No. 90           

F. H. Coller & H. P. Lowe have gained first classes in the moderations at Oxford: while R. H. Bellairs has gained the Abbot scholarship at Balliol College.                                                                                                          J. I. Stirling. Prin.Opp   

No. 61

F. W. Bain & W. Hodge have taken firsts & W. S. Benbow a second in the Final School of Literae Humanities at Oxford.                                                                                                                            J. I. Stirling. Prin.Opp   

No. 373

E.M. Mee (who gained a scholarship from the school at Corpus Oxf: in 1872) was given a fellowship at Queen’s in the beginning of the year. E.V. Arnold (captain 1874-5) was 15th wrangler this year.

No. 344

The Elections to Oxford & Cambridge are taken this year by H.P. Robinson & E.W. Pole, to Oxford, & J.M. Lutyens, G. Dale & C.B. Collyns to Cambridge, all being QSS. No townboy entered for election.

No. 310

The honours that have fallen to the school at the University during the past year, according to Scott’s report, are, at Oxford, H.S. Otter                            1st Class                 Lit. Hum. W.A.L.P. Evans                  2nd “                       “ “ E.G.B. Phillimore               “ “                           “ “ A.W.W. Wynn                    “ “                           “ “ E.M. Rodocanachi            3rd “                        “…

No. 279

I am glad to say that we are now able to enter candidate for the Oxford and Cambridge Certificate examinations. By a special arrangement we are allowed to take up our School work in place of the subjects set by the examiners, and the School examinations will suffice for all. But we shall have to…

No. 242

The elections to Oxford were – P.G.L. Webb QS W.C Ryde QS W.H.A. Cowell QS To Cambridge – E.V. Arnold QS Capt. G.M Hill QS F. Whitehead QS Triplett exhibitions to Arnold (gratuity), Hill, Brickdale. E.V. Arnold had already gained a foundation scholarship at Trinity College, Cambridge.