No 442

The annual match at football between the TBs and QS came off on Wednesday afternoon October 20th in which the QS were victorious, the game standing at the end TBs 4 and QS 6. The players on each side were:

P Shipworth
J Fellows
Hon E Bourke
G Onslow
A. Williams
L. A. Williams

O Salvin. Prin. Opp.

No 441

The fast-ball has been revived this half with great vigour, & a match has got up by J Steward & A Miliman which came off on Wednesday afternoon October 13th which terminated in favour of the Present Westminsters, the game standing when we left off Present Westminsters 9 & Old Westminsters 3, The players on each side were:

Old West.
C. Howard
A. Milman
J. Morrak
F. Green
F. Steward
F. Henty
W. A. Hunt
R. Freeman*
L. Williams*

Prst  Westrs
L. Twiss QS
F. Oliver QS
L. J. Gilbert QS
W. Madan QS
E. Vincent QS
C. Upperton QS
A. Williams QS
A. Slade QS
O. Salvin TB
J. Fellows TB
J. Allington TB

Those marked * are Present Westminsters who were put in to make up the number of the other side. As Green left soon after the game began Gilbert was handed over to their side.

O. Salvin Prin. Opp.

No 440

Marshall was able again to take the Shell after the holidays, yet we had not been back a week when he was again taken so seriously ill that he is (still) not expected to live. Lloyd now takes his place in the Shell & West, who was Head Town Boy here a few years ago takes Lloyd’s Form & alas the Mathematics he’s for the present, as Hass had gone to Cambridge to be ordained.

O. Salvin Prin. Opp.

No 439

When we came back after the holiday, we were all astonished to find that all the forms up school except the Fifth & Upper Shell had been taken away & instead of them new oaks ones were placed wh  were formed round Head Master’s chair which stood on a sort of platform in the middle. All the old coats of arms were painted and the whole of school plastered up to the gas pipes upon which there is to be no painting names.

O. Salvin Prin. Opp.