No. 262

The race for the Silver Sculls was revived this year & won by Brinton.

The T.B.B & Q.S.S race was won by the Q.S.S. The crews were –

Bow. Kelly Bow. Bolton
2. Russell 2. Hill
3. Macnamara 3. Godfrey
4. Needham 4. Macnamara
5. Gamble 5. Jones
6. Maxwell 6. Brinton
7. Frere 7. Crowdy
Str. Batley Str. Williams
Cox. Randolph Cox. Pole


The T.B. Rudder was won by Batley & Russell.

The Leander race was also revived this year, and ended in favour of our opponents. The crews were –

The Leander Westminster
Bow. C.E. Haig Bow. A.P. Hill
2. A.R. Malden 2. R.D. Brinton
3. H.M. Mills 3. F.D. Crowdy
4. T. Parkinson 4. Q.H. Williams
5. A.Q. Gwatkin 5. C.A. Jones
6. H.J. Schwitz 6. C.C. Macnamara
7. Q.G. Chambers 7. H.C. Frere
Str. B.H. Buxton Str. Q. Batley
Cox. Q. Holden Cox. P.J.C. Randolph


L.S. Bristowe Prin Opp

No. 254

The first Old Westminster was rowed on July 21st, the day of the Charter-House match. The crews were-

Old Westminster Westminster
Bow. A. J. Kelly (P.W) Bow. A.P. Hill
2.       R.J. Boyd 2. R.D. Brinton
3.       W.H.A. Cowell 3. F.D. Crowdy
4.       A.B. Cartwright 4. Q.H. Williams
5.       H.S. Otter 5. C.A. James
6.       R.W.F. Harrison 6. C.C. Mcnamara
7.       H.T.V. Dawson 7. S.C Frere
Ste. Q.C. Johnstone Ste J.A. Battey
Cox. Newmason (P.W) Cox P.Q.C. Randolph


The course was from Putney to Battersea, the School Eight won by about 4 lengths, although getting a bad start.

One Thursday July 12rd a number of boats, including the Eight, rowed up to Richmond, as last year.

No. 250

The Eight is composed as follows –

St lbs
Bow A.P Hill Q.S
2. R.D. Brinton Q.S 9 7
3. F.D. Crowdy Q.S 9 5
4. Q.H. Williams Q.S 10 0
5. C.A. James Q.S 10 8
6. C.C. Macnamara Q.S 11 6
7. H.C. Frere T.B 10 6
Stroke. Q.A. Batley T.B 9 3
Cox. P.Q. Randolph T.B 5 6


The Scratch Fours have been rowed. For the first heat the contesting crews were-




Bow De. Saumarez Bow Kelly Bow Bolton
2. Courtenay 2. Russell 2. Glyn
3 H. Macnamara 3 Godfrey 3 Ellis
Str. Frere Str. Brinton Str. C. Macnamara
Cox. Newman Cox. Randolph Cox. Cuppage


Brinton’s boat won by three quarters of a length.

In the second heat round –

Middlesex 2.
Bow. Macmillan Bow. Dale
2. Buckley 2. Mead
3. Maxwell 3, Hill
Str. Batley Str. Crowdy
Cox. Newman Cox. Pole



Bow. Hebusley Bow. Rogers
2. C. Clarke 2. Whitlock
3. Alliffe 3, Needham
Str. James Str. Williams
Cox. Hayes Cox. F. Clarke


Crowdy won easily by two lengths. In the final heat the first two boats in each of the two heats competed. Brinton’s boat was eventually successful after a very exciting match race with Crowdy.

No. 222

T.B. & Queen Scholars Race

On Wednesday, August 1874

Rarely have the boats for this race appeared so evenly matched beforehand & rarely have they so fully justified expectation.

The crews were –

T.B. Q.S.
A. L. Kelly Crowdy
Fischer Brinton
Ellis Arnold
Macnamara Jones
Frere C Macnamara
Cartwright Williams
N – Batley Brickdale
Cox   Randolph Cox   G.M. Hill


The rowing was about 35 strokes a minute spurting up to 42-44.

The T.B.s were beaten by half a length after one of the hardest races on record.

M.M. Rodocanachi

No. 99

The Rudder was won by:

Smith, J. C.                          1.


Busk (cox)


The other boats were . . .

Randall, W. S.                   2.


Haggard (cox)


Macleay, S.                         3.

Bovill, H.

Hudson, J. (cox).


The “Fours” and “Sculls” were not rowed this year, as there were so few on the water.

O. M. Leay

Prin. Opp.

No. 66

The TB. And QS. Boat Race.

Came off on Saturday after 12. Directly after the start Fitzgerald TB. (cox) steered into QS. And we stopped for a fresh start. We got off very well and after a good race to the point, the Q. S. went ahead and won by four lengths.

1.       Fludyer 1.       Mure
2.       J Hunt 2. Bovill
3.       A C Dowdeswell 3. Griffith
4.       Whitaker 4. Harrison
5.       S F Lucas 5. Vidal
6.       J Lucas 6. Oldman
7.       F Harley 7. Williams
8.       F Pownall 8. Nichols
           Fitzgerald (cox)      Randolph (cox)


J F Lucas          Prin. Opp.

No. 65

Eton and Westminster Boat Race crews –

        Westminster            Eton
                                                               st..lbs                                         st..lbs
1.       E. L. Williams                           … 9”01 1.       G Walpole            – 9”5
2.       S Vidal                                         … 9”6 2.       C S Newton          – 10”2
3.       B Harley                                     …10”0 3.       Sir W Lamb            – 9”5
4.       J. Lucas                                        …9”6 4.       R G Marodenc       – 10”9
5.       M O Sun                                     … 11”3 5.       W W Wood           – 11”12
6.       C E Oldman                                … 11”1 6.       F Willan                  – 11”5
7.       F Pownall                                   …10”6 7.       C S Corksan           – 11”12
8.       V Nichols                                    – 10″6 8.       J H Mossop             – 9”0
       H Fitzgerald (cox)                           – 6”8        Honb Bertie (cox)        7”12

The course was from Chiswick Eyot to a boat moored opposite the Star and Garter Putney. Eton won the choice of Station and took the Surrey side by which they got an awful advantage because of the sharp corner just below the Eyot. Westminster started badly, though they took a slight lead, but in a few strokes Eton drew up level and commenced an exciting contest for a short distance doing all in their power to prevent Westminster from taking their water. Westminster was steered badly in this part of the course and lost nearly two lengths by it. They put on a tremendous spurt from the Crab-tree and reduced the Etonians’ lead from 15 to three lengths; at the point the Etonians rowed remarkably well and gained half a length in which position they came in Westminster losing by three and a half lengths.
This is the best eight we have had from the time when we began to row Eton again. Great thanks are due to Hawshaw Late President of the Cam. Univ. B. C. an old Westminster to Forster Captain of the Univ. Coll. B. C. at Oxford for the increasing exertions at Oxford in coaching the eight: and Sun had a silver cup presented to him by the right for staying over at great personal inconvenience to row in the eight.

J F Lucas          Prin. Opp.

No. 61

“The Fours”

This race was rowed on Wednesday from Putney to Mortlake Hammersmith & terminated in favour of Oldman’s crew, who won by a length and a half. The respective crews were made up as follows:-

1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Griffith Bovill Walker Mure
Vidal Key Whitaker Hunt
Pownall F Lucas Dowdeswell J Lucas
Oldman (stroke) Williams Nichols Harley
Chapman (cox) Neill (cox) ( Myers (cox) G Dowdeswell (cox

J F Lucas          Prin. Opp.