No. 144

The “wooden” was won this year by H: S: Rawson (Q: S.) who beat Glibertson (Q. S.).

The games were

Rawson 11. 10. 11.

Gilbertson 8. 11. 9.

Both players were in excellent form and the contest was most exciting throughout – Rawson nearly succeeded in the same event last year – being defeated by a few points only –

The “Wire” was won by F. G. Randolph, who beat H: S: Rawson (winner of the “wooden”) the game stood

Randolph 13. 15. 15.

Rawson. 15. 11. 13

The last game was remarkable for the fine form shown by both players.

JL Will.

No. 134

The Wooden was won this year by

H. G. Barron QS.

While the Wire fell to

H.C. Randolph QS.*

*The wire was won by H. G. Rawson Q.S.

It is to be regretted that only one T. B. took part in the competition this year, and it seems desirable that something should be done to wrest the victory next year from the QSS who during the last two years have had it all their own way.

Oswell Macleay

Prin. Opp.

No 563

The Town Boys were well up in the games for Wooden and Silver Rackets. The Silver was won by Marshall Q.S the last game being between him and Bull TB. Foster played with Marshall and having had no practice got one game out of the three. The Wooden was won by Foster TB the last game being between him and Swale T.B.

J. C. Hawkshaw

Prin. Opp.