No. 210


The candidates were-


H.S. Otter            Capt.

W.A.L.P Evans

A.W. Williams Wynn

E.H. Holthouse


E.G.B Phillimore (Grant’s)

E.M. Rodocanachi (Rigaud’s)

F.L. Denman (Grant’s)


Also H. L. Roche QS

H.L. Randall QS

J.R. Reid               T.B.


There were elected to Oxford:

H.S. Otter

W.A.L.P. Evans

E.G.B. Phillimore


To Cambridge:

E.H. Holthouse

H.L. Randall


Triplett Exhibitions:

E.H. Holthouse

A.W.W. Wynn

Egerton G.B. Phillimore. P.O

No. 200

The Universities:

G Milner (who was head of Home-boarders in ’68) of Ch. Ch. Has obtained the first Denyer-Johnson Theological Scholarship. S.H. West, who left the School before Milner, was elected, with high distinction, to the Radcliffe travelling fellowship. The chief honours obtained during the last year are the following:




E.J Webb. Class 2. Lit Hum.
E. M. Mee (T.B) Do. Do.
H. B. Dixon Class 3. Do.


Final Schools:

F. A. O’Brien 3rd Class. Lit Hum
G. Milner (T.B) Do. Mod Hist.


H.F.G. Bramwell was proxime accepit for the Hertford.

E. Giles, who, more than a year ago obtained a 1st class in Lit Hum Mod Hist. is now professor of Hist & Pol. Economy at Elphinstone College, Bombay.



E. H. May obtained a 3rd Class in the Class Tripos.

E.G.B Phillimore. P.O.

No 539

We had an early play on March 1st as usual – no leave out, though it fell on a Monday. Lord Lansdowne asked for one on the 17th. We also had leave out on Easter Monday, as an equivalent to Good Friday.

On the 27th of March the Eight had leave to see the Oxford & Cambridge race.

We had an early play which was asked for by Mr. Mowbray, an Old Westminster who had taken office under Lord Derby; April 10th.

This year the early play which we usually have the day after the last challenge, the Min. can. early play, unfortunately “coincided”, as Scott said, with one that he had promised us to honour Mr. Southey, who has obtained a first class at Oxford; we could not get both from Scott.

A.F. Pope, Prin. Opp.