No 392

On Saturday Aug 10th a match was played at our ground between our eleven & an eleven of Grimstone’s. It was won by the latter (our usual good luck) by 1 wicket to go down. Everard Evered Prin. Opp.

No 391

(Aug 9th) On Friday the race for the silver rudder (vid. No 281) came off. Six boats entered, but only 3 were on station viz Evered (1) Wright (2) Cox Waters Steward (2) Galloway (1) Cox Southey Jun. Henty (2) Hammond (1) Cox Horne The course was from Battersea to Westminster. Steward’s boat took the…

No 390

On Thursday Aug 8th a match came off at our ground between our eleven & the Charterhouse. The challenge was given on our part; but some of the eleven thought it too low on the ground of Charterhouse not being a publick school. Blagden (Captain) & Ingram (1st Mon.) refused to play; but afterwards agreed,…

No 389

As Macready & myself were both going to leave this term, the former very civilly handed over to me the ledger & head town boy ship to hold for 5 or 6 days till the end of the term, and thus I can subscribe myself Everard Evered Prin. Opp.

No 369*

Between Xmas and Whitsuntide 1850 a silver racket was bought by subscription throughout the school to be played for annually by TBs & QSS. The competition for it was great and the play was well contested by the various competitors. Balfour, W.S. however succeeded eventually in winning it. Added by Everard Evered Prin. Opp.