No 452

The subject for the prize essay is this year “Mithridates” for the Latin Verse “Etruscan Tombs” and for the Greek Iambics Shakespeare Henry V Act I Se. 2. The subjects for the Sixth at the general Examination at Whitsuntide are Plato, Apology of Socrates Sophocles, Ajax Cicero, Murena St Luke’s Gospel Shepwell’s Greek, Roman &…

No 451

There has been a change among the masters again this half as Lloyd has gone to Oxford to read for orders & there remains until he is ordained & in his place an Oxonian of the name of Addams has come to take the fourth form & to correct the Sixth exercises. O Salvin. Prin.…

No 449

Liddell has during the holidays carried his alterations up School still further by painting all below the gas pipes which was plastered last Bartholmy & also adding an extra coat of paint to the old Coat of Arms over the shell.* The Sixth Forms have also been removed & oak ones put in their stead…

No 447

The play acted this year was the Adelphi, and on the whole went off very well. The acting was much praised in the Times of Friday December 17th, especially Twiss’ Syrus. The Epilogue was the Gold Mines of California. O Salvin. Prin. Opp.

No 445

Thursday November 18th being the day appointed for the funeral of the Duke of Wellington, we had leave out the night before, but Rev. James hired a house top in Piccadilly for all those who had not been able to obtain a place. O Salvin. Prin. Opp.

No 444

The 5th November was an early play but not as it has been for several years past with leave out the previous night, Liddell did not give us this because he said we had had too many holidays lately. O Salvin. Prin. Opp.