No. 321

The Town Boy & Queen’s Scholar Match

Monday 8th August 1877


1st inning

2nd inning

D. Patrick, l.b.w., b. Sandwith 16 c. Benbow, b. Robinson 18
xB.M. Rogers, b. Owen 3 b. Robinson 9
xA.M. Hemsley, lbw, b. Owen 27 c. Mead, b. Robinson 9
xH.W. Abernethy, c. Reece, b. Owen 36 b. Owen 2
xA.F.M. Gamble, c. Eddis, b. Sandwith 20 not out 19
xC.V. Wilks, run out 19 b. Robinson 5
xJ. Abernethy, b. Owen 6 run out 11
H.S. Westmorland, c. Reece, b. Owen 0 not out 3
C. Secretan, not out 7    
F. Caiger, b. Owen 0    
H. Robson, b. Robinson 0    
B. 12, l.b. 8, w. 4 24 B. 8, lb. 1, w. 1 10
  158   86



xR.S. Owen, run out 5
xH.C. Benbow, run out 20
xW. Sandwith, b. Gamble 10
xH. Robinson, b. Hemsley 0
E. U. Eddis, c. Hemsley, b. Gamble 8
G. Dale (i), b. Wilks 7
E. Guest, c. Robson, b.Wilks 3
G. Dale (ii), c. Rogers, B. Wilks 24
G. Reece, c. & b. Gamble 0
W. Sercombe 1
R. Mead, not out 15
B. 19, lb. 1, w. 5. 25


x In the eleven

For the T.B.B. Patrick, though only a little fellow, played very well for his 16 & 18, as also did Hemsley, Gamble, & Abernethy.

For the Q.S.S. Dale ii, the smallest & youngest fellow in the eleven played remarkably well & compiled the largest score. Benbow for 20, & Mead, a “water” fellow, for 15 played well.

No. 261

Queen’s Scholars v. Town Boys

Score – T.B.B. –

1st Innings

2nd Innings

O.R. Borradaile, run out 8 b. Watson 0
C.A. Leggatt, b. Williams 1 c. & b. Alington 8
C.J. Fox, b. Williams 3 do.   do. 50
A.N. Jackson, c. Waddington, b. Williams 8 b.  Williams 20
F.L. Rawson, c. Watson, b. Alington 19 c. Crowdy, b. Waddington 0
E.A. Horne, run out 3 c. Watson, b. Alington 0
G.A. Hicks, b. Alington 9 c. Alington, b. Waddington 12
A.F. Gamble, b. Watson 4 not out 3
W. Taylor, c. & b. Williams 12 c. Watson, b. Alington 1
H. Abernethy, b. Watson 0 c. Waton, b. Waddington 15
J. Fischer, not out 0 Thrown out by Waddington 9
Byes, 3 : Leg Byes, 3 : Wides, 6 12 Byes, 9; Wides, 4 12
Total 79 Total 131



Score – Q.S.S –

1st Innings

2nd Innings

C.B. Ryde, c. Jackson, b. Hicks 2    
H.P. Robinson, b. Fox 0    
F.D. Crowdy, thrown out by Fox 7    
E.H. Alington, b. Fox 18 not out 3
E. Waddington, b. Jackson 35 not out 6
Q.H. Watson, c. & b. Fox 27 c. Horne, b. Fox 0
W.C. Aston, b. Jackson 33 run out 6
C.S. Dawson, c. Jackson, b , Hicks 3    
Q.H. Williams, not out 14 retired hurt 17
A.E. Black, run out 3 run out 18
H.G. Olliffe, b. Fox  0    
Byes 8, Wides 4, No Balls 1 13 Byes 5, Leg Byes 1 6
Total 155 Total 56

No. 222

T.B. & Queen Scholars Race

On Wednesday, August 1874

Rarely have the boats for this race appeared so evenly matched beforehand & rarely have they so fully justified expectation.

The crews were –

T.B. Q.S.
A. L. Kelly Crowdy
Fischer Brinton
Ellis Arnold
Macnamara Jones
Frere C Macnamara
Cartwright Williams
N – Batley Brickdale
Cox   Randolph Cox   G.M. Hill


The rowing was about 35 strokes a minute spurting up to 42-44.

The T.B.s were beaten by half a length after one of the hardest races on record.

M.M. Rodocanachi

No 30

Scott handed a fellow the other day for his imprudence to a master & on caning him in the Library expressed a wish (in my absence) that the Q.S.S. would look after the discipline of the Townboys a little better. On the strength of this O’Brien, head monitor, sent for the fellow who had been tanned & told him that if it happened again he should tan him up school. This I could not stand. So, as they seemed determined to stick to what they said, we went to Scott & laid the case before him. He seemed to think it very trivial & said his words had been somewhat misunderstood. That a monitor had a perfect right to tan a town boy, for break of discipline, indecency, or lying, but always with the full consent of the head town boy. Phillimore (the captain) waged that if VIth T.B.s might tan, seconds could also, since they ranked about town boys, but Scott said that his meaning was that there should always be more than one boy in authority among the town boys, adding that if there were as many T.Bs as Q.Ss in the VIth he should limit power to the first 4 town boys. So we altogether came off victorious, since no Q.S. may tan without the head town boy’s leave, & the precaution concerning the seniors & VIth T.B. is put to rest forever.

 E.R. Dowdeswell

   Prin. Opp.

No 17

The Townboy & Queen’s Scholars cricket march was played on Monday the 4th of August, which ended in favour of the Queen’s Scholars though our eleven played capitally. The T.B. went in first & made 60 runs to which total Hunt contributed 12 (the highest score). The Q.S. made 70 only, the highest score of the innings being 18 (Yates’). Dowdeswell T.B. for most catches (2). Chapman T.B. got the stumps for most wickets bowled (6). The elevens were as follows:

T.B. Q.S.
A.      Preston A.      White
J. Short J. Gates
W. Giles W.C. Lane
G. Dowdeswell E. Bird
G. Huwdenson W. Meyrick
J. Chapman G.T. O’Brien
W. Hunt J.C. Chefwell
H.N. Monk A.J. Mackey
B.N. Thomas A.      Downes
Q.O. Williams G. Pember
A.W. Hammon H. Walker

E.R. Dowdeswell Prin. Opp.

No. 4

The “fours” were rowed on Wednesday afternoon April 16th from Hammersmith to Putney. Four boats had been made up but owing to O’Brien spraining his leg his boat scratched. Thomas’ boat won by barely a length, the second boat making a very good race of it. The final boat was some way behind. The crews were as follows –

Bow: A. Dowdeswell T.B                                                                                Bow: Michele T.B

3: W. Hunt T.B                                                                                                   3: J.O. Wiliams T.B

2: A. Dowdeswell T.B                                                                                      2: C. Ball T.B

Stroke: A.J. Mackey Q.S                                                                                 Stroke: W. Besly Q.S

Cox: H. Walker Q.S                                                                                           Cox: Circuitt Q.S


Bow: Tom Q.S                                                                                                    Bow: Theoor (?) Q.S

3: Baker Q.S                                                                                                        3: W. Barnes Q.S

2: Pember Q.S                                                                                                   2: O’Brien Q.S

Stroke: Dawson Q.S                                                                                         Stroke: Monk T.B

Cox: Jaylae T.B                                                                                                   Cox: Chapman T.B

W. Winters

Prin. Opp.

No 562

At the beginning of this half we played the Town Boy & Q.S. match at football up fields. We began on the Wednesday and played a most determined game for two hours, without either side getting a game: though I think the T.Bs had the best of it. We went on with it on the next Tuesday which was a Sts Day and played for another two hours in which T.Bs decidedly got the best of it in getting one game obtained by myself. Though we were all rather done up it was agreed to go on with it the next day (Wednesday). But when the time came the Q.S. refused to play and as several T.Bs had already gone up to fields we were […] indignant and said if they did not play then we would not play again and so the match was never continued. There is very little doubt that the T.Bs would have licked and they fairly considered this match as theirs, it having been played for 4 hours, T.Bs 1 game Q.Ss 0.

J. C. Hawkshaw

Prin. Opp.

No 553

The race of the T.B. and Q.S. Cup was rowed on Friday 28th. We tossed for boats and they got the first 8, which of course was half the race it being new this year. Before starting we agreed to turn back and start again if a foul occurred. We had not gone far before a foul occurred and we turned back and started again. It was an oar and oar race to the Old Swan, when they went slightly ahead. We picked up and passed through Battersea Bridge, whether first of second I can hardly say. Both claimed the race and there being no umpire a violent dispute occurred. We offered to row them again but they refused and one of them, I am glad to say not on the Water, behaved in a most regretful manner to me, who being so unwarranted with the cup did all I could to prevent its being guarded for. But my efforts were of no avail for they obstinately refused to row again. I told them might choose their own umpires and they chose A. Tair Esq., the brother of Tair the Q.S., who was on the bridge at the time, and he gave the race in this favour. I shall say nothing more about the race though I heartily wish it had been better decided.

J.C. Hawkshaw

Pr. Opp.

No 550

A silver cup was presented to us this year by John Hawkeshaw Esq. C.E. to be rowed for annually by the Town Boys and Queen Scholars in eights, the names of the winning boat to be engraved on it every year. There are dates and spaces, up to the year 1974 from 1859 including 16 years. It is to be kept each year by the T.B. or Q.S. Head of Water according as the TB or Q.S. eight wins it and at the end of the 16years is to belong to the T.B’s or QS’s according as they won it the most times, if they have both won it 8 times a race is to be rowed the last year to decide who is to possess it (this is something sanctioned by the donor).

J. C. Hawkeshaw

Pr. Opp.