drink much champagne & play at Cricket properly afterwards.

N.G. Smart
Prin. Opp.

No 257

On Monday July 12th & following days a match at cricket was played between the first and last half of the alphabet i.e. First A-M, last the rest. The first half was beaten with 6 wickets to go down. A return match was begun but owing to a good many fellows not being able to play it was not finished. As far as could be judged however the last half had much the best of it.

N.G. Smart
Prin. Opp.